2016 Horoscope - Scorpio

Scorpio Year 2016

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Dear Scorpio, this is your general horoscope for 2016:

The planets that have the biggest influence on any given year are Jupiter and Saturn, the planets that belong in their own group, one that is strong enough to influence the year as a whole, but not to the degree that it becomes the wallpaper to your life.

What has become the wallpaper of your life is a battle to find and maintain a balance between work and play, with powerful and long term planets on both fronts here for so long and set to stay around for so many more years to come, that this is now the norm.

You may have even forgot that the battle is being waged, so much has this become the normal backdrop to your life. On the other extreme, with the Sun travelling through all 12 areas of your chart in 12 months and Venus and Mercury moving with him, the year has an annual pattern that will play out year after year.

Where Jupiter and Saturn sit is in their own lane, here long enough to influence the year as a whole but not so long that they become the wallpaper of your life, so it’s to them that we look to for the makeup of 2016.

For Saturn it’s cut and dry, for having returned to your income sector in September 2015 and not due to leave until December 2017, he’ll spend the whole year focused on smashing through glass ceilings, especially those in your own mind.

This makes 2016 a powerful year for income developments, but also for raising the bar on your expectations across all currencies in your life.

Saturn and income forces will work closely with Uranus in your work sector all year, but it’s when career developments take shape in July/August that you’ll reach an exceptional point of the year for income, work and career matters.

Jupiter on the other hand shifts focus in September and it’s an extreme shift, changing the dynamics of the year.

Until the 9th September Jupiter is working to create some of the best and most important months in decades for friendship and relationship building, able to make important contacts, connections and accomplish much in partnership with others

What makes the 9th September such a significant shift is that this is when Jupiter begins the year long wind down of a 12 year Jupiter cycle that began in 2005, preparing for his return to your sign next October and the start of a new Jupiter cycle of expansion.

In the meantime, Mars elevates himself into a major player category, spending the first 9 months of the year moving backwards and forwards between your sign and your income sector, turning what is usually a 6 week Mars return into a nearly 9-month event, while spending a lot of time working with Saturn to push through those glass ceilings.