2016 Horoscope - Virgo

Virgo Year 2016

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Dear Virgo, this is your general horoscope for 2016:

Moving into the New Year with lucky Jupiter in Virgo makes this a lucky and expansive year for you, but having the planet of luck and expansion on board is more than simply putting luck on your side and at times it can feel like anything but luck.

It was Jupiter’s return to your sign on the 11th August 2015 that began a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion and growth, spending 13 months laying down the foundations, planting seeds and opening major new doors, everything that the coming decade will grow on from.

For some the shifts will be abrupt, able to see this immediately as the point that a new chapter started, with a real line in the sand, but for others those major new beginnings may come disguised as ordinary events or ordinary evolution, only to look back over the coming months and years to identify this as the time that change began.

Either way, in every sense of the word this is your year and with lucky Jupiter in Virgo until the 9th September there’s a need to claim it, making this the year where you get to do things your way, the year where everything the future is set to bring begins.

Of course Jupiter is just part of the picture and what you have on your hands is an important, powerful but also potentially challenging year for home and family matters.

Family matters are always going to bring demands, as anyone who has brought up children, dealt with family members or just has to deal with the complexities of family life knows, but when you throw in the hard taskmaster of the cosmos then there are no excuses to hide behind.

Saturn will demand that you deal with things rather than sweep things under the carpet, but also that you take responsibility and deal with demands with a stoic sense of resignation.

Yet in doing so you’ve got the means to create some real bonds and something strong and enduring and in the process create some firm foundations for the next chapter in your life, something that will support this new Jupiter cycle of expansion.

It’s on the 9th September that 2016’s best kept secret will be revealed, with Jupiter’s return to your income sector kicking off a lucky year for income growth, opportunities and a boost in confidence across all the currencies in your life.

Meanwhile, with a lot of focus on personal growth and family dynamics this is putting some pressure on your relationships, with the extraordinary amount of time that Mars will spend in your communication sector this year providing support on both fronts.

Normally moving through your communication sector in just 6 weeks, Mars will return on the 4th January and will leave on the 6th March, but will return for a double dip visit from the 28th May to the 3rd August.

Mars’ first visit coincides with the most important weeks of 2016 for relationship matters and the second with the most important weeks of 2016 for personal and professional networking, friendship and relationship building.