2017 Career horoscope - Sagittarius

Sagittarius Year

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Dear Sagittarius, this is your career horoscope for 2017:

While there is an abundance of confidence and a lack of urgency from the get go, with the pressure and urgency of the past few years gone, there is also likely to be a sense that there is unfinished business. While lucky Jupiter left your career sector in early September, there is still a sense that things are playing out and will continue to play out, through to the North Node’s departure from the 10th May. However, this isn’t anything you can and should do anything about, not until the 10th March anyway, for you have already done your part. Between June 2015 and October 2016 you had a monkey on your back 24/7, driving you to remain on the top of your game, but since then the professional gods took over and now that all that blood, sweat and tears are in the oven, the professional gods are watching as it bakes. This is why this is likely to be a year where much of what you achieve is likely to be a result of what has already been invested. The year will get busier with Mars’ return to your work sector on the 10th March and remain busy through to Venus’ departure on the 5th July. These are not only the busiest months of the year on the work front, but when you’re likely to experience the most job growth, encounter new opportunities and you’re more likely to succeed. The first six and the final four weeks are likely to be the best. However, there will be plenty of time in between to explore and work through your options. A busy start can get things moving, while the final four weeks will bring a chance to bring things home. There will be little time before these busy months on the work front end on the 5th July and the most active months of the year for career matters kick off on the 25th July. Here, you have an almost identical set of circumstances, with Mars making his first visits to your work and career sectors in two years, and Ceres her last visits to both for another four years. While Venus, the Sun and Mercury will visit both each year, Mercury will retrograde in both, providing a chance to spend time in the middle portion back at the drawing board. Another thing that an active period of the work and career matters share in common, is that they are both likely to be lucrative. Where the busiest and best months of the year for job growth runs from the 10th March to the 5th July, the best months of the year for career and professional matters will run from the 25th July to the 22nd October. September and October are likely to be when most career and professional matters come together.

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