2017 Horoscope - Scorpio

Scorpio Year

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Dear Scorpio, this is your general horoscope for 2017:

The start of 2017 is likely to have you in a quandary, for there is a greater than normal need for time out to hear yourself think, at a time when time is likely to be a precious commodity and will remain so for the majority of the year. It was work tension, job pressure or just the stress of juggling so many balls that ran the risk of a mini melt down in the later days of 2016, which was simply your body’s way of getting you to slow down. Yet as they say ‘time and tide waits for no man' and that is especially so this year, though to start with you do have a quiet patch in the early weeks of the year. You have until the 28th January before things start to take off on the work front, but once they do they will remain busy right through to early June. The lessons you’re able to move into the year with are not that you must cut down what you’re doing, for this has the potential to be an extremely opportune year for work and income matters, nor will a need for time to hear yourself think abate. What does have to change is how you work, with working smarter and not so much balancing your time, but prioritising it. If you’re going to be busy, then be busy doing the things you love, have a purpose and most importantly, give you a sense of job satisfaction and a sense of purpose. Trust that if you do, the money will follow, though it is less likely to if you stay at a job or work around the clock just for the money. In the lead up to lucky Jupiter’s return to Scorpio on the 10th October and the start of not only a year for major new beginnings, but the start of a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion, time to hear yourself think will remain important, with a chance to close old doors. The one thing that you do have working for you in the early part of the year, is a chance to find a balance between work and play. While the busiest months of 2017 run from late January to early June, the most fun, playful, romantic and creative are already in play and will remain in play until late April. If you’re going to work smarter and maintain the right work/life balance, then a balance between work and play is a good place to start. These are lessons that, if learned in the early months of the year will serve you well throughout the year. The reality is you do need to work smarter, work/life balance is important, as is time to hear yourself think, but you also have a huge year for income, work and career opportunities. You can have it all, but a need for balance begins on Day 1.