2017 Money horoscope - Cancer

Cancer Year 2017

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Dear Cancer, this is your money horoscope for 2017:

2017 should be a good year for money matters, with the financial confidence you’re moving into the year with well justified. There could be a sense that you’re onto a winning streak that must sooner or later bottom out, except this has nothing to do with the amount of money you have coming in or how much money you have in your bank and more a sense of being in control of your own financial destiny. You are a Sign that knows how to manage money matters and all you need is a few lucky breaks from the stars and you’re on your way. You got those lucky breaks in the final two months of 2016, allowing you to move into 2017 with your financial confidence high and your financial desires, passions and fighting spirit already fuelled. Yet from such a confident start you have some very ordinary forces to work with and it won’t be until February that there will be any indication of where that unshakable sense of financial confidence is really coming from. This comes in the form of a lunar eclipse in your income sector on the 11th February. It’s not just that as an eclipsing Full Moon this is destined to be more fruitful than an ordinary Full Moon or the implications behind it and more when it falls. To have a lunar eclipse fate has to be in play and with three out of this year’s four eclipses falling in your two money houses and two in your income sector that is definitely the case. What makes the lunar eclipse in your income sector on the 11th February so potentially lucrative is the fact that it will fall just days after Venus and Mars’ return to your career sector and during some stunning developments on the job and career fronts. This is a taste of things to come, with the most lucrative months of 2017 running from the 6th July to the 20th September, with August and September likely to be the most lucrative months. It is within that period that you’ll have two New Moons in your income sector, the first on the 23rd July and the second on the 21st August, but it’s the second New Moon that is also a total solar eclipse, creating the potential for major new income opportunities. It is also within that same period that the third eclipse will fall, this time in your financial sector on the 7th August. You don’t know this when you move into the New Year but an unshakable sense of financial confidence does. While you have a chance to take care of any financial housekeeping in January and February, it will be with a sense that something fateful is building across the income and financial fronts. Despite its fairly ordinary beginnings, you have every reason to feel confident from the get go.