2017 Money horoscope - Scorpio

Scorpio Year

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Dear Scorpio, this is your money horoscope for 2017:

Like a farmer that has spent long days planting his fields and can finally sit back and let Mother Nature do its part, much of what you will acquire this year comes from the hard work already invested, from where you have already believed in yourself and more importantly, where you have chosen never to give up. As Saturn moves into his third and final year in your income sector, he will have already required and lot from you. With the endurance to see anything through, the power to move mountains if you have to and the refusal to give up on what you deserve, all you’ve got to do now is wait for this to bear fruit. Surprisingly, any income growth this year will not come from the money gods and instead from the professional gods or from two in particular, Venus and Mars. Much of this year’s income potential has already been invested or it is there as untapped potential, so it’s more a case of waiting for the right professional conditions and those conditions will start to open up as early as the end of January. The tide actually turned on the work front in the final days of 2016, but work tensions and job pressure at the end of last year may have made that hard to spot. It is Mars’ return to your work sector on the 28th January that will set job matters in motion and that is when untapped income potential will get the break it needs. However, the planet to watch is Venus, who while wearing her professional hat is really a money god at heart. The 24 days that Venus spends in your work sector each year can often lead to lucrative outcomes, for it is the case when she moves through, that if you follow your heart the money will follow. In such a potentially lucrative year and with so much potential just waiting to be seized, the fact that Venus won’t just move through is a game changer. Venus will return on the 3rd February but won’t leave until the 3rd April and even then, will return for a double dip visit from the 28th April to the 6th June. Considering that Venus will normally spend just 24 days in your work sector each year, the over three months she will spend here has the potential to create some of the most lucrative conditions of the year. The main focus this year is definitely income matters, with the final two months of the year a chance to bring everything together. That makes it important to focus on your financial situation and money matters when you get the chance. This will come when a parade of planets move through your financial sector from the 21st April to the 31st July.