2017 Money horoscope - Taurus

Taurus Year 2017

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Dear Taurus, this is your money horoscope for 2017:

There are two dangers this year, but none of them provide any kind of threat other than to your confidence. The first danger is that two years into a three year financial boot camp there could be a danger of expecting another challenging financial year and therefore you’ll be preparing for the worst, in trepidation. The second danger is that expecting another challenging financial year, there will be the temptation to stick your head in the sand. Yet just like going to the beach and finding it safe to swim between the flags, there is nothing to fear and so long as you ‘swim between the flags’, this will be an empowering year. If you’re going to face financial challenges you will have by now, so it will be a case of having already got on top of money matters or you know what you’re dealing with. After leaving your financial sector in December, Mercury will return for a rare double dip visit from the 5th January to the 13th January. Retrograding back in, until turning direct on the 8th January, his smart head for money will come with 20/20 hindsight. While the Sun left your financial sector just before Christmas, this will bring a chance, in the early days of the year, to return to the drawing board and finalise your financial game plan for the coming year. Until Saturn leaves on the 20th December, as long as you continue to ‘swim between the flags’ and take a responsible approach to money matters, this should be an empowering financial year. Mercury will return on the 5th November and this time, not leaving until the 11th January 2018, he will stay on, providing the smart head for money needed to keep your head in the game and make Saturn’s final weeks count. The Sun won’t return until the 22nd December, two days after Saturn’s departure and with a three year financial boot camp having ended two days earlier, but not due to be repeated for another three decades, this will bring a chance to regroup. While this makes financial and money matters a slow burn throughout the year, income matters a much faster burn, with a not so small window of opportunity for the money gods to work with. That window of opportunity begins with Mars’ return to your income sector on the 21st April, returning with the sledgehammer and the battering ram needed to smash through any glass ceilings. With a flotilla of planets following in his wake, Mars knows that if he can focus on smashing through barriers that the other planets can capitalise on what this opens the door to. That flotilla of planets begins with Mars’ return on the 21st April and ends with Venus’ departure on the 31st July, with the first six weeks and the final four weeks potentially the most lucrative.