2017 Money horoscope - Virgo

Virgo Year

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Dear Virgo, this is your money horoscope for 2017:

Chances are, everything you thought you knew, thought you wanted and even your expectations were turned on their heels in the final two weeks of 2016 and especially during the period between Christmas and the New Year. Chances are you’re putting this down to a chance to step back over the holiday period and put things in perspective, while financial tension and pressure at the time forced you to keep your money hat on. The reality is, two major alliances in the final weeks of the 2016 have woken you up to not only your potential, but to your true relationship with money matters. It was an opposition between lucky Jupiter in your income sector and Uranus in your financial sector, that brought the biggest clash between money coming in and money going out in eight decades, blowing away false facades and leaving your true needs, values and aspirations exposed. It was never about the money and even the fact that 2017 is your luckiest income year in over a decade is unlikely to see you stay in a job or in a situation, just for the money. It isn’t even that you have a better appreciation of that balance between money coming in and money going out, but of the whole dynamics on both fronts. All of a sudden working 70 hours a week to earn a high salary isn’t your definition of success, with both your income and financial priorities now being balanced with your quality of life. Could you be happy by downsizing, earning less but paying out less or is the pursuit of the job you love more important than the size of your paycheque? These are all questions you’ll be asking in the early weeks of 2017, with the financial tensions that may have come to a head between Christmas and the New Year, already turning into motivation. The reality is, that the more you realise that it is not about the money and the more you stop chasing money, the more you are likely to acquire all that you need. Venus is making this a sensational year for money matters as a whole, especially from early February to early June, while lucky Jupiter will continue to support major income growth through to October. Something has shifted and it is starting to change the way you look at income and money matters, but especially the relationship between the two, just as you move into a year that is especially blessed on both fronts. Life’s financial challenges won’t go away, but the money gods are definitely smiling on you this year.