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Cancer General horoscope Year


Dear Cancer, this is your general horoscope for 2018:

Have you been a bit of a recluse? Hard at work, doing your best to cope with incessant professional curveballs? Well, no more! Your finances still have your attention but life is about to get much more exciting as you enter new and fascinating social circles. Ready to be part of a vibrant and pioneering new community? Jupiter puts you in the mood for love, to boot, bringing you luck in that department! Saturn, on the other hand, urges you to get serious and consider making a long term commitment. Existing partnerships - romantic or professional - will undergo rigorous tests. These are long term trends and with the eclipses coming to your sign this summer you’ll soon be ready for many changes, inside and out!

What 2018 Yearly Horoscope brings to Cancer

Cancer horoscope for 2018 is all about your relationships, love life and long term commitment. Pluto and Saturn will both be in your relationship sector for a while and the need to be with someone will manifest often throughout 2018. In the past years your focus has been mostly on your career and personal development but now is the time to establish bonds and develop your caring and sharing nature. If you’ve already found your soul mate, a work partnership or job prospect might become your new focus. In either case, the buzz and hassle of 2017 should die down and give you some breathing space for a change.

When Uranus moves into Taurus in May, it will signal a big change in your social life as well. Friendships and travel will be the main theme of this transit for you. You might loosen up a bit and have some fun, as for the first time in several years your work status will allow it. In July, a partial Solar Eclipse in your sign is something to look out for, as are all Eclipses for a Cancerian. People you meet or decisions you make during that time will have a long-lasting effect in your life. This might sound ominous, but in reality it will be the end result of your newfound respect and admiration for the things in life that matter most.

Come autumn 2018, your horoscope continues to show signs of a long-term commitment at your doorstep. There will be some developments on the work front in November, increasing your daily workload or presenting you with new opportunities. Lucky Jupiter will change signs in November, moving into fun-loving Sagittarius. Thus, overall, 2018 remains a year when you will decide to enjoy life more, get out there, have fun and bring out your romantic self, which has been dormant for a while. Enjoy it, dear Cancer and don’t shy away this time.

2018 Love and Relationship Predictions for Cancer

There is just one word to describe what is happening on the romantic and relationship fronts in 2018 and that word is ‘massive’. So much so that this is a game changing year on both fronts. With Jupiter in your romantic sector until the 9th November, this is your luckiest year for love, matters of the heart and all things romantic in over a decade, with a stunning amount of support along the way. Yet while you have reached your luckiest year for love in over a decade, to even call this your biggest and most important relationship year in decades is an understatement. For what you have moved into and are still getting a feel for at the start of the year, is the most important relationship developments ever.

It was just before Christmas 2016 that Saturn returned to your relationship sector for the first time in three decades, kicking off a year visit that will run through to December 2020. This has kicked off a three year relationship boot camp that is also a period of enormous relationship growth, change and evolution. For when Saturn returned in the closing days of 2017, he teamed up with Pluto, planet of change and revolution for the first and only time in our lifetime. Pluto is here from 2008 to 2024, so this is something you’ve been preparing for, for years and it means that they will remain together for the whole three year period. With Jupiter returning to your relationship sector later next year, you’re heading into the most defining three years on the relationship front in your lifetime. With lucky Jupiter in your romantic sector until the 9th November, but planetary activity keeping things active through to January 2019, the whole of 2018 is dominated by larger than life romantic and relationship forces.

You start the year with Mars in your romantic sector until the 27th January, while you also start the year with Saturn accompanied by the Sun and Venus, in his early weeks. Saturn should be left on his own by the time the Sun, Mercury and Venus finish moving through your relationship sector, which they will be by the 1st February, but Mars has other ideas. Having escorted Jupiter into the year on the romantic front, Mars will spend an extraordinary amount of time in your relationship sector this year. Normally moving through in six weeks, Mars will move through from the 18th May to the 16th May and will then return for a double dip visit from the 13th August to the 11th September. Venus will do the same on the romantic front, moving through from the 9th September to the 1st November and then returning for a double dip visit from the 3rd December to the 8th January 2019. Extraordinary support for an extraordinary year on both the romantic and relationship fronts.

2018 Career Predictions for Cancer

After three extremely busy years the focus dials back on both the job and career fronts in 2018, but to a point where there is still plenty of momentum, but a much easier pace. It was only on the 20th December 2017 that Saturn left your work sector, wrapping up a three year visit that was as hard as it needed to be, but as easy as a Saturn transit can be. Saturn is the hard taskmaster of the cosmos and he would have kept you busy. However, an alignment with Uranus in your career sector for much of that time and especially in the final year, also ensured that there was the potential for professional growth. With Saturn gone that relentless drive and need to have your work hat on 24/7 is gone, but not the potential this created. You will need to have your work hat on from the get go this year, but considering the brutal pace of the last three years, you can literally crawl into the new professional year if you wanted to.

Mercury is on his own in your work sector, but having just turned direct in late December he’s moving at a crawl. At the same time, with Uranus in retrograde motion in your career sector until turning direct on the 3rd January, he’s not even at a crawl, but at a complete standstill. Make the most of this quiet start to the year, for it won’t last. Mercury will leave your work sector on the 11th January and for the first time in over three years there will be no planets there. However, that is just temporary, with Mars returning from the 27th January to the 18th March. Mars is a planet that makes things happen and gets things done and with Saturn having just wrapped up a three year visit, he will be working to exploit every possible advantage. It is after Mars leaves that work and job matters will operate on momentum alone, until some major developments later in the year. It is while Mars is still in your work sector that things will start moving on the career front and they will take over from where he leaves off. There is not a lot of planetary activity on the career front this year, but definitely enough to create all the momentum you need. It starts with Mercury’s return on the 6th March and will end with his departure on the 14th May.

However, a lot will happen during his extended visit. It is during that time that the Sun and Venus will move through and Mercury himself will spend time in retrograde motion. On the 16th May, just two days after Mercury leaves Uranus and here since 2010, he will also leave. Uranus will return on the 7th November and the timing couldn’t be better, but it leaves you with a chance to step right back into the middle months of the year, in order to let things play out. Then, in early November everything will change. Not only will Uranus retrograde back in for a final few months in your career sector, before leaving for good next March, but on the 9th November, just two days later, Jupiter will return to your work sector. This will kick off your luckiest and most expansive year for job growth in over a decade. This is when you’ll look back and see Saturn’s three year visit as the training ground that it was.

2018 Money Predictions for Cancer

The North Node’s return to your income sector and the South Node’s to your financial sector in May 2017 and their position there until the 7th November this year, has big implications on your financial year. There was a taste of this with a pair of eclipses last August, but until the lunar nodes leave, the eclipses will continue and with it fateful and unexpected developments. For the rest of the year the lunar nodes act as giant magnets, though with a very different influence. The South Node is connected to the past, but also on helping you to break free from old habits and patterns. In your financial sector until the 7th November, is the process that will continue behind the scenes. Though when there is planetary activity on the financial front, then this expands to include the potential to access untapped financial potential.

The North Node, on the other hand, is connected with the future and works through the element of luck and fate. In your income sector until the 7th November, this creates the potential for a lucrative year, with steady income growth. When there is planetary activity here and especially during an eclipse, this increases the potential for income breakthroughs. You have had Ceres in your income sector since September 2017 and while she will leave on the 28th June, with Venus returning on the 14th June and then continuous planetary activity through to September 6th, there is almost continuous support on the income front. That is not the norm where the North Node is concerned. This makes the whole of 2018 a lucrative zone, but there are some especially lucrative periods. They will be around the time of a total lunar eclipse in your income sector on the 1st February, a solar eclipse on the 11th August and while Venus moves through from the 14th June to the 10th July. These are the hot spots, but a warm field of potential runs from the 14th June to the 6th September.

While the North Node will leave on the 7th November, with another total lunar eclipse in January 2019, the year will end with more untapped income potential. By the time you move into the New Year all the planetary activity has been on the income front and the South Node has been on its own on the financial front, so you haven’t yet seen the full potential here. That will change with Venus’ return to your financial sector on the 18th January, the Sun’s on the 20th January and Mercury’s on the 1st February. With a solar eclipse on the 16th February, this could trigger some unexpected financial gains or developments, with a lot of untapped financial potential by then. That planetary push will run its course with the Sun’s departure on the 19th February, but money matters will get another push when Mars moves through, not once but twice. Mars will move through from the 16th May to the 13th August and again from the 11th September to the 16th November. It is during Mars’ first visit that a total lunar eclipse on the 28th July could really spur the warrior planet of the cosmos into action.

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