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Dear Cancer, this is your general horoscope for 2018:

Cancer horoscope for 2018 is all about your relationships, love life and long term commitment. Pluto and Saturn will both be in your relationship sector for a while and the need to be with someone will manifest often throughout 2018. In the past years your focus has been mostly on your career and personal development but now is the time to establish bonds and develop your caring and sharing nature. If you’ve already found your soul mate, a work partnership or job prospect might become your new focus. In either case, the buzz and hassle of 2017 should die down and give you some breathing space for a change.

When Uranus moves into Taurus in May, it will signal a big change in your social life as well. Friendships and travel will be the main theme of this transit for you. You might loosen up a bit and have some fun, as for the first time in several years your work status will allow it. In July, a partial Solar Eclipse in your sign is something to look out for, as are all Eclipses for a Cancerian. People you meet or decisions you make during that time will have a long-lasting effect in your life. This might sound ominous, but in reality it will be the end result of your newfound respect and admiration for the things in life that matter most.

Come autumn 2018, your horoscope continues to show signs of a long-term commitment at your doorstep. There will be some developments on the work front in November, increasing your daily workload or presenting you with new opportunities. Lucky Jupiter will change signs in November, moving into fun-loving Sagittarius. Thus, overall, 2018 remains a year when you will decide to enjoy life more, get out there, have fun and bring out your romantic self, which has been dormant for a while. Enjoy it, dear Cancer and don’t shy away this time.

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