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Dear Capricorn, this is your general horoscope for 2018:

The Capricorn horoscope for 2018 is one of the best you have read in years, as Saturn finally returns home! While everyone else gets jitters at the sound of Saturn in their sign, this is a particularly good time for Capricorns, as things start to finally make sense again. Saturn had spent over 2 years in fun-loving Sagittarius, feeling like a teacher who tries to discipline a little daredevil. Having moved into your sign at the end of 2017, it makes 2018 on of the most important and productive years for you in ages. While in your 12th house, Saturn burdened you will dark thoughts, feelings of betrayal and a lost sense of self. This all is about to change as you move closer to your inner truth that ever.

In May, another slow planet, Uranus, changes signs to move into the grounded and practical Taurus. This transit shines a light on your creative, romantic side, allowing you to enjoy improvement in your love life, or awaken your adventurous side. You might want to travel, see the world, share your feelings and generally get out there and enjoy life. It is not like you to get carried away and forget about your responsibilities, but just this once you might feel the need to break free and change a few patterns. Uranus just adds a touch of unpredictability to your approach in things and this could be quite interesting for people around you. There’s nothing wrong with that, for come autumn you will refocus on your work and day to day tasks.

During the last part of 2018, lucky Jupiter will move to your 12th house and you might feel the need to expand on your spirituality. You will likely have the peace and quiet such an endeavour demands around that time. This will be a theme that you revisit throughout 2019 as well, so don’t be afraid to explore what your inner voice tells you. Overall, your 2018 horoscope promises to let you off the hook for a while and allow you to enjoy the things in life that matter most. If you take advantage of those wonderful energies, you will become the better, stronger “you”, ready to go after your dreams in the years to come.

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