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Dear Gemini, this is your general horoscope for 2018:

Hey ho, you’re free as a bird, Gemini! Saturn leaves your relationship zone at last and others - spouses, business partners, audiences - stop being such killjoys. If your relationships survived these trials, you can now deepen your bond and build greater trust - both emotionally and financially, a trend that will continue beyond 2018. If you’ve gone your separate ways, on the other hand, you’ll be majorly focused on a division of property. The topic of money is becoming hotter ever year so act responsibly! Your work is looking up and if you’re involved in spiritual matters, retreats or large institutions, you can expect some fascinating adventures. Friends are a source of wisdom.

What 2018 Yearly Horoscope brings to Gemini

This year shines a light on your relationships, alliances and overall social life. Work takes a back seat for a good part of the year, with Mercury, your ruling planet, going retrograde in fire signs 3 times. That doesn’t mean you will get to relax or slack, but this is more a year of settling in and establishing yourself career-wise, rather than a year of new beginnings. Your love life on the other hand gets spiced up, as you seek to expand your horizons and try different things.

Uranus changes signs in May 2018, moving from Aries to Taurus and to a deeply spiritual part of your astrology chart. You might start feeling a bit more introverted at times and in search of your soul’s true needs. Your senses will also be more acute, so make sure to acknowledge your gut feeling before acting. A New Moon in your sign in June gives you a chance for a fresh start in some area of your life. Remember your 2018 resolutions around that time and stay true to what your heart desires. During the summer you might feel restless and in need for a long break. Try to resist the temptations because they might delay your plans. Always look at the big picture and don’t get carried away by distractions.

September onwards is probably the best part of 2018 for you, Gemini. Jupiter will be lending a helping hand from your relationship zone, making this a good time for socializing and having some fun. A partnership of love interest will be your main focus at the end of the year. Pay attention to the signs, because this might very well be a soul mate or important ally into 2019. The Gemini horoscope for 2018 shows you the way to quiet your mind when it is most important and be true to yourself to attract the right kind of people around you.

2018 Love and Relationship Predictions for Gemini

The last few years haven’t seen a lot of change, in that one year more or less progressed into the next year, especially on the relationship front and to a degree on the romantic front as well. With Saturn in your relationship sector from December 2014 to December 2017, a three year relationship boot camp literally only ended days before you moved into 2018. That Saturn hasn’t followed you into 2018 sets this year apart from the last three years, putting the challenges of the past behind you, while you gett to enjoy the benefits. Saturn may have moved on, but you start the year with Mercury, planet of communication still on board and with Mars not returning until the 27th January, the journey that began in December 2014, is still playing out.

The difference is that without the hard taskmaster of the cosmos on board, this is more the rebuilding phase. Also not following you into 2018 are the romantic forces that have dominated the last two years. While Jupiter wrapped up his 13 month visit to your romantic sector in October 2017, things didn’t wrap up until Mars left in early December. Having left almost two months to the day after lucky Jupiter, Mars was the perfect planet to leave you with your romantic passions and fighting spirit fuelled. With Saturn gone from your relationship sector and Jupiter from your romantic sector, two major themes of recent years are over. Yet in the process this allows you to start the year with a huge amount of momentum and a clear sense of what you want from love and your relationships.

2018 is a year where you can set some bold romantic and relationship resolutions and be very confident about your chances of making it happen. With Mars not leaving your relationship sector until 18th March, the rebuilding from the last three years will continue well into 2018. From that point on, apart from a Full Moon on the 30th May, the relationship gods will stay back until Mercury returns with this year’s relationship update, on the 31st October. This also means that when the most romantically charged months of this year run from the 7th August through to the 3rd December, they will have a chance to become established first. With the challenges of the past behind you, this should be a good year for both romantic and relationship matters, with just enough support to keep the wheels turning.

2018 Career Predictions for Gemini

In terms of what kind of professional year to expect they don’t come much bigger than this. Not only do you have lucky Jupiter in your work sector until the 9th November but Neptune, in your career sector since 2012 is having his best year yet. This is partly because of the support from Jupiter on the job front and partly because Chiron will be gone for much of the year and you will no longer be hindered by old baggage. Jupiter only returned to your work sector in October 2017, so is still in his early months when you move into the New Year. Jupiter will always have a lot of support in the early and later part of his journey and at the start of the year that early support is still playing out. By the time you move into the New Year the Sun, Mercury and Venus have already been and gone but Mars, who only returned in December, is here until the 27th January.

This is giving work and job matters a serious push in the first four weeks of the year, after which it will become more about the journey. However, the timing couldn’t be better, for with Venus returning to your career sector on the 11th February, this gives you just a few weeks for work and job matters to settle, before new career developments start opening up. Jupiter will spend from the 9th March to the 11th July in retrograde motion, making this a period of going back over old ground. From Venus’ return to your career sector from the 11th February to the Sun’s departure on the 28th April, you will have all the resources needed to exploit all the potential on the career front and to gain a clear sense of professional direction. With Chiron leaving your career sector from the 17th April to the 26th September, this clears the way for Jupiter and Neptune to work together. Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion is working to create job growth, while Neptune is focused on your professional dreams, together making a remarkable team.

It’s not until Venus returns to your work sector on the 9th September, two months to the day before Jupiter is due to leave that the push will begin to bring things home. That push will be extensive, with both Venus and Mercury making not one but two visits. Venus will move through your work sector from the 9th September to the 1st November and Mercury from the 10th October to the 31st October. With Jupiter leaving on the 9th November, right in the middle of the Sun’s visit, from the 24th October to the 22nd November, Venus and Mercury will be on hand to make those final weeks count. However, Mercury will return for a double dip visit from the 2nd December to the 13th December and Venus from the 3rd December to the 8th January 2019, both after Jupiter has moved on. Not only will they help to bring Jupiter’s 13 month visit home, but will return after he’s gone in order to exploit as much untapped job potential as possible.

2018 Money Predictions for Gemini

As far as the money gods are concerned this is a mix of the expected and the unexpected, with the year not revealing all its secrets or potential until later in the year. First impressions make it obvious that this is a huge year for money matters, even more so than in most years. You have the distinction of being the sign that will always start and end each year with the Sun in your financial sector and therefore with the solar spotlight always on your financial situation and money matters from the get go. That is because the Sun moves through from the 22nd December to the 20th January each year and this year is no exception. Since 2008 you have also had Pluto, planet of change and revolution in your financial sector, on a mission to promote financial growth, change and evolution until leaving in 2024.

However, for the first time in 27 years, you also move into the New Year with Saturn in your financial sector, where he will stay until 2020. This is the first and only time that you will have Saturn and Pluto in your financial sector in our lifetime and brings you to not just the start of your most powerful financial year ever, but the first of the three most powerful years. With lucky Jupiter joining them at the end of next year, 2020 will be the most powerful. Pluto has been calling for change and evolution since 2008, but Saturn brings the structure, steely sense of resolve and determination to take your power back and make it happen. This brings you to the start of a three year financial boot camp, but with Pluto here you’re not going to get bogged down and you’re not going to spend months dealing with issues. This is the right mix of Pluto’s impatience and Saturn’s patience. There will be a lot of support as the Sun, Mercury and Venus move through in January, but the real support will come when Mars returns to your financial sector on the 18th March.

Mars will leave on the 16th May but will retrograde back in for a double dip visit from the 13th August to the 11th September. To have Mars, Saturn and Pluto together in your financial sector is something you’ve never experienced before and to have this extend for so long will allow Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos to really drive things. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus all passing through your income sector from the 20th May to the 23rd July, this fits neatly into the break that Mars will take from your financial sector from the 16th May to the 13th August. However, having Saturn and Pluto on the other side of the sky will keep income forces on their toes. This is when the element of the unexpected comes into play that I alluded to at the start. The Sun’s departure from your income sector on the 23rd July brings all planetary activity on the income front for the year to a close, but the North Node’s return on the 7th November opens the door to an especially fateful and lucrative period that will run through to May 2020.

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