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Dear Libra, this is your general horoscope for 2018:

The Libra 2018 horoscope is a bit of a balance act between work and personal life, as matters around your home and financials continue to preoccupy your thoughts. January and February are relatively easy months, which will allow you to enjoy some socializing and spend time with loved ones. Work matters surface around March, particularly ones that have to do with your daily routine and how it affects other areas of your life. At the same time, romantic prospects flourish as you are ready to commit or get out there and look for your soul mate. If you’ve already found them, there are probably some financial headaches that are keeping you from taking the next step together.

When Uranus moves into Taurus in May, there might be some further turbulence where money is concerned. Things will have improved by autumn, so make sure you keep your spending in check until then. 2018 is a year when you will consider marriage –not just the romantic side of it, but the practical as well. You are likely to set your plans in motion around June and start working towards achieving your goals during the summer. Your ruling planet, Venus, goes retrograde in October for a few weeks and that is the time when the dust will settle. Use this period to reconsider your course of action and make sure you are moving on solid ground in love or work.

With Jupiter having left your sign from the end of 2017, your 2018 horoscope is more about settling into the new situation and seeing things at their true proportions. In fact, this doesn’t only go for things and people around you, but for the way you see and evaluate yourself too. This will be the first step to improving many areas of your life, including your daily routine. Towards the end of the year you’ll have plenty of chance to be the fun, playful “you” again, relieved from the stress of balancing your financials and you work-personal life. 2018 is a year to experiment, organise and regroup, after a 2017 full of ups and downs.

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