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10 Astrology Facts About Gemini Marilyn Monroe

10 Astrology Facts About Gemini Marilyn Monroe

Astrology Data:

Marilyn Monroe, b. June 1st 1926, 9:30 am, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Joe DiMaggio, b. November 25th 1914, 7:00 am, Martinez, CA, USA
Arthur Miller, b. October 17th 1915, 5:12 am, New York, NY, USA
John F Kennedy, b. May 29th 1917, 3:00 pm, Brookline, MA, USA
1. Marilyn Monroe is a Sun Gemini, the sign of duality. Many Geminis have more than one name but Marilyn went one step further and had two names before the creation of her famous stage name, Marilyn Monroe. She was born Norma Jeane Mortenson on June 1st 1926 and later changed her name to Norma Jean Baker.
2. When Norma Jean was discovered as a model, she was working in a munitions factory during the Second World War. At the time she was a brunette and the first photographs that were published show her ‘girl-next-door’ appeal. She looks fresh-faced wearing no or little make-up.
In her natal chart, she has the Sun next door to chatty Mercury in Gemini, a combination that suggests she would have been the best of friends, an everyday girl with everyday interests. This is backed up by the Sun conjunct the 11th house cusp, the house of friendship.
3. The glamorous Marilyn Monroe with the blonde hair, the heavy eyeliner and the red lipstick is how Marilyn’s remembered. There are many iconic photographs of Marilyn but none more memorable than the movie stills for Seven Year Itch (1955) when she’s standing above a ventilator shaft trying to keep a hold on her flowing white dress.
Here’s her Ascendant sign, Leo, the sign associated with ‘star’dom and wanting to be centre of attention. Leo is ruled by the Sun, the planetary body around which all the other planets orbit. Leo is the sign of the individual and the Ascendant is first impressions, how you come across to other people.
At their best, strong Leo types have a big ego, like to show off and love to be adored. Some Like It Hot (1959) and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), the two films for which she’s most closely remembered both suggest Leo themes due to the heat of the Sun and her ‘blonde’ persona for which she became known.
4. It seemed that Marilyn was always trying to escape her difficult childhood. Her romantic dreams of becoming a star and finding happiness in marriage propelled her through life. She never knew her father, her mother was mentally unstable and she suffered abuse at an early age. Yet for someone who experienced such a tough upbringing she achieved amazing success in her short life.
Neptune is the prominent planet in Marilyn’s natal chart as it sits in her 1st house of personality. Neptune is the planet associated with glamour and fame complete with the trappings of illusion rather than a contentment that’s found in a simple lifestyle. Neptune types often have weak boundaries and are sensitive and creative individuals.
In her chart, Marilyn’s Neptune is in showy Leo trine Venus in Aries, the planet that rules the Midheaven, ruling her vocation in life. Here we see how she used her beauty (Venus) to pursue fame (Neptune), plus her desire for romance. Venus in Aries is a classic symbol of girl (Venus) power (Aries) and Marilyn was single-minded in pursuit of her acting goals.
5. Neptune also makes a T-square aspect in her chart opposing the Moon in Aquarius and both planets square to Saturn in Scorpio. This is a more difficult legacy and alludes to the damage done by her lack of parenting and a stable home life.
In astrology, the Moon rules the mother and Saturn rules the father and here Neptune is forever chasing after the two. This aspect hints at her addictive tendencies, trying to fill the void with drugs and alcohol, Neptune-ruled substances.

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6. Saturn in Scorpio is Marilyn’s partner planet as she has Aquarius on the Descendant, the relationship point in the chart. She married first time around in 1942 when she was 16 years of age but with her young husband Jimmy Dougherty away at sea, they quickly drifted apart.
Her two famous marriages were both to men older than herself and this fits Saturn as a symbol of a relationship, indicating an older partner. She married the baseball player Joe DiMaggio (b. November 25th 1914) on January 14th 1954 and the playwright Arthur Miller (b. October 17th 1915) on June 29th 1956. Looking at her natal chart, you have to ask whether she was seeking a father figure.
She did have strong astrological synastry with both men: Arthur Miller’s Moon at 16 Aquarius was close to Marilyn’s Moon at 19 Aquarius and her Descendant, relationship point, at 13 Aquarius. Joe DiMaggio’s ruling planet Jupiter was at 15 Aquarius and again close to her Descendant at 13 Aquarius.
7. In Marilyn’s chart, Saturn is involved in a Grand Water Trine, a planetary aspect that usually creates an easy flow. Her Grand Trine however involves three challenging planets, Saturn in Scorpio, Mars in Pisces and Pluto in Cancer. Plus there’s a strong link to the 8th house of her chart that rules power and control and this is where you find Mars, the planet that rules men in her chart. There’s nothing easy about this specific Grand Water Trine at all with it’s links to obsessive themes and secrecy.
Marilyn’s husband Joe DiMaggio was jealous of all the attention she received from men, Marilyn was suspected of having affairs with high-profile men and even her death was suspicious. It was reported that she was found in the nude having suffered an overdose but rumours were rife that her death wasn’t by her own hand.
8. Marilyn was most famously linked to the President of the United States, John F Kennedy, and it was suggested that the two had a love affair, a liaison in 1962. Like Marilyn, JFK was a Sun Gemini, born on May 29th 1917, and their birthdays are only 3 days apart, although different years. At a party for the President’s 45th birthday, Marilyn notoriously sang ‘Happy Birthday’ in a very sexy manner.
9. Marilyn was immortalised in the song ‘Candle in the Wind’ which was written 11 years after her death in 1973 by Sir Elton John and his song-writing partner Bernie Taupin. The lyrics are a fitting tribute to a beautiful woman who sought fame and fortune and tried to wipe out the demons from her past. By so doing, she became one of the world’s most famous sex symbols, the ultimate glamour girl.
The lyrics of the song begin, “Goodbye Norma Jean” and end, “Your candle burned out long before your legend ever did”.
24 years after ‘Candle In the Wind’ was written for Marilyn, it became an iconic classic for a second time when Sir Elton John sung it at the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales. Princess Diana, who was tragically killed in 1997, was the same age as Marilyn when she died. They were both just 36 years of age.
Like Marilyn, Princess Diana was born with the Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is the freedom-loving sign which wants to break free from authority and convention. Both women fought against the life situation that they were born into, yet neither managed to lead an independent life.
For both these women, the Moon in Aquarius was about their appeal (the Moon) to the masses (Aquarius). When the Moon rules your inner needs and you share all who you are with the world, you can end up feeling as if there’s nothing left for you. When the public support you, you feel comforted but when your love affair with the public begins to fade, you lose that source of comfort.
10. Marilyn died of a suspected drug overdose on August 5th 1962. On the day of her death, the Sun in the heavens was at 12 Leo exactly conjunct her Leo Ascendant and opposed by Saturn, the planet also known as Old Father Time and the harbinger of death.
The Ascendant and Descendant axis of the horoscope represents the points in the heavens where the Sun rises (Ascendant) and sets (Descendant). Marilyn Monroe’s light (the Sun) shone brightly but in the end the shade (Saturn) fell on her stunning beauty.
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