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2015 Festive Cheer: Your Christmas & New Year Holiday-Scope!

2015 Festive Cheer: Your Christmas & New Year Holiday-Scope!
Ready for some Festive Cheer? 
Here's your holiday-scope for Christmas and New Year!
With a Libra Mars and a Scorpio Venus
Christmas is a sexy affair
Then Venus moves into Sagittarius
Filling New Year with adventurous flair
As for the Moon, It's full in Cancer on the 25th
Giving you plenty of emotion to be getting on with 
The Eve sees Venus sextile Jupiter 
and the Day Mercury in trine
So all of Christmas is made for love and laughter, 
good stories, food and wine!
Not to mention Boxing day's Uranus direct
which has the effect
of making your hair stand on end - my friend...
As for New Year's it's party time - lush and sophisticated
wIth a Moon conjunct Jupiter in Virgo, it's tastefully understated
Then it's time to take stock, 
analyse things on New Year's Day
With Moon-Mercury on the clock
after that we're up up and away...
It's a season packed with goodies for boys and girls alike
Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

Christmas and New Year HolidayScope

Had enough of astrological poetry? Here's your holiday-scope for Christmas and New Year
- this time, it's for real.
And if you prefer things a bit more personal and all, 
our vetted psychics and stargazers are just waiting for your call >>> 0207 111 6384!


You're a very busy bee this festive season! There’s a sexy buzz around you on Christmas Eve as you prepare for a very special, snug and lovely Christmas with someone you love. If still at work, you may receive a bonus or work towards a big commission too, which will do much to further your career. Then comes Christmas Day - a highly emotional moment that brings an energy rush. Get ready to feel crazy with excitement! Boxing Day brings release: you now have the green light to move forward with everything you want as we head into the new year! By New Year's Eve, you are feeling adventurous and ready to party. Take stock of all the things you still want to do.. ready set go. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


This is a festive season unlike any other, absolutely filled to the brim with love and romance! Christmas Eve shines brightly for relationship happiness, bringing you much pleasure. Christmas Day is filled with joyful activities, talks and much commotion. Underneath all this, you're feeling a little on if you are on the brink of something. And you are! As Boxing Day dawns, you are feeling tapped in and turned on, your sixth sense on high alert and ready to take on the world. Note down any intuitive thoughts that arise out of the blue. On New Year's Eve, you are well into your party-stride. Have a splash! Time to take stock of all your heart's desires and make exciting plans for 2016. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


This year's holiday season is all about the things that make you feel secure - quite a rare priority for a Gemini. Christmas Eve finds you taking great pleasure in beautifying your home, or in putting in a satisfying last day's work before the holidays. Relationships are your focus and these may involve discussions around money with your sweetheart on Christmas Day - such as a gift or large investment. As Christmas approaches, you can barely contain your excitement! Your social scene is electrifying and you're on the brink of a breakthrough! A friend may surprise you on Boxing Day. On New Year's Eve, a special someone is looking particularly attractive. Bring them home if you can... Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016!


This holiday season promotes your interests and does wonders for your relationships! You find it easy to establish rapport with others and this brings you much luck. A chat up line may win you a prize on Christmas Eve - also a great day for a date. On Christmas Day people are hanging on your every word… Your star is on the rise, dear Cancer, and you may be feeling restless as you sense that a major breakthrough is not far ahead. By Boxing Day you can move full speed ahead with brilliant career or wedding plans that were held back since the summer. As for New Year's you're feeling very sociable, so make sure to accept invitations and get out and about. A short getaway with your partner is also sure to please. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


You are feeling rather choosy this festive season and not in the mood for big crowds. Christmas Eve is best spent snuggling up at home or hidden away at an exclusive restaurant with someone you love and trust. Work may also be on your mind during the holidays and you may be thinking of ways to increase your income and self-worth. If so, use the first day of the New Year to come up with a definite plan. If you work in the media, by Boxing Day you’re excited and ready to spread your wings. You’ll want to experience greater freedom and adventure in the coming months. You are feeling more outgoing on New Year's Eve, so go on, have some fun! If you are travelling this holiday season, then get ready for tons of excitement. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


This is a very special Christmas for you, dear Virgo: lucky Jupiter is in your sign (a rare event) and planning a number of parties with you as the special guest! Christmas Eve is filled with pleasant exchanges and opportunities for romance as soon as you step off your doorstep. Christmas Day is equally wonderful with friendly faces and laughter promising oodles of fun! Sex can be mind-blowing this festive season. But so can spending - don’t break the bank on Boxing Day... On New Year's Eve all eyes are on you! Wanna party? You say where and when! The familiar will probably seem the most attractive option...  Time to listen to your heart and plan for your future happiness. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


This festive season is a rather low-key affair with your mind on home and family matters. You may reminisce about the past a lot, so watch that you don’t fall down a rabbit hole. Opt for something a little exclusive. Christmas Eve brings generosity in your relationship whilst Christmas Day presents you with a moment of clarity, when you can see where you are headed with a personal matter. Christmas may hide a few surprises too, with others acting all crazy… But by Boxing Day you are free to make swift progress in a relationship that seemed stuck since summer. New Year's Eve finds you in a more chatty mood. Just as the old year is coming to an end so is an important chapter in your own life: time to take stock. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Things are finally looking up, dear Scorpio! This festive season is full of promise. Venus in your sign makes you irresistible to begin with and Jupiter ensures there is no shortage of people wanting to be by your side. Christmas Eve is simply delicious, with romance strongly on the cards. Christmas Day by contrast is a day of commotion and exciting conversations. If you are feeling anxious over something (e.g. work), then something magical happens on Boxing Day: a door is unlocked, releasing tension and bringing you innovative solutions. The invitations will continue to pour in over New Year’s and the Eve finds you in an extravagant mood ready to splash out and indulge with your friends. Happy Christmas and a Joyful 2016!


Money and career matters are looming large on your mind and you may find yourself mulling them over with loved ones over the holidays. You're on the brink of a colossal new start and the Christmas break is a perfect time for you to take stock and seek the advice of those you trust. Have faith dear Sagittarius - the love, money and happiness gods are on your side! Christmas Day brings a gift and a vote of confidence. A matter close to your heart is reaching critical mass over the holidays and you’re finally ready to move forward by Boxing Day. Venus in your sign makes you irresistible on New Year's Eve - there: you are now ready to party. Dress to impress! Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016!


The holidays offer a much needed breather, dear Capricorn. You tend to work yourself to the bone, but this season promises some fun and relief! Christmas Eve is perfect for a happy get-together with your friends. Others are the apple of your eye on Christmas Day and you are inspired by the conversations flying around. Is the whole family descending to your home for the holidays? Or maybe your house is a building site? Chaos is likely to prevail but with it comes a sense of excitement and anticipation that won't run it's course until Boxing Day! After that you're ready to finish whatever has been dragging on on the home front. New Year's Eve is equally happy and carefree! Also a good time to take stock of your goals for the coming year. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016!


T'is a season to give and take and this is not lost on you this year. You're feeling particularly generous and can expect the same from others. Christmas Eve will find you celebrating the love among your nearest and dearest, or - if you're still at work or on your own - then a lovely gift, bonus or commission may warm your heart. You may be fretting over work or mulling over a health concern on Christmas Day, unable to relax. But whatever you're worried about is soon past: exciting news on Boxing Day give you the confidence to push on with any changes! New Year's Eve finds you relaxed and friendly, in more of a party-mood. Stick to a few good friends… Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


This is a holiday season unlike any other, dear Pisces! You are in love or otherwise in an ecstasy of joy and happiness! Surrounded by loved ones, everyone is here to cheer and support you. If you are single, a trip abroad or an invitation to a party far from home promises romance on Christmas Eve. And if you're loved up then Christmas opens a whole new world of hope and opportunity for your relationship! Christmas Day finds you floating on cloud nine… If all this sounds too much like a Disney movie, planet Uranus will pinch you to make sure you're not dreaming!  Your body - or your bank account - are telling you that all this is real! New Year's Eve gives you a special place of honour in the celebrations with everyone doting on you. Take a moment as you revel in it all to release the past and dream up a whole new relationship future. Happy Christmas and a Wonderful 2016!

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