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Angelina Jolie, Brangelina & A Summer Wedding

Angelina Jolie, Brangelina & A Summer Wedding

Angelina Jolie’s Horoscope

In Angelina’s chart, the Sun in Gemini is opposite Neptune, the planet that’s associated with film as it rules images, glamour and the world of illusion. Neptune is often strong in the charts of people who are drawn towards acting and the film world. Neptune is a creative source that taps into the realm of fantasy and imagination.
Yet there’s a more powerful element in Angelina’s natal chart that shows where her true passion lies. She has three planets that are elevated in her chart and all in the fire sign Aries. Her ruling planet, the Moon, her career planet, Mars and the luckiest planet in the heavens, Jupiter, are all close to her Midheaven, the part of her horoscope that rules her vocation.
In fact, Jupiter is almost exactly conjunct her Midheaven, a symbol which not only bestows blessings and good fortune but shows her international fame as Jupiter rules travel and all things foreign. Jupiter is more than just luck and good fortune, however, as it’s where you find meaning in your life and Jupiter is the planet of truth and justice. People with a strong Jupiter often sense they have a mission in life to protect and care for others or to spread a spiritual or goodwill message.
Angelina has often stated that it’s her international charity work that matters to her most and since playing the lead role in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) filmed in Cambodia, she’s discovered her life mission. She now dedicates a lot of her time and energy to humanitarian efforts financed by her actress’ salary. In her role as Goodwill Ambassador, a perfect symbol of Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven, she has visited over 20 countries and helped to fund and promote many community projects.
Lara Croft was a brilliant role for an actress who has Mars in Aries as her career planet, as this represents the Amazonian heroine skilled in one-to-one combat who defeats the villains and Angelina performed many of her own stunts in the movie. She’s at her best in roles where she’s sexy and strong, both powerful Mars’ characteristics.

The Birth of Brangelina

The other movie that was a major turning point in Angelina’s life was Mr and Mrs Smith (2005) as this is where she met Brad Pitt (b. December 18 1963). Brad was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time but Brad and Angelina reportedly fell in love on the set and the rest is history. Dubbed ‘Brangelina’ by the media, they announced they were officially an item in May 2005.
Angelina and Brad have stunning synastry (love compatibility) between their two charts. A classic symbol that shows a strong love connection between two people is when the Sun or Moon in one chart connects with the Descendant (relationship point) in the other chart. ‘Brangelina’ are a textbook example of this astrological tie as Angelina’s Sun at 13 Gemini is closely conjunct Brad’s Descendant at 12 Gemini.
Plus this means that Angelina’s Neptune at 10 Sagittarius is also conjunct Brad’s Ascendant at 12 Sagittarius. Neptune conjunct the other person’s Ascendant is intoxicating; there’s an allure that draws you in and this is a deeply romantic coupling.
This is such strong synastry between the two charts with Neptune involved and Brad would have found the pull almost impossible to resist. When Neptune comes into play you lose yourself in a haze of romance that was wonderfully blissful and 10 years later, you sensed the romance was still very much alive for this couple.
The astrology suggests that the split from Jennifer Aniston wouldn’t have come easily for Brad, as Brad and Jen had a ‘cosmic marriage’ between their charts, i.e. Brad’s Sun at 25 Sagittarius is conjunct Jennifer’s Moon at 23 Sagittarius and this creates a powerful bond.
The defining astrological factor between all three charts, Brad, Jennifer and Angelina involves connections between planets in Aries. With a Sagittarius Ascendant, Brad’s ruling planet is Jupiter at 9 Aries. Jennifer has her Venus (love) at 9 Aries and Angelina has her Mars (passion) at 10 Aries.
You can clearly see the strong love connection for Brad with both these women as they have key planets conjunct his ruling planet. Yet which of the two planets is stronger? Angelina’s Mars is powerful in Aries in its own sign of rulership whereas Jennifer’s Venus is traditionally weaker in Aries in its sign of detriment. Astrologically, this is what makes the crucial difference and Angelina won over Jennifer.

In Their Element

When you’re considering relationship compatibility between charts, another powerful factor involves the four elements: fire, earth, air and water. If you have an element missing or lacking in your chart, you often compensate for it by being attracted to people who have that element dominant in their own chart.
This is the case for Angelina and Brad. Brad Pitt may be a free-wheeling Sagittarius by Sun sign but he has a stellium of planets in the earth sign Capricorn. Angelina lacks the element earth in her own chart but she has Capricorn on the Descendant, the relationship point, so her partner planet is Saturn, which rules Capricorn.
This is what Angelina needs to ground her, an ‘earthy’ partner, someone older, someone with a good business head who’s reliable, respectful and stable. Brad ticks all the boxes and he not only became Angelina’s lover and partner but father to her children. Saturn is the planet that traditionally rules the father in astrology so this is a perfect pairing.
Look at Brad’s chart and you see he lacks planets in water and one of Angelina’s most dominant planets is Venus in the water sign Cancer conjunct her Cancer Ascendant. The compensating factor for a missing element works both ways between Brad and Angelina’s charts.
Venus on the Ascendant is a symbol of Angelina’s striking good looks as Venus is the planet of beauty and the Ascendant represents your physical self and how people see you. Plus this is the side of Angelina that delights in being a mother as Cancer is the sign that rules mothering, home and family and Venus symbolises what you love.
Brad and Angelina are now parents to six children; three adopted children, Maddox, Pax and Zahara and their three biological children, Shiloh and the twins Knox and Vivienne. Angelina often says she’s happiest being a mother and spending time at home.

Engagement & Marriage

Brad and Angelina got engaged in April 2012 and there was much speculation in the media that marriage would swiftly follow. In astrology, this coincided with Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, moving through Gemini from June 2012-June 2013 and triggering their Sun/Descendant synastry.
This didn’t happen but astrologers will be checking their planetary ephemeris again as Jupiter transits Angelina’s Venus in Cancer in July 2014, which would be the perfect moment to bless their union and celebrate their love. Angelina has already said that she wants the wedding to be for their children as much as for Brad and Angelina and that the main focus will be on having fun.
Astrology Data
Angelina Jolie, b. June 4 1975, 9:09 am, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Brad Pitt, b. December 18 1963, 6:31 am, Shawnee, OK, USA
Jennifer Aniston, b. February 11 1969, 10:22 pm, Los Angeles, CA, USA
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