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Beyonce And Jay-Z, Showbiz Super Couple

Beyonce And Jay-Z, Showbiz Super Couple
When a video emerged of Beyonce Knowles’ little sister, Solange, attacking her brother-in-law, Jay-Z, after the Met Gala on May 12th 2014, rumours were rife on the internet. Was the marriage of Beyonce and Jay-Z in trouble and why did Solange lash out? Here’s what astrology has to say about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s relationship, the perfect power couple.
Beyonce Knowles has been involved in the music industry for most of her life, firstly in the successful girl band Destiny’s Child and secondly as a solo artist. She was voted ‘Artist of the Decade’ for the 2000’s and has received numerous awards in her career, including an entry on Time 100’s most influential people of the year list not once but twice, 2013 & 2014. She’s only 32 years of age and yet she’s already a music legend.
Many of Beyonce’s singles are instantly recognisable with Crazy In Love and Single Ladies at the top of the list. She’s even spawned a new word in the Oxford English Dictionary, ‘bootylicious’ thanks to her mix of curves and sex appeal. The word is made up of two separate words, ‘booty’ and ‘delicious’.

Beyonce’s Natal Chart 

Beyonce was born in Houston Texas on September 4 1981 making her a Sun Virgo. She’s not an obvious Virgo, a sign that’s traditionally prim and proper and quite reserved, as she’s such a flamboyant performer. The Virgo precision reveals itself in her brilliantly choreographed dance routines and the fact that she writes and produces most of her songs. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, planet of writing and communication.
Her time of birth is said to be 4:37am although this is not confirmed, but this would give her a Leo Ascendant, fitting her confident and bouncy persona. Even if the time of birth is not correct, her natal Mars, planet of action and energy, is also in confident Leo, the sign of the performer.
In her natal chart, Beyonce has five planets in Libra, the sign that rules beauty, and she is an incredibly attractive and stylish woman. Plus the Moon in her chart is in sexy Scorpio so here’s the vamp and the sultry sex appeal.
The mix of Virgo and Scorpio is evident in the way she comes across. She manages to be hot on stage and yet appeals to all ages. She comes across as a strong sassy female and a powerful role model to young girls. She manages to embrace her sexuality but never crosses the line. This is the Virgo skill mixed with the intensity of Scorpio; she’s super sexy but never tacky.
Beyonce seems acutely aware of this split between the sexy performer and her ‘girl next door’ appeal. Her third album entitled I Am...Sasha Fierce (2008) relates to her alter ego which she created to keep her stage persona separate from who she really is. She described Sasha as being ‘too strong, too sassy and too sexy’ and added, ‘I’m not like her in real life at all’. This suggests that behind closed doors, Beyonce may portray more of her Sun Virgo and Libran planet qualities and enjoy being a Mum and wife.
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Meeting Jay-Z
In 2003, Beyonce met the rapper and record producer, Jay-Z. They kept a low profile while dating and married relatively quietly on April 4 2008 and their daughter Blue Ivy was born on January 7 2012. Together they are one of the world’s richest showbiz couples and both successful individuals in their own right.
Jay-Z was born in New York on December 4th 1969 and is 11 years older than Beyonce and a Sun Sagittarius. Their Sun Sign compatibility isn’t straightforward as Sagittarius is the traveller, explorer and entrepreneur whereas Virgo is the lover of routine and simplicity. Sagittarius is a free spirit whilst Virgo wants life to be perfect. Yet their charts show that they share similarities. Jay-Z has his Moon in the relating sign Libra close to Beyonce’s Mercury in Libra. This creates an easy rapport between the two and enjoyment in each other’s company.
Jay-Z has his Mercury in Sagittarius and is conjunct Neptune in Beyonce’s chart. This relationship is clearly a meeting of minds (Mercury) and the Mercury/Neptune connection shows that this is a couple who inspire each other creatively. This was evident in the trailer they co-produced for their up-and-coming On The Run Tour which was a clever take on the ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ story and packed full of big-name celebrities.
There is a birth time for Jay-Z of 0:30am but again it’s not confirmed. However, if it is correct this gives him a Virgo Ascendant and this links in to a key factor in Beyonce’s chart, her Sun Virgo. Plus Jay-Z has a very sexy Venus-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio in his chart. Venus shows the type of woman a man is attracted to and this clearly symbolises the gorgeously sexy and beautiful Beyonce, his ‘dream lady’.
Solange Knowles
So where does Solange fit into all of this? Born on June 24th 1986, Solange is a family-loving Cancerian and the fact that Solange and her big sister Beyonce are a Sun Cancer and a Sun Virgo respectively shows they share similar ideals and outlook on life. Both Cancer and Virgo are introverted signs, highly respectful of family and happiest when life’s comfortable and secure. This is very different to Jay-Z’s Sun Sagittarius so maybe there was a clash of values when Solange lashed out.
Mars was stationing direct at 9 Libra as the incident took place and both Beyonce and Jay-Z have key planets at this degree. It must have felt like an attack on their relationship but it wasn’t long before there was a statement that said they’d put the incident behind them and were continuing as a united family.
What The Future Holds
Astrologically, this is a tough year for both Beyonce and Jay-Z as Saturn, the party-pooper of the heavens, transits over their Scorpio planets. The key months this year are June, September, November and December 2014 and there’s more potential upheaval next year in the summer months, June through to September 2015. Saturn often brings a reality check and as well as being the planet which symbolizes endings, it asks you to get serious. You either quit or commit under Saturn transits.
When life gets tough for couples, it tends to bring them closer together or push them further apart. Beyonce and Jay-Z have their baby girl to think about now too and hopefully there’s enough compatibility between them to weather any difficulties.
Their On The Run Tour, which takes place from June 29th to August 5th 2014 will surely be a highlight of the year for the couple. Success planet Jupiter is passing over Beyonce’s buoyant Mars in Leo and her Leo Ascendant as the tour takes place and no doubt the performer in Beyonce will delight in taking centre stage as she puts her family troubles behind her.


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