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Full Moon in Sagittarius 13th June – New Horizons

Full Moon in Sagittarius 13th June – New Horizons

On 13th June we have an exciting, lucky Full Moon in Sagittarius at 22 degrees

Sagittarius, ruled by lucky Jupiter is all about freedom, adventure, travel, optimism and finding the joy in life.
This Full Moon can bring a goal you’ve been working on to fruition, or you may release some heavy baggage you’ve been carrying around with you.
Jupiter, planet of good fortune and abundance, could bring you some good news, a bonus, a promotion, a spiritual awakening, an exciting vision for your future.
You may decide to get involved with some of the new developments taking place globally. For example, there is a huge push to end hunger on our planet, to end disability, to end aging and death. Technologically, we are progressing exponentially and with the Sun in Gemini, your ideas and thoughts will be coming thick and fast. Where would you like to contribute to this new awakening on our planet? This is a time when you may see where you fit into the bigger picture.
Sagittarius wants you to stretch in ways you’ve never done before. Remember when you exercise and stretch afterwards, or for those of you who do yoga, doesn’t it feel wonderful when you stretch even further than you’ve gone before? This is the feeling you can achieve during this Full Moon in Sagittarius. You can do this not only physically, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Good things to do:
  • Find excitement in whatever you’re doing
  • Go somewhere you’ve never been to before
  • Enrol on a course or start teaching your own classes
  • Find more ways to have fun
  • Stretch your boundaries
  • Find a deeper meaning in your life
  • Meditate, do yoga, tai chi, anything that brings stillness
  • Be generous
  • Go on an adventure
  • Publish a book, article, blog, share a video
  • Think about the future and what you want to achieve
  • Plan a big trip to a country you’ve never visited
  • Find a mentor or be inspirational to someone
  • See everything from a positive angle
  • Take up a new sport or way of exercising
  • Write or tell a story
  • Appreciate the abundance all around you
  • Find ways to celebrate your life and count your blessings
Wherever this Full Moon in Sagittarius falls in your birth chart will be an opportunity for growth and learning.

Here are your personal forecasts for this Full Moon in Sagittarius

Plan an adventure or an important trip overseas. Connect with people from other cultures. Learn a new language. Focus on your spiritual growth and find books, films, videos that inspire you. This is a great time to meet a foreigner and have a romance.
Find ways to connect more deeply with other people. Financial issues could come to a head. Be careful you don’t overspend and don’t rush into any kind of business or financial partnership. You may receive money from a grant, investment or scholarship.
You could have a new romance and meet someone special. This person could bring you luck and personal growth. This is a good time to extend your social circle and to show the people already in your life how much you appreciate them.
This is shining a light on your work and could bring you an exciting new opportunity. You might decide to go to school and study for more certifications, you could receive a promotion or some good news connected with your work.
Starting a new business or expanding an existing one is under fortunate aspects. You could meet the love of your life. Do anything sporty, fun and that brings out the playful, childlike qualities inside you.
This is a good time to speak the truth to your family or people closest to you. You could receive good news regarding a move or relocation to another city or country. Do something different with your furniture, your surroundings and make it uplifting.
Make sure you get out and about networking and socialising as you could meet some very influential and helpful people. This is a great time for going on a course of study, for learning anything of a technical nature, for writing, sharing and communicating generally.
You could receive a financial bonus or even a windfall. Be careful you don’t overspend on frivolous items. This is a good time to develop a business idea and to share it with people who may be able to help you.
As this Full Moon is in your sign, this is a time for new beginnings, for dreams and wishes to come to fruition and to set new goals you want to achieve in the next year. Don’t be afraid to reach for the Moon!
Take time out during this Full Moon to be peaceful and to bring stillness into your life. Listen to your dreams as they could be prophetic. Being alone, being in nature and finding the abundance within will be very nourishing and uplifting for you.
This is a great time to get out and meet new friends and to create new social networks. You’ll have an opportunity to connect with people who are passionate about the same things you are. A special new friend could come into your life who will broaden your horizons and bring exciting new possibilities to you.

There could be good news about your career, a change in direction or an expansion of your existing career. It’s a great time to be more public with your work, not to hide under a bushel any more, but to shine your unique light and allow others to see it.

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