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Justin Timberlake Triumphs At The Billboard Awards

Justin Timberlake Triumphs At The Billboard Awards
Justin Timberlake took a break from music for almost seven years but on May 18 2014 he proved he’s back in style when he dominated the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. He not only won the coveted Top Artist Award and the Top Male Artist Award, but won 7 awards in all. This included beating off tough competition from the likes of Beyonce to win the Billboard 200 Album Award with his come-back album The 20/20 Experience.
Astrologically, Mars about to turn direct in Libra on May 20 2014 was great news for Justin as this connected with a key planet in his natal chart, Saturn, at 9 Libra. Saturn’s the authority planet and Justin’s success re-establishes his dominance in the music industry.
The 20/20 Experience (2013) was his first solo album since he released Justified (2002) and Future Sex/Love Sounds (2006), both of which sold over 7 million copies worldwide and confirmed his reputation as one of the most commercially successful singers of the Noughties.
He’s not been taking it easy in the subsequent years as he has pursued his love of acting as well as producing and co-writing songs for a host of other top stars. In recent years, he’s taken on bigger acting roles most notably in The Social Network (2010), Bad Teacher (2011) and Friends With Benefits (2011).
His acting career began around 10 years earlier with small roles including a cameo appearance in Zoolander (2001). It has been said that it was his desire to pursue acting plus a solo career in music that lead partly to the demise of the pop group N Sync. Justin was one of the founding members of this successful 1990’s boy band which formed in 1995.

Justin’s Horoscope

Justin Timberlake (b. January 31 1981) is a Sun Aquarius and Aquarius is one of three signs in the zodiac ruled by two planets. In the case of Aquarius these are the traditional planet Saturn and the modern planet Uranus. Saturn is the business-person, the sharp thinker, the organiser and Uranus is the maverick, adding an eccentric, more diverse quality to this individual sign.
You can see elements of both qualities in Justin Timberlake’s personality. He’s an astute businessman with wide-ranging ambitions but he’s also slightly silly and fun. In true Aquarius style, he’s a prolific philanthropist and raises huge amounts of money for different charities. In 2009 he was named the ‘most high-impact celebrity for charity’ helping to raise over $9million for the Shriners Hospital for Children.
Justin has another key planet in Aquarius that dominates his chart and this is Mars, the male planet. This adds passion and desire to the Aquarius principles and is fiercely individualistic. Adding drive to his social and charitable concerns, it suggests a strong will and ambitious determination to pursue activities that stimulate and inspire him.
Mars is in a square aspect to Uranus, one of the two planets ruling Aquarius, and this is a punchy combination. Mars (action) and Uranus (unpredictability) create excitement together and indicate a potentially hyper or rebellious nature. Mars/Uranus types are impulsive and no strangers to taking risks and embracing original and innovative ventures.
It’s this square aspect in his chart that attracts controversy and there have been a few controversial events in Justin’s life that stand out. The most famous is the ‘wardrobe malfunction’ incident when in 2004 he performed in the half-time show at the Super Bowl with his idol Janet Jackson.
Janet inadvertently displayed her right breast when Justin pulled back her outfit and there was a huge uproar about this during and after the event. Janet Jackson was banned from attending the Grammy Awards the following week but Justin did attend and issued an apology.
Eight years later in October 2012, a wedding video was made by a friend of Justin’s that showed homeless people congratulating Justin and new wife Jessica Biel on their marriage. This was seen as distasteful and Justin again had to do a good PR job dealing with the aftermath. With the strong Aquarius element in his chart plus two key planets Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in the sign of justice, Libra, Justin has a strong understanding of right and wrong and the intelligence to deal effectively with the media.
Mars sits on the Descendant (relationship point) of his chart highlighting the male planet and this is fitting for the two awards he’s won as the ‘Sexiest Man’ by Cosmopolitan magazine and the ‘Most Stylish Man in America’ by GQ magazine. It also emphasizes the importance of relationships in his life and Justin has been in three high-profile relationships with top female celebrities. His two long-term girlfriends were Britney Spears (b. December 2 1981) and Cameron Diaz (b. August 30 1972) and he’s now married to Jessica Biel (b. March 3 1982).
The planet Venus rules women and in a man’s chart it shows the type of woman he’s attracted to. Venus is in business-like Capricorn in Justin’s natal chart and it rules his Midheaven (the career point of the chart) so here are the big-name celebrities. This also indicates that work and vocation are important to Justin and he’s going to be best suited with a woman who’s as independent and successful as he is.
The astrology of these three key relationships in his life shows how well-matched they were and why there was such a strong attraction between Justin and each individual partner. There are birth times for all three celebrities which gives you a clear guide to the synastry (love compatibility) between the charts.

Britney Spears

Justin met Britney when they were both child performers in The All-New Mickey Mouse Club from 1993-1995. They were in their early teens at the time and they started dating a few years later in 1999 and were together until 2002 when the relationship ended abruptly. This is a clear case of childhood sweethearts finding love as the synastry between the two charts is stunning.
When the Sun and Moon interconnect between charts this is classic love compatibility as it creates a deep understanding and a heart-felt connection. Britney is a Sun Sagittarius and Justin has his Moon in Sagittarius but there’s an even closer connection between Britney’s Moon at 12 Aquarius and Justin’s Sun at 12 Aquarius. This is called a ‘cosmic marriage’ in astrology, plus they were both born when Venus, planet of love, was in the exact same place in the heavens at 25 Capricorn. This is gorgeous astrology for a couple but timing is key in astrology as in life. The two of them met at such a young age and it seems they weren’t ready to settle down.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron is a Sun Virgo who’s 8 years older than Justin and with a Sun/Mars conjunction in her chart, she’s one sassy female. Sun/Mars types love adventure and are full of energy. This is the impression you get from Cameron Diaz and with Mars dominant in Justin’s chart too, no doubt they had a lot of fun together.
Cameron has Venus in Cancer conjunct her Ascendant which shows her sweet and caring side and Justin’s Venus at 25 Capricorn is conjunct Cameron’s Descendant at 23 Capricorn. Here’s the loving connection and the two of them were together from 2003-2006.

Jessica Biel

The following year 2007 Justin met the stunningly beautiful actress Jessica Biel, a Sun Pisces. They split up in March 2011 but got back together again in the autumn of 2011 and they married in Italy on October 19th 2012. There are classic love connections between the two charts; Jessica has her Mercury (communication) in Aquarius, the same as Justin’s Sun sign and Justin’s Mercury is in Pisces, the same as Jessica’s Sun sign. This indicates a good rapport between the two of them.
What’s most intriguing is that Jessica has Uranus strong in her chart as it sits conjunct her Ascendant and in a square aspect to her Sun. This adds an individual and exciting quality to her nature which mirrors the strong Uranus in Justin’s chart. So they share wacky Aquarian qualities with a more creative and dreamy outlook on life indicated by the planets in romantic Pisces. This makes them best friends as well as being man and wife.
Astrology Data
Justin Timberlake, b. January 31 1981, 6:30 pm, Memphis, TN, USA
Britney Spears, b. December 2 1981, 1:30 am, Kentwood, LA, USA
Cameron Diaz, b. August 30 1972, 2:53 am, San Diego, CA, USA
Jessica Biel, b. March 3 1982, 0:56 am, Ely, MN, USA
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