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Kim and Kanye…Happy Ever After?

Kim and Kanye…Happy Ever After?
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West both said ‘I do’ under a Gemini Sun in the seventh house (relationships see the 12 houses in astrology), a fiery Aries moon in the fifth house (children and creativity) and a Scorpio ascendant (sex). So far, so good.
Given that this is Kim’s third marriage – the previous one lasting only 72 days – and the fact that they have a child together, perhaps meant that she took the exchange of these vows a little more seriously.
This is Kanye’s first time, and with Capricorn on his descendant, he’s naturally a lot more cautious about these things anyway.
Funnily enough, Capricorn’s ruler Saturn is right on the ascendant of their wedding day chart, rubber-stamping its approval and colouring the whole affair with a sense of permanence. Saturn exerts a sobering and mature influence on anything it touches, and this can generate longevity.
From where Saturn sits in this critical part of the chart it makes rather a nice trine to Jupiter (opposing Pluto in the money house), just inside the house of joint resources, so their time together will be a lucrative one.  With Mercury in the eighth house too, they’ll both continue to make a killing from their sexy images for some time to come.
Life won’t be a bowl of cherries with the moon conjunct Uranus in the fifth house opposed by Mars in the eleventh house, and squaring Pluto in the second house. This relationship will instead be fuelled by plenty of drama to keep the tabloids – and the two of them - happy. The fifth house represents children and creativity, so there’ll be abundance here, although perhaps in ways neither will quite expect.
The Mercury/Venus sextile from the serious sixth house to the depths of the eighth sets up a preference to keep a working dialogue going rather than simply whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ear the entire time. Plus, this will be a powerful union with a cardinal square going on, creating a vital and colourful energy that’s a world away from the serenity of that Florentine hilltop.

Kim and Kanye’s Synastry  

Air tight
As for their natal charts, the fact that they both have air sign suns means that they like to talk, and are both interested in the exchange of ideas.
Record producer, DJ and hip hop star, songwriter and film producer Kanye (born 7th June 1977) is a multi-faceted Gemini. His Ascendant is Cancer, so he’s creative, imaginative, sensitive and prone to settling down later in life, and only once if he can help it. This placement often favours a long getting-to-know-you process, and Kanye and Kim have been in each other’s lives for quite some time.  
Kim’s a Libran (born 21st October 1980), so relationships and marriage are what she’s all about, although with Sagittarius rising, she also likes her freedom, and this suits Kanye’s Gemini sun very well, so they’re actually very compatible, with lots of potential in the chart for genuine friendship and affection.
Dream on
There’s a planet that enjoys whisking us all away on flights of fancy called Neptune, and it’s pretty influential in the charts of the fame-hungry, and when Neptune sneezed, they both caught the showbiz bug pretty bad.
This planet also happens to be in Sagittarius in both their charts, scoring them compatibility points, granted, yet making their dreams as big and lavish as their nuptials. If not slightly out of reach.
As well as the Neptunian influence, both Kim and Kanye have the moon in the sign this planet rules, Pisces, so they can be hopelessly devoted to each other when the moon’s in a good mood. Moon in Pisces, while romantic, cutesy and cuddly, doesn’t really think much beyond the wedding bells. So this reality star and her husband might struggle when it bites.  
With such a strong Neptune the two of them will therefore be happy to live their lives in a celebrity bubble, and the higher their stars rise, the lower their levels of self-awareness. Exhibit A: the video for Kanye’s single Bound 2 in which they both starred.
Kanye’s Neptune is opposite his sun so he lives with a constant struggle trying to separate fantasy from reality, and Kim’s is right on her ascendant, so she’s attracted to a glamorous lifestyle and all its trappings (and her own version of reality). Although with his Venus in Taurus and Saturn in the second house, she sees in Kanye someone who will always be able to provide, and who takes money seriously.  These are among several other more grounded aspects in the charts that water down some of Neptune’s influence.
Mother love
Kanye was reportedly very close to his late mother, and this is typical of Cancer rising individuals. Kim also appears to be very close to hers, and Kris Jenner appears to be a very dominant force in her life, and by extension, probably Kanye’s too. Cancer rising men are drawn to strong, dominant and matriarchal women, or often have a strong female presence or guiding influence in their lives at any one time.
Cancer-infused charts like Kanye’s are big on family, so he will like the fact Kim’s is such a key part of her life. They also like curvature and fulsomeness, and Jupiter next to his sun in Gemini speaks of a man that loves abundance in everything.
The future 
The American talk show host and celebrity gossip-peddler Wendy Williams extended the run of her show before its usual summer hiatus on the basis of this wedding alone. She has said publically (on rival show Ellen) that she doesn’t think ‘Kimye’ will last the course.  The charts say differently.
Lucky Jupiter is transiting Kanye’s ascendant, and his progressed moon is also in this sensitive part of the chart. Apart from the possibility of him wanting to add to his family, this also makes him very family-oriented at the moment.
Kim’s progressed moon has also progressed to the sign of Cancer, and in her seventh house, the house of relationships and marriage, so perhaps she is the one driving the relationship, or the partner with the strongest desire to make it official. Either way, this is a positive aspect for them both.
Transiting Neptune is in Kim’s third house, and her ruler Jupiter is just into her eighth house, so she is happy to lose herself in life’s day-to-day, and has a greater need for intimacy with someone.
So all in all things are shaping up quite nicely for them.

One hiccup could come from Pluto hitting Kanye’s seventh house in January 2017. This may prove a testing time for him and her, as it will be in Kim’s money house at the same time, and this planet’s party trick is rocking the boat. 

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