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Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Leo 2nd August - THINK BIG

Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Leo 2nd August - THINK BIG

What to expect with Mercury conjunct Jupiter

Mercury is the planet ruling communications, technology and transportation, while Jupiter is the planet which rules growth, learning, travelling, abundance and spiritual endeavours. Whatever Jupiter touches it magnifies. (See The Planets in Astrology)  
When Mercury and Jupiter come together this is a time of increased communication. As the conjunction is occurring in the element of Fire, you can expect to hear people’s opinions loud and clear.
Social networks will see an increase in numbers of messages, mobile phone companies will have an upsurge in texts, and emails will be shooting across the ethers thick and fast. It’s a good time to promote what you do to a wide audience. Jupiter can take you from being almost unknown to an overnight success. It’s especially good for helping you to take a product or a service out onto an international stage.
If you have Mercury conjunct Jupiter in your birth-chart or you know someone who does, they hardly ever shut up! They love to talk and to share their latest experiences and they want everyone else to hear them too. True story: a lady with Cancer Sun and Mercury in Cancer which is very sensitive and doesn’t like to use many words, gets into a relationship with a man who has Sun, Mercury and Jupiter conjunct in Leo. She can’t believe how loudly he talks and how much he goes on and on. It’s as if he likes the sound of his own voice and he amplifies it. They are sitting outside in the garden, she likes to talk quietly and intimately while he is almost shouting and laughing with such gusto that the neighbours look out of their windows in surprise.
This is the reason why Mercury is such an important planet when it comes to your relationships!
The main character trait of people with this planetary aspect is that they want to share exciting information with other people. They want to shout it from the rooftops – literally!
Today, during this transit of Mercury conjunct Jupiter, you’ll have to watch out not to shoot your mouth off. If you’re feeling impatient and getting hot under the collar, take some deep breaths and try to distract yourself. Focus your attention on something else so you can diffuse the situation. With Jupiter so close to Mercury, you’ll be more likely to speak what’s on your mind without thinking first.
This is a great time for opening up your mind to new things. With Mercury conjunct Jupiter, give yourself permission to think BIG. You will have good timing with your communications and you may receive favourable news about a job, your finances or a relationship.
This is a good time to dream, to build up your confidence and to imagine the best possible outcomes. Look at the big picture rather than the frustrating details.
Someone may be telling you a good story, but is it real? With Mercury conjunct Jupiter, there is a tendency to go over the top and exaggerate the facts. Make sure you listen to your intuition and you aren’t too quick to trust someone you hardly know.
If someone is talking up a great business deal with lots of quick money to be made, be careful! Remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Good things to do during this transit of Mercury conjunct Jupiter

  • It’s a great day for teaching or learning. You’ll feel more positive about life and see your cup as half full rather than half empty.
  • This is a wonderful time to start writing a book. If you have completed a book and had it stashed away in the closet, it’s time to get it out and submit it to publishers or bite the bullet and self-publish.
  • Good time for negotiating, mediating, anything connected with languages, art, music, travel, writing, business, research, planning the trip of a lifetime, selling something you believe in.
  • It’s especially fortunate for any kind of contract or negotiation. If you want to buy or sell a property or a big ticket item, this is a great day to advertise it. 
  • It’s a great time to connect with influential people, to make those important phone calls to the decision-maker of a company, to deal with legal matters.
  • Good time to buy or read books / articles / blogs about literature, philosophy, astrology, languages, travel, politics.
  • Perfect time to buy any communications equipment: e.g. smartphone, computer, recorder, microphone.
Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Leo is honest. It doesn’t beat about the bush and it says exactly what it means. If you have been skirting around important issues, avoiding unpleasant conversations, this is the time for some straight talking.

Make sure you read the small print in any contract or legal agreement because you’re likely to miss something that could be important.
Famous people with Mercury conjunct Jupiter:
Brigitte Bardot, Paul Newman, Woody Allen, Catherine Zeta-Jones, William Blake, Mick Jagger, Richard Nixon, Marcel Proust. 
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