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Mercury goes Retrograde 7th June–2nd July

Mercury goes Retrograde 7th June–2nd July

Reinvent, reconstruct, reorganise, reassess, rejuvenate, revive, relax! Think about any word beginning with ‘re’ and you’ll be in tune with Mercury retrograde! 

This Mercury retrograde starts at 3 degrees Cancer, but also goes into Gemini during this period.

Since Mercury rules our thinking processes, this is an opportunity to revise and reassess what you are manifesting in your life. Whatever you are thinking about and focusing on, you will produce in your life.

One of the best things you can do during Mercury retrograde is to be more laid back. Don’t react to every little thing that stresses you; allow it to flow around you like water off a duck’s back. Use this time to gather information and to do your research. Once Mercury goes direct, you can take action once again.
Not every Mercury retrograde period will affect you personally. In fact, there will probably be many Mercury retrograde periods that you hardly even notice. It depends on where it falls in your chart and what planets, if any, it activates. If it isn’t making close aspects to any of your natal planets, then you are unlikely to experience much disruption from it. If, however, this Mercury retrograde crosses your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars, either by conjunction, square or opposition, then you are likely to experience some blips during this time.
If you have a strong Mercury emphasis in your chart, for example, if you are a Gemini Sun or Gemini ascendant, or Virgo Sun or Virgo ascendant, or if you have Mercury in a prominent position, you are more likely to be sensitive to Mercury retrogrades.
Mercury rules your nervous system and your digestion. This is an opportunity to reduce stress in your life, to relax a little more and to eat slowly. Savour each mouthful and really enjoy the process of eating. So many people rush around and eat while walking, travelling, even driving, which is dangerous. Aside from not being good for your digestive system, it can make you even more speedy and you could end up making silly mistakes.
Although Mercury retrogrades can be frustrating with delays, technical problems, miscommunications, they are a wonderful time for doing research, for reassessing your life, for reviewing a situation, for taking a step back from the fast-paced life around you, and for taking stock of how you can improve your communications for the future.
As this starts out as a Water Mercury retrograde, it’s time to learn how to connect from the heart rather than the head. Try to listen more, to be compassionate and to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.    Being near water or in nature is favourable as it brings peacefulness and serenity.   
Don’t see this Mercury retrograde as a setback but rather as an opportunity. Cancer tends to look back and is somewhat sentimental. Perhaps it’s time to make peace with something or someone from your past. Focus on sensitive and caring communications. Take time to meditate, to write, to listen to music, to dance, to take photographs, to paint, to make a film or video.
With Mercury retrograde in Cancer it’s time to trust your intuition. If something you are hearing or reading doesn’t sound right, listen to it. Don’t move forward with a contract, a deal, a purchase, a sale, without feeling 100% good about it.
Try to let go of judgement and criticism and go more with the flow. Try to resolve conflicts and reflect on different ways of reaching consensus.
This is a great time to declutter, detox, clean out emotional and physical rubbish.

Here are some general tips while Mercury is retrograde: 

  • Avoid signing important legal documents
  • Don’t close a big deal unless it was started before the retrograde
  • Don’t launch a new project
  • Allow extra time when travelling
  • Back up your hard drive and any important information before the retrograde
  • Don’t install new computer software
  • Get repairs done before the retrograde
Good things to do:
  • Research a new project
  • Catch up on your paperwork
  • Complete a project or deal that you started before the retrograde
  • Take time out to relax, read, and recharge your batteries.
  • If you have to sign a contract or enter into a legal agreement, make sure you read it through several times and get a professional to check it over, so that you won’t need to redo it when Mercury goes direct. Keep in mind that President Obama was elected for his first term during a Mercury retrograde and he ended up having to redo his Oath of Allegiance!
Luckily, Mercury is the fastest moving planet, so it won’t be long before it goes direct again at the beginning of July. Make the most of this time to relax, rejuvenate, re-energise and rethink all aspects of your life. 
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