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New Moon in Leo: fun, pleasure, creativity

New Moon in Leo: fun, pleasure, creativity
The New Moon in Leo at 3 degrees on 26th July is inspiring, loving, generous and creative. It’s all about doing what makes you feel good, what excites you, what you feel passionate about.
It’s especially powerful as it is conjunct with Jupiter in Leo, the planet of good fortune and abundance.
With the Sun, Moon and Jupiter in the sign of Leo, this is the time for you to shine. Leo is all about self-confidence. If you don’t feel self-assured, as the saying goes: ‘fake it until you make it!’ Leo is a natural actor and once you start acting with confidence and pride, your emotions will follow. When you stand tall, your head high, you begin to feel stronger and your attitude becomes more positive.
Don’t focus on what’s not working in your life. Instead, focus on creating what you do want. Focus your attention on what makes you happy, what you are grateful for, what stimulates your unique creativity, what you are passionate about.  
Leo is playful and childlike. If you have an image of yourself as a child when you were just being you and having great fun, get it out and see if you can get in touch with your natural enthusiasm and joie de vivre. 

Good things to do during this New Moon in Leo 

Play and have fun
Go on an adventure
Do something you are passionate about
Laugh and tell jokes
Be creative
Entertain people
Go to a show, theatre, cinema, circus, concert
Be with children
Do anything sporty
Organise a party
Buy a lottery ticket
Dress like royalty
Stand tall and become aware of your posture
Do something new with your hair or try out a wig just for fun
Stand tall and work on improving your posture

Good questions to ask yourself

What have I come to share with the world?
What am I willing to give away with joy?
What are my unique gifts?
What makes me feel childlike and playful?
What comes most naturally to me?
Where do I shine?
What makes me happy?
What do I love doing?
What do I feel passionate about?
How can I open up my heart?

Leo is the sign that rules the heart and most Leos have a natural warmth and generosity. With the Sun, Moon and Jupiter in Leo, this is a great time to open your heart, to be generous, to give people the benefit of the doubt, to encourage others to be themselves, and to give them your full attention. Show appreciation and gratitude for the people in your life.

Leo rules romance, so for those of you looking to get into a new relationship, this New Moon is the perfect time. If you are already in a relationship, make a concerted effort to bring more romance into it: buy flowers, go for a candlelit dinner, plan a romantic trip away.
Leo needs to be noticed, to be appreciated and to be loved. This is the key to this playful New Moon. Think of the lion in the jungle. He’s brave, fearless and proud. Where in your life do you need to be more courageous, assertive and gorgeous?
This is a great time to turn a hobby into a business. Leo rules entrepreneurship, so if you love painting, why not sell some of your items on the internet? If you are artist or entertainer, this should be a very good time for you. If you want to be seen or noticed, try to schedule a performance or exhibition during this time.
Do things in a BIG way. Leo is the sign before Virgo. Leo comes up with the big picture, the grand gesture. Afterwards, Virgo gets down to distilling what’s important, and turns Leo’s ideas into something practical and useful.
Make a creation box. You can use an old shoe box, a jewellery box, or even a heart-shaped box. Put valuables inside it that mean something special to you, pictures of things you’d like to create, anything that makes you feel good. Keep it hidden and let your wishes and dreams go out to the universe. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you open it up several months later and see how many of those desires have already manifested in your life.
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