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Prince William: Sun Cancer, Sign Of The Family

Prince William: Sun Cancer, Sign Of The Family
Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, was born with the Sun in Cancer, the same Sun sign as his mother, Princess Diana, and the same Sun sign as his baby son, George. Astrological signatures often run through families, when the same Sun sign or planetary aspect plays out time and again. Cancer is traditionally associated with the family and Prince William was born into one of the most prestigious families in the world.

Prince William’s Horoscope

William’s Sun is at 0 degrees Cancer, right at the beginning of this important sign. The first and last degrees of any sign are potent and although this means you’re born on the cusp of a sign, the energy of the sign is at its most powerful. It’s as if Diana knew it was important that her son was born with the Sun in Cancer to confirm his central role in the House of Windsor.
William was born on the day of a New Moon or Solar Eclipse and his Sun and Moon sit next to each other in his natal chart in Cancer, the sign of the family. This conjunction planetary aspect is close to his Descendant, the point in the chart that represents the other. This is where you find William’s north node which intimates that his destiny (see Fate, Destiny and the Lunar Nodes) is caught up with other people which will be especially true when he becomes King.
William’s Sun in Cancer is in a close trine aspect with his ruling astrological planet Jupiter powerful in Scorpio and conjunct his Midheaven, the peak of the chart. Jupiter is the planet associated with royalty and this is the chart of a man who was born to rule (Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven). With a cheerful and good-natured Sagittarius Ascendant, the planets are aligned and ready for him to pursue his rightful role as head of the Royal Family.
The planet Neptune is close to his Sagittarius Ascendant and this is an archetypal symbol for a ‘film star’ appearance and classic good looks. Neptune’s connection with photography and images opposing his Sun/Moon conjunction in the early degrees of Cancer hints at his life in the public eye and how difficult it must be to avoid the camera lens. Neptune rules sacrifice and he will constantly be pulled between his personal and public persona which won’t always be easy as Cancer is fundamentally a private sign.
There’s an ethereal quality to Neptune and opposite the Moon, symbol of the mother, you suspect that he carries the memory of his mother close to his heart. Of her two sons, William is the one who most closely resembles his mother and at times you catch glimpses of Diana in William’s own face. They shared the caring and kind qualities that are inherent in the sign of Cancer.
William’s choice of partner was always going to be considered thoughtfully and carefully, so typical of a Sun Cancer. William and Kate met at St. Andrews University in 2001 but it was only confirmed they were an item in late 2003/early 2004. They split for a few months in 2007 but finally on November 16 2010 they announced their engagement and married in April 2011.
William & Kate
Even though there’s no birth time for Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, their natal charts show that William and Kate are a perfect match. They have Opposite Star Signs as Kate is a Sun Capricorn and the Cancer-Capricorn axis of the zodiac represents home and family, history and tradition.
Capricorn is a sign associated with respect, dignity and a serious outlook on life, all important qualities for a future Queen. Capricorn is a down-to-earth, practical sign and hints at Kate’s ability to ground William, especially if he’s a typically emotional Cancerian behind closed doors.
Plus Kate’s Moon is in Cancer, the same sign as William’s Moon. When you share the same Moon sign, you feel ‘at home’ in each other’s company which is doubly true for the Moon in Cancer, the sign that rules the home.
The Moon represents your inner needs and in Cancer there’s a basic instinct towards comfort, security and the importance of close family. When your Moon is in Cancer, home is where the heart is and thanks to baby George, William and Kate have their own little family to sustain and nurture one another.
William and Kate were born in the same year with Kate being five months older and yet they have Mars, the planet representing action and ambition at the exact same place in the heavens in the sign of Libra, ruling relationships. Mars spent an unusually long time in Libra in 1982 as it went through its retrograde phase but in both their charts, Mars is direct and strong. This is good news for their sex life as Mars rules libido and indicates that relationship is important to both of them.
Kate’s Jupiter, the planet associated with royalty, is also in Scorpio, the same sign as William’s Jupiter and in trine aspect to William’s Sun/Moon conjunction. This suggests that Kate will be fully supportive of William’s role as future King. Both of them have Mercury, the planet of communication, in the air element and in a helpful trine aspect; Kate’s is in Aquarius and William’s in Gemini. This feels chatty and amicable and they share a wide social circle with good friends they met through university.
Kate’s Venus, the planet of love, is in freedom-loving Aquarius whereas William’s Venus is in Taurus, the sign of beauty and the symbol of his attraction to his beautiful wife. William’s Venus is opposed by Uranus so he too has a freedom-loving streak and their royal duties will allow them to balance couple time, family time and attend individual social events.
Being born in the same year, they both have Saturn in Libra, the relationship sign, and when they married in 2011 they were both experiencing a most important Saturn transit, namely their Saturn Return. This is an important coming-of-age event and astrologers often advise to wait until your first Saturn Return, age 29-30, before settling down.
As they were born the same year, William and Kate share the same nodal axis, with the karmic Lunar Nodes in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn, ruling family and tradition. Like William, Kate was born on the day of an eclipse, a Full Moon or lunar eclipse, and this often marks a person out as having a unique path in life. Marrying the future King was part of her destiny.
What Next For William?
The astrology for the big events in William’s life shows beautifully. He married Kate on April 29 2011 when his progressed Venus, planet of love, was exactly conjunct his natal Sun in Cancer. Two years later, baby George was born on July 22 2013 when Jupiter was in the early degrees of Cancer symbolising this joyous occasion and the blossoming of their own family.
In June 2015 his progressed Venus will be conjunct his natal Moon in Cancer and this would be a wonderful opportunity for a second baby to join the family unit. As Venus and the Moon are feminine planets, the astrology suggests a baby girl.
The big years for William are 2016 and 2017 when Jupiter moves through the signs of Libra and Scorpio. Jupiter is not only William’s ruling planet but also the royal planet so expect major events and the next step up the royal ladder on or around the following dates.
Mars rules William’s Scorpio Midheaven and Jupiter is conjunct his natal Mars in Libra in October 2016. He then has his Jupiter Return, often a time of great celebration, in October 2017 and in the same month Jupiter reaches his Midheaven, the pinnacle of his chart. His role in the royal family so vital to his Sun Cancer heritage is ready to peak and on the verge of accomplishment.
Astrology Data
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, b. June 21 1982, 9:03 pm, London, UK
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, b. January 9 1982, time unknown, Reading, UK 
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