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Saturn Quincunx Uranus – Responsibilities vs Freedom

Saturn Quincunx Uranus – Responsibilities vs Freedom

Saturn in Scorpio is quincunx to Uranus in Aries all month. What does this mean?  


The Quincunx Aspect

Keywords describing the quincunx: challenging, difficult, needing compromise, requiring adjustments, redirecting energy.
The planetary aspect of a quincunx, sometimes known as an inconjunct, is a 150 degree angle. This is considered a challenging aspect in astrology because you are dealing with incompatible elements that don’t work well together. It’s like mixing oil and water.
For example, let’s look at the quincunx relationship of Aries and Virgo. Aries is a Cardinal, Fire sign, while Virgo is a Mutable, Earth sign. Fire and Earth don’t really go together as Fire is an upward force while Earth is a downward energy.  (Check out the 4 astrological elements) Nor are Cardinal signs (the starters of the zodiac) and Mutable signs (the ones that don’t like to start things) compatible. This complete mismatch is very frustrating and that’s how this aspect feels if you have one or more quincunxes in your birth-chart.
Think about the quincunx between Gemini and Scorpio. Gemini wants to flit from one thing to another, dipping its toe in the water and never staying focused on one thing for every long. In contrast, Scorpio wants to focus on one thing completely to master it and will stay there are long as it takes to achieve its goals.
Take another example of Venus in Taurus quincunx Mars in Libra. Taurus is a Fixed, Earth sign while Libra is a Cardinal, Earth sign. Taurus likes security, comfort and to be surrounded with beautiful things. It’s quite happy to be on its own. Libra, on the other hand, is always looking for someone else to share life with. If you have this aspect, you’ll probably feel some frustration in your relationships because a part of you wants privacy and alone time while another part is craving a connection with someone else.
Let’s take another example of a man with a quincunx of Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Cancer. Sagittarius typically wants to travel and explore the world, while Cancer wants to stay and enjoy the comforts of home. The Sagittarian part of him likes to play the field, to keep his options open and to meet lots of prospective partners. The Cancerian part of him wants a stable partner, a loving and nurturing home environment and someone who takes care of him. These are completely opposite vibrations. On the one hand he is saying to the world that he wants to settle down, to marry and to have just one partner. On the other hand, he is saying he needs his freedom and he doesn’t want to be tied down!

Saturn quincunx Uranus

What we have in the heavens right now is Saturn in Scorpio quincunx Uranus in Aries. This is a very difficult combination to reconcile. Why? Scorpio is a Water sign while Aries is a Fire sign. Pouring water on fire puts it out. Scorpio is a Fixed sign and resists change, while Aries is a Cardinal sign and wants to initiate change. Maybe these energies are being reflected in your life: a part of you is trying to bring new things into your life, to be proactive and spontaneous. Another part of you is resisting change, holding onto what you have and frightened to let go in case you have a big void with nothing to fill it.
The key to making best use of these challenging energies is to work with each one independently. Uranus in Aries can be too precipitous and take action it later regrets. If you notice you are feeling very excited and enthusiastic about someone or something and you are diving into a new relationship or a new business without giving it much thought, force yourself to take your time and to slow down. If you are still feeling so enamoured three months from now and you haven’t seen any flaws in the person or the business, then go ahead.
Saturn in Scorpio can dig its heels in and make you feel guilty if you are running away from your duties. Make sure you are not overcommitting yourself and taking on too much. Look carefully at your current responsibilities: is there anything you can offload? Saturn in Scorpio hates to let go. Perhaps you are in a job that you hate but it brings you financial security and you are afraid of looking for something else. Try to find a career that would give you pleasure, see if you can go part-time, and then pursue your dream career or job. (For some tips suited to your star-sign, check out Your Vocation and Astrology, and Astrology and your Finances) Take action responsibly, but don’t procrastinate and make excuses for your limitations.
By the end of the year, Saturn moves into Sagittarius, which is another Fire sign and much more compatible with Uranus in Aries, so the energies will be much easier to deal with at that point.   In the meantime, if you are aware of all these different energies at play, you can learn to deal with them as described earlier and you will ride out the challenges of this Saturn quincunx Uranus much more easily. 


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