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Summer 2014 - The transits that will affect you

Summer 2014 - The transits that will affect you
It’s going to be an exciting time over the summer as we continue to experience the effects of the powerful Cardinal Cross which will bring more global and personal changes. This is a time when the planet is moving into a higher consciousness and can become more prosperous, more equitable and healthier in every way. Find ways in which you can tune into your spiritual nature and connect with others in ways you haven’t done before. Don’t be afraid of it, embrace it!!

Here are the key dates to look out for in Summer 2014:

June 7th – July 2ndMercury retrograde in Cancer and Gemini
July 17th Lucky Jupiter changes signs and goes from Cancer into Leo
July 27th Mars goes into powerful Scorpio

Mercury retrograde in Cancer and Gemini:

During the Mercury retrograde, try to avoid the following:
-       Signing legal documents
-       Closing a deal (unless you started it before the retrograde)
-       Launching a new project
-       Downloading software on the internet
-       Making large purchases
It’s a good time to:
-       Follow up on an existing project,
-       Do extensive research
-       Connect with people from your past
-       Renegotiate a deal in progress
-       Relax, retreat, rejuvenate!

Lucky Jupiter goes into Leo:

Jupiter, the planet of wealth, fortune and abundance changes sign every year. If you are a fire sign: Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, this year should be very fortunate for you and a year in which you should take more risks and get out of your comfort zone.
If you are thinking of going into business, or you’d like to know where the economy is likely to expand, look to the following areas:
-       Solar energy and renewables
-       Gold and precious metals
-       Entertainment industry
-       Children’s products and services
-       Leisure and pleasure
Leo rules everything connected with play, enjoyment, learning new things, having fun, shining your unique light, doing what you love.
We are moving into a new paradigm. One in which we no longer will have to work so hard to earn a living, especially at jobs we don’t like. As our technology develops, more of our needs are being automated and we will have more free time to do the things that we truly enjoy.
Jupiter’s ingress into Leo is going to trigger a whole slew of businesses that will focus on pleasure, making learning fun, and helping people find their unique gifts and talents and implement them into their daily life. Entrepreneurial activities, new start-ups will abound. Got a great idea? Why not consider starting your own internet business from home? This would be an auspicious year to do it!
If you are not yet doing what you love, Jupiter in Leo will help you to find your passion and your true direction.

Mars goes into Scorpio:

After spending over 7 months in the somewhat difficult placement of Libra, Mars moves into one of its own signs, Scorpio. Mars is much more comfortable in Scorpio where it is hot, passionate and sexy. If you are in a relationship, you may take it to a more intimate level. If the sexual part of your relationship has been flagging, this is the perfect time to revive it. If you are looking for a partner, you may meet someone who magnetises you, who draws you into their web. You’ll feel mesmerised with their enthralling energy. Expect chemistry and fireworks!
Here are some of the things you might want to do during this transit:
Explore the limits of intimacy and sex, go further with your exercise and stretching your body and mind to new levels, start meditating and if you already meditate, go deeper, do some deep research and get to the bottom of something that’s been bothering you… This transit urges you to go past your current boundaries and to move outside your comfort zone.
It can be a little daunting at first, but the more you do it, the more exciting your life will become!
Wherever this Mars transit falls in your chart, it shows the life area that will be stimulated.  

Here’s a summary: 

1st house: all stations go with everything in your life! You’ll feel full of energy and you’ll be very productive.
2nd house: take action with money.
3rd house: take action with communications.
4th house: time to accomplish a lot around the house.
5th house: time for fun, games and new creative endeavours.
6th house: action with clearing out stuff, new exercise regime.
7th house: take action in your relationships – out with the old and in with the new!
8th house: explore sexual intimacy, action with exploring possibilities of funding from outside sources e.g. banks, investments, crowdfunding etc.
9th house: plan or go on a long trip!
10th house: take action with your career.
11th house: go out and make new friends.
12th house: stay home, relax and recharge your batteries because on September 14th Mars transits your 1st house and you will be very busy and you won’t have a moment to spare!
Read about the 12 houses in astrology to learn more. Draw your birth-chart for free to see which house Mars activates in your chart.
Enjoy the summer!
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