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Uranus moves to 16 Degrees Aries 17th June 2014

Uranus moves to 16 Degrees Aries 17th June 2014
One of the cosmic big hitters, Uranus, shifts a degree on the 17th June and brightens up an otherwise boring Tuesday, before it goes retrograde in July. While this isn’t headline astrological news necessarily, it’s still worth investigating what it means for us all.

The Jolt of Uranus Through the Signs

The Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Keywords: Self, Status, Relationships, Home

This shift has more of a powerful punch for you than for the rest of the zodiac because Uranus is in your custody. This degree of Aries is said to be a contemplative one, and all things conspire to make us look inwardly and focus more strongly on self-improvement.
If you’re an Aries there’ll be a step change in your life in one way or another, and it might feel like you’ve been switched to turbo boost. Something out of the blue, dramatic and quite brilliant may happen, or you won’t be left questioning any longer. Pinpointing what happens to be right for you is what you should be concentrating on.
This is a day for the diary, Cancer, because it’s happening at the top of your chart, and so you could be leading the pack when it comes to a great idea. Or you could find that you get unexpected recognition for something dating back to mid-May that you had written off in your mind. It’s going to feel great to get the recognition that you deserve.
Uranus gets a surge of energy from Mars in your sign, Libra, and this makes this a dynamo time. Uranus is the magician, and you could be expected to conjure something out of the air, or you’ll have to think on your feet if you’re going to hold your own with a quick thinking partner. This energy adds a bit of sparkle to your relationship.
As a Capricorn you’re plugged right into this energy because of the connection between Pluto in your sign and Uranus. Something startling on the home front may not be what you were expecting, but at least it’ll put paid to that feeling that you have that things are trundling aimlessly along.

The Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Keywords: Spirituality, Travel, Work, Mind

As a Taurus you like to get on with things and look to the practical side of life, but Uranus might have different ideas. This is the planet of awakenings and it’s in the part of the chart that connects us with our spiritual side, a need for confinement or to be more contemplative. You might just feel like punching your way right out of a box that someone has put you in.
This move takes you to another level, Leo, and you can feel the energy more potently. It gives you the inclination to expand things in your life by questioning what you already have, and either challenging it, or making it stretch even further. Travel is also a key part of this, so you might be investing in some new luggage.
One of the gifts this brings to you, Scorpio, is a shift in gear at work. Uranus connects to Saturn in your sign, and so you could alternate between wanting to take short cuts, to insisting that the slow train is the only sure fire way to success. Uranus is a brilliant ideas-generator, and can quite quickly put you right out in front.
Your ruler, Aquarius, plucks you out like a grab claw in an amusement arcade game. You are the one with all the best ideas and you can wave goodbye to the average, the dull, and anything run of the mill. You are the prize right now, the charm, and people want some of your sparky intellect to rub off on them.

The Mutable Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Keywords: Friends, Feelings, Recreation, Money

If you’re a typical Gemini then you’ll have many friends from all walks of life. Uranus will pique your interest in the more unusual ones, or sparkle up your life in some way, so look out for invitations to something special organised by close friends or by a group to which you belong or have an affiliation.
You love a deep sexual connection, Virgo. Who doesn’t? Uranus can erode your shyness to the point that you get closer to someone you thought had been acting slightly odd. Feelings play a big part in your life right now. You might also feel as though you have more sway over others’ finances.
You’re in the business of fun, Sagittarius, and so this planetary shake up is like a sachet of salt on some boring flavourless crisps. Recreation and liberation comes in equal measure, and this is a day when you’re lucky and it runs on others.

Money and property considerations are what Uranus brings to you, Pisces. This can shake your foundations, but in a good way. There in the distance you’ll see a roll call of what you didn’t do in the past and what you’re now able to rectify. 

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