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Venus into Cancer – time for Romance!

Venus into Cancer – time for Romance!
On June 17th, Love Goddess Venus moves out of chatty Gemini where it likes to keep its options open and into sensitive Cancer where it seeks security and a deep connection. Venus will be in Cancer until July 12th.

How can you make best use of this transit of Venus in Cancer?   

Focus on your home, your surroundings, your environment, whatever makes you feel secure.  Look at how you give and receive love. Are you more comfortable doing most of the giving? Or do you prefer receiving? Is there enough romance in your life?

Venus in Cancer is compassionate, kind and wants to connect with others on an emotional level. To quote Meryl Streep who has Venus in Cancer in her natal chart:

“The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy.” 

If you have natal Venus in Cancer in your birth-chart, you need tenderness, caring and gentleness. You want to be in a relationship with someone who values the home and family. You are very sensitive and you take everything to heart.  If you are attracted to someone, chances are that you will take a sideways approach and not let your feelings be known just in case your interest is not reciprocated.These are the kind of qualities that will manifest during this transit. 

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Try to be gentle and caring with people and see what a positive difference it will make in your relationships. Make sure you don’t take things too personally because sensitivity will be at an all-time high, especially as Mars is also in Scorpio (retrograde till June 30th) bringing the most emotional element of nature: water into the spotlight.   

Cancer has such a protective instinct that it can sometimes be needy and clingy. You may be ultra-sensitive to rejection and take someone’s comments far too seriously. Keep this in mind and try to give those you love enough space so that they feel excited to come back home to you.

Keep in mind that your family and loved ones are not mind-readers. There is a tendency while Venus is in Cancer to expect others to know what your emotional needs are. If something is lacking in a relationship, you need to speak up and face it directly. That way, you stand a chance of resolving it and releasing your fearful emotions. The more you keep them inside of you, the more they will fester and eventually cause you physical and mental harm. If you are too nervous to discuss something directly, at least make a commitment to journal your emotions so that they can be mentally released.  

This is a great time to do anything that’s ‘homey.’ For example: decorating, renovating, cooking, gardening. Remember to take care of yourself. Don’t be tempted to mother everyone else and neglect your own needs.  

Venus rules not only your love life, but also your finances. Cancer is a cardinal sign, so this can be a good time to start a business, especially if it involves food, family, home, property, land, massage and any kind of nurturing body treatment, working from home, security, safety, interior design.

Famous people with Venus in Cancer 

Barack Obama definitely loves his family. He has an ongoing romance with his wife Michelle that you can see by the twinkling in his eye whenever he speaks about her or looks at her. He mentions her in nearly every speech he gives.
Angelina Jolie helps vulnerable children in the third world. Her Venus in Cancer makes her want to mother everyone. She has adopted children from Vietnam, Cambodia, Ethiopia and other war-torn countries. She is a humanitarian and instead of helping on an impersonal level, she has welcomed these disadvantaged people into her own family. This is a perfect illustration of Venus in Cancer.
Meryl Streep has starred in many romantic films. Her appearance in the Abba film as the mother and then the romantic lover with her three past relationships is a great illustration of Venus in Cancer.
Charles Aznavour sang mostly about love and romance.
Ernest Hemingway had 4 marriages and many romantic liaisons.
Florence Nightingale was the pioneer of modern nursing.

Use this transit of Venus in Cancer to bring romance and excitement into the forefront of your life.

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