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Venus Retrograde in Gemini 2020

Venus Retrograde in Gemini 2020

On May 13th, 2020 love goddess Venus turns retrograde in Gemini taking us all on a journey into the heart, until to June 25th, 2020. The time is here for you to re-evaluate your love life and look deep into your heart for the answers. 

What does Venus Retrograde exactly mean?

You’ll often find that Venus retrograde is a strange and memorable time. Marked by unusual affairs that stand out like a sore thumb (or sometimes, an oasis!), it also brings meaningful encounters with the past while your present relationships go through an off period. This is a good time to rediscover an old passion or reconnect with an ex; but it’s no time to make major decisions, because your preferences, priorities, and financial judgment are flipped on their head.Since your sense of value is temporarily undergoing repair, this isn't a great time for major investments emotionally or financially. So, avoid a shopping spree. This is also no time to change your look or undergo cosmetic treatment. You’ll have plenty of time to rejoice in all your usual pleasures - and more, if you play your cards right - once Venus turns direct again.

Still, you may come across a bargain whilst everyone is off their game. This is especially true if you know what you are looking for and have the expertise to recognise it. For instance you may find a special designer item on sale that is normally too expensive and that you have had your eye on for a while, or a hidden gem forgotten in a second hand store.

You may find yourself going back on a promise or agreement now. Or you may make good on one, mending broken relations. 

If you are a Gemini, chances are you will undergo a big re-evaluation of your life goals and direction now. Embrace your inner source of light, life, love and creativity!

You can also check to see if Venus hits something in your birth-chart during its retrograde, for it will give this planet in astrology a total overhaul.

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How Venus Retrograde will affect your love life

Venus retrograde wraps you in a relationship cocoon… We feel strongly where Venus is concerned - unacknowledged love, jealousy, hate and desire may surprise you now. Take time to know your heart or seek closure with an ex before you re-enter the dating scene.

If you’re perennially single then a whirlwind romance could suddenly take you out of yourself. And it could be with someone you normally wouldn’t look at twice! You may fall in love at this time and this may engender very powerful emotions. If so, wait until after to June 25, 2020, to see where it is going. 

If you're inseparable from your sweetheart then this could well be a period you two spend alone. If you’re always around the same crowd, expect new friends, places and faces to come into your life. Whether you’re loving it or hating it, the next two months are going to be refreshing and give you a new perspective on love, relationships and what makes you happy.

Venus retrograde and break ups

Relations may break down and you may feel lonely during this time. Venus represents our values, desires and sense of self-worth as these are reflected in the world around us. But with Venus retrograde the relating impulse is turned inward. The outside world may fail to give you confirmation of your self-worth (or cause you the usual desires, reflecting your values). You are thereby forced on a journey to discover those things within. You may feel lonely at this time, but it is an important process to make sure you are in touch with yourself, without outside interference. 

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Past relationships resurface during Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde is associated with the return of old lovers and friends: a past relationship may come back now and be given a second lease of life. This will last only if there is something of value left in it for both parties. Otherwise, you will gain closure so that you can move on.

Alternatively, your mind may be turned to a past relationship: this may be triggered by a chance comment or encounter, giving you a chance to re-evaluate what happened and gain a new perspective. If you have been hung up on someone this is your chance to cut the cord and move on. Alternatively, if you didn't even know that you were being held back emotionally by harbouring feelings for someone long gone, you will now become aware of this and clear needless debris from your heart.

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How to take advantage of this transit, May - June 2020

Venus Retrograde Do’s: 

  • Re-asses what you spend your love, money and energy on. 
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: reevaluate what beauty means for you!
  • Retreat from meaningless social interactions. 
  • Reconnect with old friends / lovers and remember the good old times. 
  • Test the weakest links in your relationship. Thinking of taking a break? Find out how your partner will react based on their star-sign!

Venus Retrograde Don’t’s: 

  • It’s not a good time to start a new relationship, marry or get engaged. The same goes for a business partnership.
  • It’s not a great time to spend big money or buy luxury items. Your future self won't be happy.
  • It's not a good time to seek external fulfilment in superficial pleasures.
  • A major wardrobe or hairstyle change is a no-no, as are cosmetic procedures!

What should you expect during Venus retrograde May-June 2020?

So what does Venus retrograde mean for your star sign? Where can you expect Cupid’s old arrow wounds to start bleeding afresh? Your horoscope has the lowdown! Check out your star sign and ascendant sign too! If you’re wondering how to win him/her back, or whether to give someone a second chance, speak with our gifted relationship psychics!


The past could come knocking on your door bringing old romantic feelings to the surface. Or, you could be walking down the street from your house, turn a corner and bump into someone you haven't seen in ages! It’s exciting and you probably have loads to catch up on. It’s a good time to look up people from old haunts and neighbourhoods or take a weekend break to a place where you have spent many happy moments. If there’s a danger it’s that you invest too much of yourself whilst labouring under a misapprehension. 

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You’re normally pretty realistic with money but now your financial judgment is off. Don’t go off buying luxury goods. If you do, keep the receipt! You’re better off paying off old debts. The good news? If money worries have been the norm, you might enter a strangely carefree space. Have all the bills gotten stuck in the post? Quite possibly! As Venus moves into your own sign in to June you’re ready to assess key aspects of your life, your relationships and even your looks. Happy reunion? This is a special time, so enjoy it. Old relationship problems resurfacing? There’s no escaping them. Work it out!

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Venus turns retrograde in your very own sign and that could throw your judgement and pleasure centres out of whack. You could find yourself getting off with the wrong person, buying an outfit you’ll never wear in a million years or giving yourself a short crop only to be looking for hair extensions come June. Our advice? You have an itch you cannot scratch. Desist. Take a time out from your busy social calendar to review your sense of style, reassess your attitude to relationships and review our spending. 

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Good bye world! Venus turns retrograde and it’s time for you to slip quietly away. Something very important is happening. You’re re-assessing your whole outlook on life - from your very identity and appearance to your relationships, values and priorities. You need to step away from your usual day to day routine if you are to work things out without outside interference. Another reason for your disappearance could be that you’re in the grip of a secret passionate love affair with someone from your past. Come June 25th, it will be time to reconnect with dear friends and remember the good old times.

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Blast from the past! It’s time to connect with people you haven’t seen in a while. Chances are your usual gang is nowhere to be seen anyhow - either that or you’ve gone off the beaten track and facebooked mates you haven’t spoken to in a while. Love could have loads to do with this… The rekindling of an old love affair could bring you into contact with said old friends. Or it could be a creative project or hobby you used to love that prompts you to seek them out. Are you keeping it all hush hush? Whatever it is, the secret will soon be out. In late June you’ll have to reassess where this relationship or project is headed.

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Whatever or whomever you love, you cannot just go through the motions, no matter how many eyes are on you! Get ready for a very public re-assessment of your priorities. Where do you see yourself in five years? Don’t rush. Desperately trying to save face could lead to the wrong decision. And this will have repercussions on where you end up living, your family and your social network. Best step back for a moment and think carefully about which direction you want to take. A very public reunion with someone from your past could open up previously closed off possibilities.

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Venus is the planet of love and beauty and also your star sign ruler. And so you’re bound to be deeply affected when Venus is out of sorts. Get ready to go on a journey of discovery!  An old holiday romance could suddenly show up on your doorstep. Or you might decide to travel to where you and your sweetheart spent your honeymoon. It could also be that legal or moral complications arise for your relationship. It’s time to re-asses things from a wider perspective. What you learn during this period is bound to have important repercussions for your career and overall life direction. Don’t sign on the dotted line as you’re likely you’ll be labouring under emotional and financial confusion.

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Get ready to step through the looking glass! Money matters demand your attention once more as Venus forces you to look to alternate sources to cover your bills. A cheque could be delayed or the amount of a loan, bonus or commission might not be what you expected. If you’ve been relying on others for your financial well-being it’s time to think more about using your own talents and resources. A period of sexual abstinence or plain loneliness might force you to reassess your priorities. April brings a re-connection with someone from your past, urging you to think more seriously about what you seek from a relationship.

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Your partner could withdraw or become unavailable for a while. This forced period of isolation could initiate a reassessment of what you seek from a relationship. You tend to take others’ issues rather personally and could experience this as an intensely transformative period. But don’t let whatever happens reflect badly on you. It’s a chance to find out who you are quite apart from others. It’s not a good idea to seek satisfaction in external things like luxury shopping, changing hair-style or going for a cosmetic treatment. Spend some time researching your options then go for it after to June 25, 2020.

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Hush hush office romance? Get ready to put it on the back-burner as others step in and complicate matters. Couldn’t be further from your mind? Don’t laugh. You could easily develop the hots for a work colleague now - much to your future self’s bemusement. You’re not seeing things clearly - especially in April when your heart seems under a spell. Quite apart from all this, an old working relationship could be revived. It’s time to assess what you look for in your ideal job. Creativity and personal satisfaction should rank highly come to June. And the kind of partnership that can make that happen.

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Get ready to rekindle an old flame! This could be a romance you discover is alive and well years later. Or it could be an old hobby or creative project that used to give you plenty of pleasure. Or your usual popularity could wane, urging you to find alternate routes to fulfillment. Whatever it is, you’ll need to change your schedule and withdraw from your normal social interactions to see it through. Reconnecting with old friends is a pleasant upside of this. Come to June you’re ready to review your home and living situation, your hopes for the future as well as who is actually on your side.

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Things at home are not at all what they seem. You might have long spells being home alone with plenty of time to think. Or you might receive visitors you haven’t seen in a long while! Or you could suddenly decide you don’t like anything in your household and toss it all out! Don’t. This is not a good time to redecorate or sell your property and move. You could soon discover that the neighbourhood is all wrong, your career suffers and your kids complain. Stay put, or better yet, take a trip down memory lane and visit the place where you grew up, reconnect with a long lost sister or organise a school reunion.

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