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Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Step into the future!

Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Step into the future!

We have a full moon partial lunar eclipse on August 7th in Aquarius. It’s time to reset your emotional space, ditch ideas that are past their sell-by-date and step into the future! The system has failed you. The system is broken. You cannot rely on it any more. Time to draw strength from within and try a more creative approach!

On a wider scale, we are seeing a shift away from impersonal, systematised government. No matter how noble, what’s the point of a community or ideal if it kills the individual that sustains it? If it kills creativity, enterprise, even joy? What’s needed now is inspired leadership to balance the scales. The focus is on friendships, political mindsets, groups and clubs you belong to and that might no longer be serving your best interests.

Mars is opposite this lunar eclipse so there’s bound to be a lot of anger at what no longer works. But Jupiter is also there, by trine, to lend optimism and hope for a new and more lucrative collaboration. The Jupiter-Pluto square indicates that literally everything is on the line! There’s no easy solution to be had. But you’ve gotta try!

Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Horoscope for your Star Sign

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Is this friendship on its last legs? Or perhaps it’s over already? You might see a different facet to a friend that makes you think that you, too, want to have some fun! The world around you is changing and this could signal the shifting of political and personal ideologies on your part. A dream or ambition culminates, leaving you to search for something new.


Wherever you thought you were going, you now realise it was based on a generic idea that this is your path in life. It cannot be so. Your life’s direction needs to stem from within, from your deepest desires and creative spark. This is a time of reorientation. It could mean a career change or new life goals, due to the completion or non-viability of the old ones.


An important journey ends here. Your education is complete, your round the world trip is at an end. Or perhaps it’s a belief or philosophical outlook that’s outgrown its usefulness? It’s time to close the door on one way of thinking, and stop looking to those in the know for answers. Dare to express your own thoughts! Make your voice heard!


Have you been financially let down? You may have thought that the financial system works, relied on loans or perks to get you through, or been quite idealistic about money to be equally shared. Something snaps now and you decide on a different way forward. Is it time to pay off debts? Cut someone off? The solution lies in drawing on your own resources and creative talents!


Get ready for a change of landscape in your relating space. You might see a different facet to your partner, enter a new relationship chapter in life, or reach the glorious end of an important business collaboration. Either way, this opens your eyes to things that you can do differently with others from now on. Throw away stale ideas about what relationships are all about and express yourself straight from the heart! A public event puts you in the spotlight.


Are you working toward an important deadline? A work project is coming to an end and whatever happens from now on, you’ve done your bit and perfected your skills. If your work has become routine, it’s time to inject it with greater creativity and a more spiritual perspective. Make time to rest and improve your efficiency. A health crisis could also come up. Consider major life style changes and make more me-time.


You’re a sign that thrives on relationships of every kind. Has the love drained away from yours? Is it time to rekindle the romance or even consider having a baby? If you are looking to awaken your creativity then know that you need to be surrounded by inspiring and creative people to be at your best right now. Time to discover new ways to enjoy life, experience love and express your creative talents!


Where’s home? Where do you belong? Old ideals about where to set up base, about your home, property or family come up short. At the very least, you’ve gone as far as you can down that road. Close the door on it. Just as a door closes another opens! It’s time to build a new and more secure foundation for yourself. How? By pursuing your most ambitious career goals and showing courage and leadership as you step out into the world!


Are you thinking too small? An idea has reached the end of the line and requires change on your part. If you want to connect with others and make inroads you’ve gotta inspire them with your vision! You’ve got to think big! Something shifts around a sibling, your neighbourhood or immediate environment, giving you a fresh perspective. A media or sales project ends or enters a new phase.


You might get paid or face a big expense that gives you a new perspective on your financial situation. The focus is on your income source and the way you use your resources. If you’re relying on ideas that are past their sell by date about where money comes from or how to spend it, it’s time to change your views. Maybe you need to be more generous? Or maybe you need to settle debts or look for an investment? You might also discover a new talent to monetise!


The eclipses have finally arrived in your sign and August 7th represents a huge personal high! It’s intense at the very least and full of important realisations. Time to try a different outlook on life, see yourself in a fresh light and set some new personal goals! A key relationship or professional collaboration is the biggest motivating factor here, or it could even be your adoring public egging you on!


Hang up your shoes (or fish tails) dear Pisces, it’s time to drop off the face of the earth for a jiffy. A spiritual cleansing is in order. Whether you’re off on holiday, going on a retreat or enjoying being alone at the office, it’s just what you need to recharge your batteries. If you’re looking to tap into your creativity or intuition then be aware that practice makes perfect. Opt for daily rituals, inspiring work or a good daily routine.

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