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'Blood Moon' Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries: Be Brave!

'Blood Moon' Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries: Be Brave!
As September 2015 draws to a close (on 27th-28th), we have a powerful 'Blood Moon' Total Lunar Eclipse in dynamic Aries. Time to be brave and embrace change! 
This is the fourth and last of the Tetrad of Total Lunar Eclipses or 'blood moons' (because the moon turns red) that have been turning your life upside down for the past two years. This one is in Aries, a sign that never beats about the bush. It’s all about raw life force and things happening faster than you can say Jack Robinson, forcefully removing the energy blocks that prevent your life from moving forward. See, if you won't do it yourself, the cosmos will give you a big push: time to face your fears and get a move on! 
This is the second blood moon in Aries (the other two were in Libra) but it's the third lunar eclipse in Aries in the series. A process that may have started tentatively with a partial lunar eclipse in Aries in the autumn of 2013 most likely became life-changing by October 2014, when the tetrad of blood moons got well underway, releasing you from previous expectations and leaving you in no doubt that your life is changing - and fast! 
It’s time for one last blast to reach the finish line! Not for the fainthearted, this total lunar eclipse in Aries completes the powerful Blood Moon Tetrad, bringing rapid changes and setting you on a pioneering new trajectory.
With the North Lunar Node in Libra the emphasis is on eliminating immature behaviour and restoring balance. If you have been too childish, stomping your feet and acting like a spoiled brat, it's time for a major reality check. The same goes if you have been too weak, limp and afraid to take the initiative, relying too much on others: time to stand up for yourself! Luckily, you have an experienced ally in the form of Saturn in Sagittarius, which is harmonious to this eclipse. 
As they say: If you do what you always did you will get what you always got. Time to do something different.
Catch The Blood Moon in the Sky!
This Aries total lunar eclipse happens on Monday the 28th in the UK (at 03:50 BST) and on Sunday the 27th in the US (at 22:50 EDST). It will be visible throughout the UK and Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia (with 100% visibility in the UK, and the US East Coast among other places). The visual effects last a couple of hours either side of the exact time, with the full 'blood moon' effect visible for at least half an hour either side of the exact time of the eclipse (between 3am and 4:20 in the UK and between 10pm and 11:20 in the east coast of America). 

How does this Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries affect your Star-Sign?

This eclipse brings the events of the past couple of years to a head, galvanising you into action. Read your Star-Sign for a little help connecting the dots... For a more personal and detailed reading, why not talk to one of our experienced psychic astrologers on 0207 111 6384?
Get ready for a real whammy! A version of yourself that was limiting and no longer serving you is totally wiped out, urging you to seek out a brand new identity. This process of reinventing yourself began slowly in October 2013, intensifying to a powerful crescendo by the autumn of 2014, when you really felt liberated and ready for a new look, identity and view on life. Now, the process is nearly complete and it's time for the grand finale. Who are you dear Aries? What do you want out of life? As this rollercoaster journey of self-discovery culminates, it's time for you to set your whole personality on a new footing. This will involve revisiting an important relationship and getting closure, or setting a key business partnership on a fairer footing. This is especially so where you have been too dominating or cavalier with someone, or if you have let someone take over your life and it’s time to become your own person once more. Worldly expectations and responsibilities are certainly not making this process any easier. But you can count on a mentor to help you redefine who you are. Alternatively, embarking on an education or going on a long journey is also bound to cement your new sense of identity by March 2016. Confrontations at work or health complaints can be counteracted with a romantic, creative and playful approach.  
You are on the verge of a psychological breakthrough! Get ready for secrets to come to light and for subconscious blockages to be blown to smithereens, allowing your life to move forward fast and free of debris. Change is not something that a Taurus does lightly. And yet mysterious forces have been working away since late 2013 to loosen your grip and allow your spirit to soar. This hastened a kind of spiritual awakening and by autumn of 2014 you were in no doubt that you are undergoing a secret initiation, teaching you to travel lighter and - above all - to place greater trust in your intuition. It’s now time to eliminate any remaining obstacles and leave the past behind - especially where circumstances and people that drain your energy are concerned. Rapid inner processes as well as external mysterious events will now make sure that you are ready to go forth with a lighter step. This is bound to involve renegotiating your work agreements and attending to any health matters you have let slide. Now and until March 2016 is a good time to do so. You may be under pressure to expand, study, publish or promote your business while all this is going on. A person you trust greatly (someone close to you or a therapist) can help rid you of baggage that may be holding you back. Similarly, sorting out your finances with the help of a sponsor or advisor can put your fears to rest. A child's demands (or those of a creative project) can be better handled with a peaceful atmosphere at home. 
Your entire community is in the midst of upheaval! Sudden changes among your friends and social circle are fast-tracking your own dreams for the future and changing the way you view your own place in the world. Your world has been energised by dynamic new people ever since the autumn of 2013, when you got the opportunity for a brand new start, among a fresh group of friends and associates. By October 2014, it became clear that this was not just a new circle of friends but a life-changing discovery of a vibrant new world, fuelling new aspirations, freeing you from previous social constraints and allowing you to become more dynamically involved in your community. As a group endeavour or cherished dream culminates now, this will change your friendship dynamics even further and create new dreams for you to reach for.  Whatever happens, it will bring closure in matters of the heart - if not now, then by March 2016 - whether this is a love affair that is under review, a child that needs your support or a creative endeavour that requires fine-tuning because of the changes around you. Financial and emotional bonds may make this process more difficult creating pressure. But your marriage or business partner can offer you much needed wisdom and support now. Any effort to meet others halfway and secure responsible agreements will also be beneficial. Troubles at home can be best resolved with pleasant and fair dialogue.  
Get ready for fireworks in your career, dear Cancer! Your life direction and public image are reaching a major crescendo and you can be sure that revelations now - and what you do about them - will be pivotal in deciding your future course. Your career has been a work in progress ever since late 2013, when a tentative new professional beginning gave you a taste of something different. By October 2014, that small flame turned into a raging fire as your image of yourself as a professional (or parent) was released from limiting preconceptions and your budding sense of authority was suddenly given free rein to develop. All these changes are culminating this autumn with revelations that affect you professionally, putting an end to the past and putting you on a completely new trajectory. Part of this trailblazing new path will involve tending to unfinished business with residential and family matters, and deciding once and for all who you are deep inside and what you truly consider ‘home’. You have until March 2016. This task is not made any easier by pressures coming from your relationship or from an important business partnership. A new state of employment or work assignment can seal your position now. You can also seek help from an experienced work colleague or assistant to re-invent your career and public image. A disciplined daily routine will also be beneficial. If you find yourself in the midst of a dispute or disagreement, self-reliance and showcasing your talents is the best remedy. 
You are right in the midst of a great adventure, dear Leo! As if by dynamite, the walls that have acted as blinkers that limit your worldview are being blown to smithereens, giving you a much more far-reaching perspective on things. If you are involved in travel, international affairs, publishing, education or the mass media, you are in for very rapid developments in your career, opening up new vistas of possibility before you. Ever since late 2013, you have been challenged to step into the unknown and try something wildly different, just to see where it will get you. But by the autumn of 2014, you realised that what started as a bit of an experiment turned into a true need to break your bonds, step outside the confines of your life and explore more exciting vistas. Your views have changed a lot as a result, widening your horizons, despite the pressures around work mounting - whether that is the pressure to find a job, complete a very demanding task, or establish a better work-life balance. You are now ready to finish exploring and to step into the future. Spreading your wings will also change the way you think, talk and interact with your immediate environment by March 2016, helping you adjust your day to day movements to your budding vision. Following your heart is essential. A lover or child may be a good teacher now. If you are in the media, you may find that an experienced entertainer or important creative project - as well as your own popularity and talent - can help you break new ground. If you find yourself arguing over money at any point, use your charm.
This is a super-sexy blood moon for you, dear Virgo, finding you in the final stages of a very private and intense transformation. The power-balance in your relationship is totally changing, as are your joint finances - whether with your partner, your family or certain financial institutions. This process may have started gently around October 2013 but by autumn 2014 you realised that the emotional and financial support that you have grown accustomed to is all shook up. It’s time for one final blast to shift the power-balance more in your favour. This demolition of the emotional and financial glue that holds your life together may be scary at times. But, in truth, you are being liberated from emotional and financial shackles that have held you in check for years, ready to finally discover your personal power! As you are recognising your ability to survive, your fear diminishes. It is essential that you revisit your attitude to your own assets and earning power as you go through this, as well as your attitude to your physical body. You can see your efforts bear fruit by March 2016. Your need for greater fulfilment is palpable — whether this is your desire for greater romance, to explore your creative talents or to find love and have a family of your own — and it’s not making things any easier. But your home and family can help you sort out financial affairs and overcome your fears, building greater self-reliance. Whenever you feel thwarted in your efforts, take a step back, meditate and trust in your intuition.
Get ready for major revelations and rapid changes with significant people in your life. Certain of your relationships may well resemble a battle ground by this point. This is the final round of changes to help you get unstuck and move forward, whether this means finalising a separation that’s been going on for a while, changing your attitudes and expectations from others, or deciding the future of a new relationship that has been unfolding very quickly. The landscape of your relationships has been transforming since October 2013 and by autumn 2014 you really saw some sweeping changes take place. It's now time to step into the future and throw away old attitudes in your partnerships that were never serving your best interests - ones that invariably meant that you put up with outrageous things without standing up for yourself. Changes in your relationships may be all the more intense due to pressures you are under from your home and family or from concerns around property. Re-inventing yourself, renegotiating your personal space and renewing your personal image is an essential part of this process of redefinition, which you will complete by March 2016. You can expect help from an older sibling, a neighbour or someone else who is experienced in your immediate circle and who can help get your message across. Getting hold of all the facts and communicating responsibly is also important for a good transition. If someone is acting in a secretive and underhanded way, turn for help to your friends. 
This eclipse wipes away the last remnants of your old way of life, introducing you to a whole new day-to-day existence. It’s time to change the way you run your world, from the work you do day in-day out, to your own health and wellbeing. Time wasters are out, as are any activities that simply drain your energy. Efficiency is key. You have been frazzled beyond what anyone can reasonably bear in recent years, either due to constant changes with your work, or due to health concerns or too demanding a daily routine, and it's time to restore some work-life balance. The difficulties started creeping in toward the end of 2013 and by October 2014 you may have already been struggling to keep your head above water. Things are now coming to a head and it’s time to consider a new approach. Is it time to change your job? Or maybe you have to get an assistant to help you? Do you need to replace someone who is not pulling their weight? It's definitely time to think of your wellbeing and give yourself what you need to function at your best. You must make these changes, despite any threats you perceive lurking in your immediate environment. This process may well involve you facing the fact that you cannot control everything, no matter how many sacrifices you make. If there are people who are undermining you, they are sure to come out of the woodwork now. Time to put your demons to rest. You have until March 2016 to clear the decks. Finances may be tight, but you do have the resources to establish improved living conditions. A realistic appraisal of your assets can help you make the necessary changes - whether on the work or health front. If certain people on your team are being difficult, remember that you’re the boss.
Get ready for explosives in matters of the heart. Your love life has been in turmoil in the last couple of years and you are probably exhausted from the multiple shocks. Love and romance may have gone from non-existent in 2013 to sizzling hot yet volatile by the end of 2014. A final round of revelations is here to clear away the past and open your heart to greater joy. Children may have become an important subject too in recent years and it’s time for one final push to make a fresh start on that front. Alternatively, are you into a hobby or do you work in the art and entertainment industry? A creative project that started tentatively at the end of 2013 and grew bigger by autumn 2014 is now culminating, setting you free to try a new way of expressing yourself. The excitement that is bubbling up within you may be difficult to square with questions such as "but I have been burned in the past - how can I trust him/her?" or "where can I find an investor to sponsor my project?". Or you may be in the midst of a difficult division of property that needs to be settled. Moving forward seems to require you to get in touch with old friends now and quickly resolve any disputes, as well as review your place in the community longer term. You have until March 2016. Your own budding sense of authority is of help here, as is showing maturity, commitment and a willingness to carry your share. If you encounter challenges to your position, the best response by far is to take the high road and focus on your vision for the future.
Home, family and real estate matters are a hotbed of activity and have been so for the past couple of years. This eclipse signals the end of an era, possibly even redefining your relationship to your parents or country of origin. Time to renew yourself from within and set down new roots. A relocation, property purchase or even a course of psychotherapy that started tentatively toward the end of 2013, may well have become all-consuming by autumn 2014. That’s when you realised that what’s going on has the potential to be a real game-changer. Things are now reaching a powerful climax, clearing away the ground for you to establish a new foundation in your life. This may involve finalising renovations to a property, selling or buying a house, moving home or country, or starting a family of your own that brings a sense of rootedness and continuity. There is no doubt that you are under great personal pressures to survive and adapt, something that may affect your health and appearance, and your sense of who you are. Creating a new basis from which to operate may require you to review your relationship with authority figures, such as a boss or parent, as well as your life direction and place in the world. By March 2016 you will have set new targets. Making time to be alone will be helpful now, as will any secluded place where you can retreat to reconnect with your spirit and stop trying to control everything. You may have to put aside philosophical differences if you are to make the best of the financial and emotional support available to you.  
Get ready for a total change of scene, dear Aquarius! Your world will never be the same again, as this series of eclipses has been steadily wiping out all that is familiar to replace it with things totally new. What started only tentatively toward the end of 2013 culminated with a major change by the end of 2014, wiping away habitual patterns of thought and giving birth to new ideas. Your relationship to a brother or sister may have gone through many changes too, being instrumental to your new way of thinking. Alternatively, constant changes in your neighbourhood or environment may have meant that you had to learn to adjust - and fast. This eclipse delivers the final piece of information to change the way you think and interact with the world around you. You have been on a major learning curve and it's time to let your ideas conquer the world, despite those who may wish to secretly undermine your efforts. Time to dust up old plans to travel, publish or expand your business, or to go to university or try your hand at something new. An older friend or an established group of friends and associates, as well as your own status in your community, can help you consolidate your ideas and make them reality. Personal conflicts are best handled by fostering good communication with your marriage or business partner.
Has your body changed beyond recognition? Or maybe it is your financial situation that has come along in leaps and bounds? Your physical world is being rocked, as things pass away and new, fresher and more exciting circumstances take their place. This may involve changes to your income and assets, the arrival of new people in your life, or a new understanding of what it is to be made of flesh and blood. Tentative new beginnings around autumn 2013 reached a point of climax by the end of 2014, when you were liberated from material conditions that held you back, gaining access to the resources that can ultimately open the door to far greater prosperity. This cycle of events is now culminating, enriching your life immensely and helping you consolidate your efforts - whether this is with a new person in your life, a better source of income, greater stamina or anything that reveals your strengths and raises your self worth and self-esteem. Your community may be in turmoil and this creates pressure for you to consolidate your position. You may have to review your emotional involvements or sort out financial agreements such as loans and settlements to simplify your life. You’ll have a chance to revisit your finances now and by March 2016. A parent, boss or authority figure has your back. By the same token, taking on responsibilities yourself will raise your profile, earn you respect and make you stronger. If anyone openly challenges you or if there's friction in your relationship, do your best to have a positive daily routine and good work ethic. 
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