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Blue Blood Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo 2018

Blue Blood Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo 2018

Quite a mouthful isn’t it? Yep! We have a truly rare event happening on the 31st of January 2018 and it is a blue-blooded supermoon at 12 degrees Leo. This is a total lunar eclipse, when the moon is tinted blood red by the light of a million sunsets refracted through the earth’s atmosphere! It is a supermoon too, which means the full moon will be at its closest point to the earth, close enough for a big double wow effect! And it is a blue moon too — no special effects with that one, it just means you get two full moons in a single month, but how often are we supposed to get one of those eh? So this is a really special, triple rare event!

Well, what does all that mean for you? As far as the beautiful sight is concerned, this one is not visible in the UK as it happens around lunchtime. But it is visible in east Asia and Australia in the evening and in northwest America and Canada just before dawn. Visible or not, everyone will get to feel it! Lunar eclipses tend to reveal secrets and open your eyes to a different perspective of looking at things. They bring matters to a culmination and even an end, showing you another path. This one belongs to a group of eclipses which is especially fantastic for downloading new information and ideas (and we’re talking a creative or spiritual download here too). It is conjunct the North Lunar Node in Leo so it is definitely about growth, about getting unstuck and moving forward. Across from it, the sun, Venus and the south node in Aquarius point to old, outdated programming that you might be attached to but need to eliminate to move forward. A little less head energy and a little more heart energy! There you go.

This is a really dramatic lunar eclipse — and it’s in Leo no less — so it is surely going to make an impression!

Your 2018 Blue Blood Supermoon Horoscope

Where can you expect all the drama and revelations to unfold? What door is closing for good, opening a space in your heart for a brighter future? Read your star sign’s horoscope!


Expect dramatic revelations in your love life, dear Aries, or around your children or even about a creative or speculative venture that you have really set your heart on! It is time to bring more of yourself out into the world, take more risks in love and business, discover a new hobby and have more fun! Stop thinking too much about what other people think, what friends or acquaintances will say or where exactly you will fit in. Just follow your heart!


There's drama building up around your home, family or any property you own, dear Taurus. Is it time to move? Does a parent need you? Or maybe a particular living situation has got as far as it can and you need to branch out, sell, remortgage or find a lodger? On a deeper level it is time to reconnect with what’s important deep inside and stop living life as your image demands, as per outdated career ideas or as you think other people want you to. Light the hearth!


This eclipse brings some groundbreaking news, dear Gemini! People might suddenly leave your life, a sibling or colleague might reveal some game changing information or there might be some dramatic shifts to your social environment. Is a communications or media project finally complete? If so, it’s bound to change the way you think and interact with others. Abandon rigid ideas and be more playful, paying more attention at what’s right in front of you!


Get ready for a total change of your money landscape, dear Cancer! The lights go out and in the red haze you can finally discern a talent, asset or potential income stream you had hitherto been oblivious to. And as that happens a light goes on in your heart - aha! This could be the key to the future! It’s time to stop overthinking your money problems and follow your nose to greater riches and self esteem.


This is a big one for you, dear Leo! (More so if your birthday is around July 31st-August 1st or if your ascendant is around 12 degrees.) You are ready to change everything! Realisations hit you full force about what is working and what is not in your life, what you want and any changes you want to make to your appearance. A hidden aspect of your identity or personality comes to light showing you your true north! If you can bin  old programming about relationships and what to expect from others, even better!


You heard of the expression ‘unfinished business’ dear Virgo? Well, time to put an end to that! This is a very healing eclipse when you can tap into your creativity, intuition and spirituality to dramatic effect! Spend some time in quiet meditation and the answers will arise from the heart. Shush your head for once. Stop overanalysing the situation. It is time to toss out old programming around your lifestyle, the way you approach your health, work and daily habits.


A friend might be saying goodbye, dear Libra, or you might experience dramatic changes around the dreams and ambitions that have earned you your place in the community. Major shifts are taking place in your social scene. Is it time to change allegiances? Is it time to connect to new and more enthusiastic people and pursue new ideals? You need to work on your self expression and come up with some new chat up lines.


Your inner compass suddenly comes to life, dear Scorpio, pointing to your true north! Wherever you thought you were headed, new information comes to light and you are having to rethink your direction. A dramatic career change could be on the cards but you have to get rid of rigid old ideas about home and family, property and where you want to live. This eclipse is much like Jack Sparrow’s compass, pointing to your heart’s desire! Don’t overthink it.


Are you about to publish a book, go live on YouTube or put the final touches on a media or broadcasting project? Or maybe you’re getting your degree, coming home from a long journey or learning about other cultures? This eclipse brings a great big adventure to culmination! Deeper down it is about you tuning into your heart to find a new vision for your life and to stop yourself getting caught up in outdated mental patterns. How exciting!


You’re a sign that likes to be in control but there’s little chance of that right now, dear Capricorn. This is a really intense, transformative crisis moment! You are called to throw in your lot with someone else, to trust them, to invest in them and blend your energies - whether this is a love affair, creative project, a loan, merger or joint business venture. Or maybe you are ready to wipe out a debt once and for all? Delete your old money programming and brave a new approach!


Whoever you think you are, forget it, dear Aquarius. Others make a dramatic entrance - or it could well be an exit! - revealing a new and hidden aspect of your relationship and your partner. This could be a spouse, a professional partner, an agent or contractor or even a fan. Is it time to throw out the old personality software? Are you too much up in your head? Others will help you connect to the heart and reveal truth in the flip side of the coin to you.


You need to change your lifestyle, dear Pisces! Maybe you have been working too hard? If so, this might be the last project of this nature you will ever take on. Have you been worried about a health matter? New information comes to light to help you make the right decisions! Let your heart guide you to true wellbeing. There might be some rigid unconscious programming around guilt or being of service to others that block your own wellbeing. Time to let old spiritual scripts die and find joy in the every day.

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