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Capricorn New Moon 17 January 2018: Shoot for the Stars!

Capricorn New Moon 17 January 2018: Shoot for the Stars!

We have a new moon in the last degrees of ambitious Capricorn on the 17th of January 2018. Time to shoot for the stars! This new moon is one incredible opportunity. It’s inspiring; it’s lucrative; and it promises great achievement! But there’s also an element of surprise and disruption. You’ll need to think on your feet, be ready to face the unexpected and make some last minute changes to your plans, due to Uranus in Aries closely clashing with that new moon. Still, this is a highly supportive moment! Capricorn is throwing a huge party to help you launch your ships! Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn all put all their chips on the table, investing in you and your ability to succeed! Anything you do now is nested in a warm web of energy, funds and assistance. Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio are in beautiful sextile to this new moon, bringing you luck, as is Chiron in Pisces, helping you find lost parts of yourself, bits that may have fallen behind along the way, and bring them to bear on your present goals. With two eclipses just around the corner too, and many more revelations and changes to come, this is a fresh start that could turn your life around. Make it count!

Your Capricorn New Moon Horoscope

It’s time to marshal your forces for a powerful new start! How does the Capricorn new moon affect your star sign?  Check out your horoscope and find out!


Time to shoot for the stars, dear Aries! There’s a veritable congestion at the top of your chart with so many bosses and VIPs gathered there, in your arena of career success, titles and honours. It’s time to put your most ambitious plans into motion! Launch your business, go for that interview or grab that promotion! Others look up to you.


Time for adventure, dear Taurus! Yes, many Tauruses are more couch potato than Indiana Jones, but even you can’t just sit there, staying put with all these planets around you urging you to get a move on. Step out of your comfort zone! Spread your wings! This is the perfect time to venture into unknown territory, pack your suitcase, brave new markets or publish your more daring ideas.


Time to move in for the kill, dear Gemini, and we’re talking big bucks here! Are you plagued by debt? You have a unique opportunity to restructure the whole thing in a way that suits you. Do you need some investment to get your business off the ground? Now’s the time to ask! Getting up close and personal with someone — sexually, creatively or financially — could transform your life now.


Are you ready to tie the knot, dear Cancer? Are you serious about this business proposal, collaboration or partnership? Others are a force of change and renewal, giving you one amazing opportunity to take your life and career to the next level! If you want to make a relationship official or make a fresh start on the right foot with your spouse, the stars are now giving you all the support you’ll ever need!


Ready, set go! It’s time to get things done, dear Leo! With so many planets energising your work, you’re practically unstoppable for the next two weeks. This super-efficient, super-effective period of yours will culminate with a total lunar eclipse in your sign, changing everything. Get started on your most challenging project. If this whole thing concerns a health issue, this is your chance to fix it. Leave no stone unturned!


Time to follow your heart, dear Virgo! Whether you’re ready to fall in love, have a baby or launch a new creative endeavour that can propel you to the stars, you’re bursting with creative force. Give it all you’ve got! Single? Cupid’s arrow is aiming straight at you! Have fun with it! You have so much love to give, so much creative talent. And now you have the perfect opportunity to express it all!


How do you feel about climbing the property ladder, dear Libra? How about putting down roots, buying land, putting the past to bed or having a family of your own? Crouch down low, find solid ground and use it as your springboard for future achievement. If you need to carry out structural repairs, inner or outer, this is the moment.


There’s no time like the present, dear Scorpio! You can really pull some strings and influence most anything all around you, striking deals and agreements, getting involved in negotiations and communications of all kinds and making connections. This is the perfect time to sign on the dotted line, write up or launch your sales campaign.


It’s like the universe just wants you to make money, Sagittarius, and loads of it! There’s a conglomeration of planets in your financial house and you’re pouring all your energies into raising your income, building your assets and monetising your talents. You have power in your hands. You have treasure and resources. Put it to good use!


Time to act, dear Capricorn! The cosmos places all its chips on you urging you to go after your most important and personally meaningful aspirations in life! You have much on your plate, sure, but you also have the confidence, energy and self-belief you need to bring it all to pass. January 17th marks an incredible new start for you, personally. Take it!


A time of unravelling begins, dear Aquarius. A time of leaving the past behind. Are there things you have outgrown but were too reluctant to admit even to yourself? These will become crystal clear now allowing you to begin to move on. You’re much more concerned with what you can do for others than with yourself right now and January 17th could mark the beginning of a major humanitarian project.  Take care of yourself and make time to rest.


Time to make new friends, dear Pisces! Throw yourself into the public sphere, network, rub shoulders with VIPs and become part of this or that  prestigious and aspirational club. With such support and respect from your friends, you’ll be at the ready to pursue your most ambitious dreams yet! Celebrate your successes and use your popularity to aim for the top and create a better world.

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