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Capricorn New Moon-January 10th: Hello Again 2016!

Capricorn New Moon-January 10th: Hello Again 2016!

The very first new moon of 2016 takes place on January 9th-10th in Capricorn at 19 degrees

New moons are always about new beginnings. Now that the partying is over, it’s time to put your best foot forward and start the new year in earnest! Pay attention to January 9th-10th, for that's when you begin to plant new seeds. Why not begin your year as you mean to go along? 

The New Moon falls on January 10th at 01:30 in London and on January 9th at 20:30 in New York.

This being a Capricorn new moon it's all about being practical and getting organised - getting all your ducks in a row ready for a brand new year. 

Bear in mind that this new moon happens during Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. This gives you another stab at something which you may have tried once in the past. Whether this is a project or a relationship, you seem to have better prospects this time around. You may even get a chance to revisit something or reconnect with someone that had gone off the radar for a couple of years.

What is fantastic about this Capricorn new moon is that it's conjunct Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn and trine Jupiter in Virgo - planets of connections, power and luck. This is an auspicious combination - especially for financial, business or even medical matters and anything that requires careful forward planning.  This is great news if you have an ongoing project that has been flagging and needs a power-boost. This combo is especially lovely for earth and water signs.

The new moon also brings important news when it comes to love. This is because the ruler of this moon is Saturn in Sagittarius, currently conjunct Venus planet of love. This means that you may get another chance at something close to your heart. With Saturn presiding here, this time it may well be for keeps...

Last but not least, the new moon is square Uranus in Aries, so it may well  hide a few surprises. Expect the unexpected in certain departments… (more in your sign by sign analysis!) Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn - especially those born between the 5th and 14th of their respective months will feel this jarring influence most strongly. Don’t jump the gun. This new moon is in Capricorn, a sign of perfect composure and self-control, so try your best to stay calm and do your due diligence. "Be prepared!"

Good things to do during this Capricorn New Moon:

  • Take stock of your achievements so far and plan ahead
  • Organise your finances 
  • Review old goals and renew your commitment
  • Relaunch a project or come up with a business plan
  • Renew your vows
  • Take a pragmatic look at your relationship / or crush
  • Get serious!

New Moon in Capricorn “Hello again 2016!” Sign by Sign:

Eager to have another go at putting the right foot forward for 2016? January 9th-10th is your chance! Read your star-sign and make the most of it. Or book a personal reading of your year ahead by dialling 0207 111 6384!

Dear Aries, say ‘hello again’ 2016 with…
…a fresh start in your career. An old boss may have a proposition for you or you may come up with new ways to achieve what you want. Time to take charge, refresh your goals and redefine your public image! 
Your Lucky Charm: A work colleague, assistant or employee may turn out to be a real gem. 
Surprise Factor: You’re the surprise factor! Bear that in mind as you startle all those unfortunate souls in your vicinity...

Dear Taurus, say ‘hello again’ 2016 with…

…new hope! You are getting to look to the future with fresh eyes and a renewed sense of purpose and promise. Also you can now re-take that exam, resubmit that manuscript or re-apply for that course. Take a risk!
Your Lucky Charm:  The love that’s in your heart is your lucky charm. Follow your bliss!
Surprise Factor: The cat’s out of the bag… Be careful not to expose a secret!

Dear Gemini, say ‘hello again’ 2016 with…

…a fresh start with your spouse/business partner - especially where money goes! Time to review how to cut the pie and share the pieces. Time to get up close and personal!
Your Lucky Charm:  Your home is your sanctuary. Real estate and family bring you luck! Stay close. 
Surprise Factor: Your social circle is somewhat…erratic. A friend may surprise you! 

Dear Cancer, say ‘hello again’ 2016 with…

…a fresh start in an important relationship that puts a whole other hue on 2016! It's not something entirely new… But it may be something you had previously given up on so put your best foot forward!
Your Lucky Charm: A willingness to learn and communicate. Your immediate circle is made up of guardian angels!
Surprise Factor: Career news may hold a big surprise. 

Dear Leo, say ‘hello again’ 2016 with…

…a fresh start at work which rearranges your priorities. Get all your ducks in a row! You also have a chance to get back to a healthy work and exercise routine if you've partied too hard over the holidays. 
Your Lucky Charm: Your own unquestionable assets. Bet on them! Financial luck.
Surprise Factor: A trip abroad? Publicity? Expect sudden commotion if you work in the media. 

Dear Virgo, say ‘hello again’ 2016 with…

…a fresh chance at love and happiness! This is a great time to sink your teeth into a creative project, hobby or anything else that makes you truly happy. Ditto with an old flame that can now be rekindled.
Your Lucky Charm: The whole universe - it's on your side! Your vision is strong. Put your best foot forward!
Surprise Factor: Your finances may hold a little surprise...

Dear Libra, say ‘hello again’ 2016 with…

…a fresh start at home - especially where an on- (and on and on-)going issue is concerned. A great time for some family appraisals and re-structures for a happier future.  Good for real estate too.
Your Lucky Charm: you have divine protection - a guardian angel who comes to your rescue in your darkest hour - literally, yes! 
Surprise Factor: Others... A particular ‘other’ to be precise. Some people will never be civil. 

Dear Scorpio, say ‘hello again’ 2016 with…

… lots of news, travel and commotion that reorganise everything in your vicinity. Fresh ideas - or old ones that are given a new lease of life - put you back into the picture. Stay sharp! 
Your Lucky Charm: You have allies! And we're talking serious supporters here that are looking out for your best interests. Thank your lucky stars!
Surprise Factor: Work hides surprises. Expect changes to your daily schedule. 

Dear Sagittarius, say ‘hello again’ 2016 with…

…a fresh start on the money front that allows you to breathe a sigh of relief. Time to get all your finances in order. Evaluate your priorities and invest in what matters most.
Your Lucky Charm: A boss, parent or VIP may come to your rescue. Your reputation soars.
Surprise Factor: Love at first sight? A creative breakthrough? A financial venture may prove too risky - beware!

Dear Capricorn, say ‘hello again’ 2016 with…

…a fresh start in... Everything! Time to recalibrate your targets and correct past mistakes. Re-invent yourself! Great if you want to come up with a plan for World Domination in 2016! 
Your Lucky Charm: Foreign lands, education, media and your own vision. VIPs are on your side. 
Surprise Factor: You may be faced with some abrupt changes on your home turf.

Dear Aquarius, say ‘hello again’ 2016 with…

...a chance to release past gripes and get ready for a brand new year. Great for clutter clearing and demon-vanquishing. Something begins out of sight. You may acquire a secret admirer.
Your Lucky Charm: Your partner or, more precisely, the gifts they bring. Bonding brings protection. Sex rocks.
Surprise Factor: Unexpected news may be disconcerting. Your own flashes of insight! 

Dear Pisces, say ‘hello again’ 2016 with…

…a fresh look at your hopes and dreams for the future! Time to set your sights on the bigger picture and re-think your world-vision. Also great if you want to hit restart with a friend.
Your Lucky Charm: Your partner is ‘god’s gift’, your protector and the apple of your eye. Others bring you luck! 
Surprise Factor: Money hides surprises! Watch your wallet and your…pouch.
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