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Chinese Year of the Rooster

Chinese Year of the Rooster

The Chinese Year of the Rooster will begin on 28th January 2017 – the second New Moon after the winter solstice – and last until 15th February 2018. In the Year of the Rooster, we will have to show patience and work hard in order to accomplish our goals. In Chinese astrology, the Rooster symbolises awakening; it is the zodiac sign of the dawn. The Year of the Rooster (Fire Rooster) will bring success to those who are willing to persevere in the pursuit of their goals despite the obstacles and setbacks they may encounter.

Chinese Year of the Rooster 2017 forecast

Let’s have a look at the Chinese Year of the Rooster general horoscope. Unlike most of the other Chinese zodiac signs, the zodiac sign of the Rooster (along with those of the Rat and the Rabbit) is only represented by one element: Metal. At the same time 2017 is all Fire! Hence the Year of the Rooster is bound to prove quite challenging, as, in Chinese astrology, the five elements (Fire, Wood, Metal, Water, Earth) need to be balanced in order for a year to be harmonious and successful. For example, co-existence of the element of Earth would balance this ‘fire-metal battle’ out. However, at the same time 2017 is the year of Yin Fire, and Yin Fire zodiac signs represent inner warmth, perspicacity, and smooth personal and family relationships. Spending quality time with our loved ones could be the answer to the difficulties we are likely to face during this year, so you should make sure to avoid withdrawing into yourself. The Rooster is a communal bird, so 2017 will give you the opportunity to expand your social circle according to our experts' forecast. It will also be favourable to the pursuit of joint business endeavours and the establishment of new partnerships. People born under the zodiac sign of the Rooster tend to be likeable, loyal, popular, straightforward, talkative and honest. They usually like to take care of their appearance and to be the centre of attention. At the same time, they often tend to be domineering; their overbearing attitude can give rise to problems in their relationships with others. The Year of the Fire Rooster is likely to confront you with many precariously balanced situations. The key to overcoming the conflicts you will be faced with, achieving professional success and attaining personal happiness is to work on your flaws, be assertive without being arrogant or aggressive, adopt a new perspective on things, and show confidence in your loved ones. Work hard, hone your ability to apply common sense, and make sure to maintain a realistic mindset. Overall, 2017 promises to be a year full of colour and accomplishment! That is, unless you were born under the sign of the Rooster…According to Chinese astrology, the year of one’s zodiac sign is an unlucky year for them. So, if you were born under the zodiac sign of the Rooster, you will have to be particularly careful with regard to your love life, health and career in 2017. Proceed to your our own Chinese horoscope 2017!

Chinese Year of the Rooster 2017 love forecast

Fire is associated with joy and optimism, so the Year of the Fire Rooster will be full of flirting, fun, glamour and happiness when it comes to our romantic life, says our Year of the Rooster 2017 love horoscope. Most of us will embark on new romantic adventures, and some will even end up getting married. It goes without saying that celebrities will be no exception to this, so don’t be surprised if you keep hearing about new celebrity couples or celebrities tying the knot! The love forecast for 2017 suggests that the bold will be rewarded. The Rooster is the most eccentric of the Chinese zodiac signs and takes pride in his appearance, so invest in improving your looks; a well-groomed appearance goes a long way in making a positive impression on others. If you’re single, the Year of the Rooster will be favourable for new romantic relationships. When it comes to love, Roosters generally make loyal partners, but often end up getting disappointed. It is important that you give careful consideration to all aspects of the character of the person you are romantically interested in before committing to them. Those romantic relationships that have gradually evolved into marriage or a long-term commitment may encounter unexpected challenges due to professional or family reasons, such as the challenge of having to move to a different city or even country. However, despite the various setbacks and tensions that may arise during 2017, it will still be an auspicious year for marriage! After all, the customary colour for wedding gowns in China and many other Asian countries is red (white symbolises grief), and this year of the Rooster will be ruled by the element of Fire. If you plan on expanding your family during 2017, you should keep in mind that if your offspring is born in the spring, they will be less hot-tempered than most other Roosters.

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