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Chiron in Pisces: Making Ourselves and the World Whole Again

Chiron in Pisces: Making Ourselves and the World Whole Again

Asteroid Chiron helps us integrate the light and shadow in the world and in ourselves. If we accept this initiation, we become beacons of light for others. Chiron in the star sign of Pisces is once again here to pull at our heartstrings, dissolve division and remind us that we are part of a greater and organic whole: the earth, the cosmos, and the rest of humanity. 

Chiron is transiting Pisces from 2010-2019: In February 2011, Chiron entered the sign of Pisces to stay until 2019.  Before that, we got a sneak preview of Chiron in Pisces between April and July 2010, which saw a volcanic eruption in Iceland spreading ash all over Europe, an explosion generating a large oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the beginning of European austerity measures with large-scale demonstrations in Greece, catastrophic floods in Pakistan and the launch of the iPad. Many of these events reminded us that we are part of a vast organic whole, subject to natural and socio-economic forces, far more so than we thought. Others highlighted a need for greater global awareness, opening up new platforms for exploration. In 2011, once Chiron entered Pisces for good, natural catastrophes, pronounced hunger and suffering, large-scale austerity measures and demonstrations, and – of course – the Arab Spring, got well under way. While the abrupt and revolutionary nature of many of these events has Uranus in Aries written all over it, the mass suffering involved and the sense of powerlessness it evokes, carries the unmistakable signature of Chiron in Pisces.
We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.   – C.G. Jung

The Key Themes of Chiron in Pisces

Chiron brings us face to face with all that is unfair, non-rational and even bestial in life. It is often experienced as a process (through people or circumstances) – initially one of wounding and alienation, then gradually one of increased wisdom that comes from recognising life's flaws. At its best, it can lead to a conscious awakening and a total commitment to our unique, authentic and heroic journey through life. The mythological figure of the Centaur, Chiron, was not only a great healer – the teacher of the Greek god of medicine Asclepius – he was also the mentor of heroes, from Jason to Achilles. A Chironean transit may thus be experienced as an unfair stroke of fate at first, but it eventually leads us to discover our unique gifts and make an authentic contribution in an imperfect world.  As the quote by Rumi goes: “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
Pisces is the sign of compassion, escapism and the imagination, suffering and redemption, mass-consciousness, and unconsciousness. It dissolves boundaries reminding us all that we are one.
During Chiron in Pisces we may experience a sense of mass victimisation and become sensitive to pain on a collective level through natural and man-made catastrophes and the suffering that results. This may lead to a loss of faith initially, as the individual appears to be unfairly trampled underfoot, and a rising fear that we are going to be swallowed whole by mass-events. These are difficult notions to grapple with at the best of times – much less when in the midst of it all. Chiron in Pisces can thus feel like a sudden 'expulsion from Eden', and bring the profound disappointment and rage that follows. It can see darker components in the world coming to light, and a championing of the underdog in an effort to integrate disparate elements, heal any splits and make society whole again. Chiron in Pisces can thus give rise to compassion and humanitarian movements, an acceptance of the multiplicity of life and a public outcry against abuse and discrimination. Another upside of this transit is a return to more natural and wholesome living, and the possibility of first-hand religious experience leading to a more mature spiritual outlook.
The last time Chiron was in Pisces was the 60's, when we saw mass civil rights protests and anti-war demonstrations, the feminist movement, mind-altering experiments and the dawn of popular New Age thought as people sought a more inclusive spiritual experience.  Prior to that, Chiron was in Pisces during the 1910's. This saw the widespread loss of life during WWI, the sinking of the Titanic, Einstein's theory of relativity, the abdication of Edward the eighth, the Russian revolution, the Spanish flu, the destruction of monarchies in Europe and the rise of jazz and blues. Before that, the 1860's Chiron in Pisces transit saw the abolition of slavery in America.

How Are You Experiencing Chiron in Pisces?

How you experience Chiron in Pisces on a personal level will depend on whether it touches a planet or point in your chart. For instance the experience will be very personal if you have key planets, your Ascendant-Descendant or MC-IC axis in Pisces, or if Chiron forms a close aspect with a major planet or point in another sign - especially the mutable signs, Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo. If you are born in the 60's when Chiron was last in Pisces, you are now having your 'Chiron return', which is a highly significant turning point! If you know your birth-time, draw your free birth-chart to see which of the 12 houses in astrology your Chiron is in, then check out Chiron in the 12 Houses to find out more.  But even if you have no personal planets affected by this transit, you still have your finger on the universal pulse through a particular slice of life-experience: the astrological house containing Pisces. This may be your home, relationships, career or finances.  To find out more, read your star sign and Ascendant below.


You are likely to experience this transit more impersonally, as very much out there, in the world or through dreams and imagery. What you see and hear may sensitise you to humanitarian causes, and urge you to make a conscious decision to adopt a more holistic life-style.  If you have been keeping a very busy schedule, this transit may bring about a period of isolation, forcing your attention inward. You may experience a sense of spiritual alienation at an unconscious level, leading to considerable soul-searching. You may even lose yourself in the sway of collective events and ideas at times, as you seek to experience a greater spiritual connection. Whatever happens, by 2019, this transit can lead to a spiritual awakening, heightened intuition and a greater appreciation of life's mysteries.


Since 2010 events have been urging you to seek out your people and place in society. You have probably been finding it increasingly hard to be around those who do not share your ideals. Your social conscience is maturing with the help of friends and allies who are here to awaken you to a greater sense of community. If you have been moving in the wrong circles, this transit may initially bring painful experiences of social alienation, making you feel like a total outsider. This will lead you to seek your true place in the world. You may come into contact with non-mainstream communities and join groups of a more maverick nature. This will help you re-integrate parts of your personality that had been split off in previous efforts to fit in. Now and until 2019 is your time to make an authentic social contribution.


Since 2010, you have been given the chance to carve your own unique path in the world. You are constructing a more authentic public image, in line with your true life-experience, goals and gifts. If this transit finds you wearing false public masks, you might experience a public humiliation via some stroke of fate outside your control. You may even become scapegoated. If so, this is to direct you towards your true calling. Either way, you will find it increasingly hard to follow a path now that does not accord with your true vocation. If you are a teacher, healer or guide for others, you can now really come into your own and even act as a beacon. You may experience difficulties around a parent at this time too, seeing them in a more human, flawed light, which may deepen your compassion and generate greater commitment to your own course.


You may experience this transit as a loss of faith or a destabilising blow to your religion or philosophical outlook. This might make you more cynical to begin with, but it will also lead you to a deeper search for meaning. You are being stripped of beliefs adopted without question, which have no real underpinning in your own life-experience. This transit is an initiation into the secrets of the higher mind and the search for meaning. If you choose to expand your horizons through travel or further education, such undertakings will be deeply significant now. If you are in legal, educational or religious institutions, or the publishing or broadcasting industries, you might become ostracised, carve your unique path, or take it upon yourself to champion what is right regardless and inspire others. This transit is ultimately healing and unifying your beliefs and creating a more mature outlook on life.


You may find it hard to have superficial relationships now, as you are experiencing intense encounters with others that transform you at a core level. Themes of betrayal, trust and financial dependence are hot since 2010, possibly generating feelings of powerlessness, and awakening you to your own truth and power to survive.  Sexual encounters have something to teach you now too. You may be drawn to undercover research to unearth hidden truths about yourself and others and even study the occult. Any therapy you seek now is likely to have a profound healing effect. Despite much personal turmoil, you may find that you are a positive force for others. Relationships that survive this transit will bear the stamp of authenticity and you will come out by 2019 stronger, more committed in your emotional and financial investments and with a greater understanding of the energy dynamic between two people.


Important one-to-one relationships – whether romantic, business or friendships – represent a crucial learning curve for you now and until 2019. Potentially painful experiences with your partner are here to awaken you to a more authentic and holistic relating style. Your soul simply cannot abide superficial associations right now. If there has been any give-and-take imbalance, events now will even out the playing field, giving you or your partner a chance to make things whole again. You may meet a healer or mentor now too who can help you along your path, or you may become one yourself, championing someone in need. This transit will eventually lead you to reintegrate parts of yourself that had been cut off in your effort to meet your spouse or partner half-way and thus achieve more genuine and meaningful relationships.


It is your work and daily routines that carry life’s lessons for you since 2010 and all the way until 2019. You may become scapegoated at work during this transit or you may find that events out of your control force you to re-consider how you want to spend your days. The truth is that you simply cannot abide to do work that is not meaningful to you any more.  If a current work-situation is being sabotaged, then this is only to awaken you to your need to engage your time in ways more in line with who you are, what you want and your natural bodily rhythm and ways of doing things.  Consequently, another way this transit can affect you is through health. Pay especial attention to any health concerns that crop up this time, as they offer a real opportunity for healing and body-mind integration. You may now get into holistic medicine, yoga and healthy eating. Or you may start noticing subtle psychosomatic connections and disturbances. If so, these are messages, urging you to understand your body and establish a healthier daily routine – one that is conducive to your wellbeing and productivity.


Children and lovers are your greatest teachers right now. You are being initiated into the wonders of childbirth, love and creativity and to a deeper and more genuine relationship with your offspring. If you are trying for a child, then you may undergo a process that tests your commitment. If you feel disillusioned, try not to lose faith. The stripping away of falsehoods will make room for an authentic relationship with your children and with your own creative force. You are now undergoing an initiation into the mysteries of joy, creativity and self-expression. You can no longer pretend something makes you happy when it does not.  It is time to acknowledge the child within and commit to your uncensored self.  This transit may also express itself through romantic disappointment - especially if you have been seeking to lose yourself in superficial love affairs.  Time to discover what true love means. This is an extremely creative transit and if you are in the arts or entertainment industry, or if you work with children, you can really come into your own now.


During this transit you are sorting through a whole host of home and family baggage that you may have been carrying around for a long time. This is prime time for therapy, as you may come across painful realisations that need a safe space to be worked through. You may experience difficulties through a parent, or realise the full extent of their pain or inadequacy, and the profound effects this has on your own sense of security, heritage and personal identity. If so, compassion, acceptance and integration of that part of yourself and your past will only make you stronger. It is acceptance, rather than condemnation, that can make you whole again.  Alternatively, you may experience uprooting or a change in residence that affects who you are at a core level. If you buy a new home now, it will have almost spiritual significance to you – like a sanctuary. You are healing yourself at a deep soul level, accepting your past and becoming your own person.


Your immediate environment is your greatest teacher right now. This transit is deepening your mental processes and urging you to take a closer look at all your exchanges and the way you communicate with others. You may start feeling deeply misunderstood and isolated as a result of a failure in proper communication. On the other hand, you may meet teachers who will help you speak or write more clearly and get your message across. This may take you outside your comfort zone to begin with and even make you feel mentally inadequate. But the truth is that you are ready to grow, for you are no longer interested in superficial contact or in rehashing the usual ideas. You are in the process of finding your own uniquely authentic voice!  You may steep yourself in information in an effort to stay ahead of the game and keep your mind active and well-fed.  Short trips may become sharp learning curves or bring old pain to the surface for healing.  Your relationship to a brother or sister may also be a source of difficulty right now, leading you to establish a more honest and real connection.


This transit may bring a blow to your income and financial assets. More than that, it will bring you face to face with your own values and sense of self-worth.  If your life does not reflect your personal values right now, you may see things begin to unravel. You may even question how good you are and re-assess what you have to offer.  Everything that happens, however, is only here to awaken you to a life more in accord with what you truly find worthwhile.  Events now may also lead you to seek alternative sources of income and awaken you to deeper gifts, among them a gift for mentoring.  You may even discover that you have healing abilities. By 2019, when this transit is over, you will be able to earn your living in ways that more deeply reflect who you are and what you think is worth your time and effort.  And you will have a deeper understanding of all the things that provide you with a sense of substance, value and security in life.


You, dear Pisces, are in the thick of it, spontaneously responding to life's challenges and inspiring others in the process. Self-acceptance is the name of the game, here. You are undergoing an initiation into your very self – the particular flaws and gifts that make up your unique personality. This is a journey of self-discovery that can lead to a more authentic outlook on life and a greater commitment to your own heroic path as an individual. The process may involve some degree of suffering and self-sacrifice: you may undergo medical procedures, attacks on your good name, or blows to your self-image and sense of personhood that radically affect your outlook on life. This may make you feel vulnerable and sometimes unequal to the task. But this is far from the truth!  Indeed, you may even emerge from this period, by 2019, as a natural mentor or healer for others. While it is wise to recognise that life involves some suffering, avoid developing a victim mentality – or the opposite, taking on the role of the saviour.  Only by 'keeping it real' can you rise to the challenge now and be a beacon for others. Accept who you are – warts and all – and let your natural gifts shine forth!  


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