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Cutting-edge astrology: The iPhone 7 review

Cutting-edge astrology: The iPhone 7 review

The brand new iPhone 7, of cutting-edge technology, comes to stores today, in between an eclipse in Virgo and an eclipse in Pisces so it only makes sense to look at this from an 'astrology perspective'. 

Full astrology review of the iPhone 7

The coincidence (is there such a thing?) that follows left us with no option other than to proceed to a full astrology review of the iPhone 7 for our friends. So, here it goes: Alexander Graham Bell made the first ever phonecall on a partial eclipse of the moon in Virgo day, the 10th March 1876. That eclipse was too followed by a solar one in Pisces.

Now, let's list a few famous people in the communications sector under the sign of Pisces: Steve Jobs, Apple founder...Telephone inventor Bell...Jobs also with a Virgo ascendant and Bells with a Pisces ascendant and a Virgo moon!

So, where are we going with this? Well, one could say that it's very possible for someone working in Apple Inc to be an astrology buff, especially since quite a few iPhones have been launched around eclipse dates!

Eclipses spell: Change! So it’s possible that this launch marks an end of an era and we get to see a huge leap when it comes to technology, compared to previous years.

Launch of iPhone 7 horoscope

So let’s see what the chart tells us for the iPhone 7 launch,which took place a week ago, or in other words the iPhone 7’s horoscope.

The new iPhone’s sign is careful, paying-attention-to-detail Virgo and its ascendant is the sociable, always-looking-good Libra. The moon’s in Scorpio the all-powerful which translates to, perhaps, longer battery life? Uranus is opposing the ascendant in Aries so we’re bound to be surprised: perhaps an alternative kind of launch than what we’re used to seeing from Apple? Even a sudden announcement can be expected.

All three: Mars, Saturn and the Moon are in the second house which means Apple’s expectations regarding iPhone 7 sales could be exceeded while the sun in the iPhone’s eleventh house means it could be regarded as weird to some, or at least different than what they’re used to.

The water-trine between Chiron in the sign of Pisces, the Scorpio moon and the Cancer MC reassures us that the leaks about the new iPhone being water resistant are true but also, that it will actually work for you if you like chatting while enjoying a bath.

Venus, the planet of  beauty is in the house that’s associated with shape-shifting, the 12th,  which means that the phone’s design could be altered.  

However, a launch during a Mercury retrograde..? Seems like someone’s in a daring mood! Mercury does tend to through obstacles in one’s way so we’re guessing that the changes made regarding the headphone jack (or some change in the camera perhaps?) could maybe lead to recalls. 

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