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Debbie Wiseman’s Musical Zodiac took us aback

Debbie Wiseman’s Musical Zodiac took us aback

Debbie Wiseman, composer of more than 200 scores and one of the UK’s best in her field, has created the astrological soundtrack to your life, the Musical Zodiac, based on your star sign! Other than the fact that we’re extremely happy to welcome Debbie to the ever-growing community of astrology fans, we are also grateful for the extensive research she took up on in order to create her Musical Zodiac, this unique series of short stories. For the creation of such beautiful music one has to have talent, but getting the astrology part right – that to us shows not only some incredible determination but also a great deal of respect for our own form of art, that is astrology. 

Wiseman’s Musical Zodiac turns your traits to scales and keys

Debbie Wiseman’s Musical Zodiac may turn quite a few of our friends into fans of classical music. Why? Because Wiseman actually went  that extra mile: Bearing in mind each star sign’s personality traits while composing resulted in each of the 12 pieces being not only pleasant to the ear of each respective sign but also a peculiar form of musical therapy, if you’d like, for each of the 12. Now if anyone said this to us we’d assume he was exaggerating. But have a listen and you too will be taken aback. Another fascinating fact about Debbie's Musical Zodiac? The album notes were written by the late Jonathan Cainer, a renowned member of our community!

Debbie Wiseman’s interview with Horoscope Friends

We were particularly happy when Debbie Wiseman, renowned composer of film credits like Tom and Viv, which was nominated for two Academy Awards, agreed to an interview with Horoscope Friends. If the pieces she composed for our signs hadn't already turned us to fans, her very honest answers shedding light on the why and how her Musical Zodiac came to be, defintely put us in a position to say that we have a new favourite composer.

What is your relationship to astrology and what got you interested in astrology? What is you sign?

My sign is Taurus. I've always had an interest in astrology. The idea that the date and time of your birth can somehow influence your path and behaviour is fascinating and the more I learn about astrology the more involving I find the subject. I also looked into Greek mythology to find inspiration for the stories behind each star sign, which helped inspire each movement.

What inspired you to compose the Musical Zodiac?

Classic FM wanted to commission a 12-movement work, so that they would have a new piece to play every month. We discussed various options...the 12 months of the year, 12 different dances; and then a cellist friend of mine suggested the 12 signs of the zodiac. At first I was convinced it must have been done before - it seemed such a good idea to compose music inspired by the 12 star signs that I thought someone surely must have done it! After much research we could only find a jazz album in the 60s, and a progressive rock album, but nothing in a full orchestral setting. I was very excited by the idea, and so was everyone at Classic FM, and I went full steam ahead with the composition.

How do you feel the Musical Zodiac reflects the character of each sign?

I hope that, instead of simply offering a musical representation of how each sign comes across, I've tried to reflect the experiences you have when you most come under the influence of the sign. I've tried to depict each sign from the inside out! For example with Virgo, the inner Virgo is at work in the piece...exemplary standards, eye for detail, all of which is echoed in understated insistence in the music. In Capricorn, the sign of the sea-goat, I've tried to communicate a majesty, a determined diligence and a sense of splendid isolation in the movement of the music.

Have any of the star signs been particularly important to you throughout your life? How did that manifest in your music?

I see all the signs as equally important. Each one has inspired a very different musical story and I tried not to think of one particular person I knew with the star sign as I was composing the music - although I do hope that when listening to your own star sign, you may find something relevant and touching within the music.

The Musical Zodiac is out now!

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