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Eclipses 2016: What Changes Does 2016 Have in Store?

Eclipses 2016: What Changes Does 2016 Have in Store?

What do the eclipses have in store for you in 2016? There’s no shortage of eclipses this year… Normally, we have four eclipses a year - two in the first half and another two six months later. But this year we have five eclipses - a rarer event - two in the spring and three in summer-autumn, falling across four different signs! This means that 2016 is a year of changes on many fronts!

The eclipses fall in March and August-September, marking these months out for their great intensity. 

Three out of five eclipses fall in Virgo and Pisces, meaning that this is an important year for mutable signs Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini. But the Universe is intent that nobody should be left out! And so, of the other two eclipses, one falls in the sign of Libra - affecting cardinal signs Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn - and the other in the sign of Aquarius, affecting fixed signs Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio and Leo… Guess what - we’ve covered the whole zodiac!

Why is everyone affected this year? Because we are in a period of Great Transition and everyone should have a chance to get with the programme!

The 2016 Eclipses:

  • March 23rd, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse @3 Libra: This is the last eclipse in a series that began back in October 2013 (the total lunar eclipses or “blood moons” people talked about). This eclipse is only the tail end of this trend and no longer total (the moon only passes through the outskirts of the earth’s shadow). It’s here to help you tidy up loose ends from the incredible changes of the past three years. This eclipse will affect you most if you have planets of points around 3 degrees of the Cardinal signs Libra, Capricorn, Cancer and Aries.
  • March 8th-9th Total Solar Eclipse @19 Pisces: The Virgo/Pisces eclipses provide the “main course” this year. They begin with a bang - a total solar eclipse like the one we had last March. This is the year’s Big News, initiating you into a whole new world and opening Chapter Two on the changes that began last March.
  • September 1st/16th Annular Solar Eclipse @9 Virgo/Penumbral Lunar Eclipse @24 Pisces: While neither eclipse is total, both activate the Great Mutable T-Cross in the skies between Saturn-Jupiter-Neptune (and Chiron) - see The Saturn-Neptune Square for a taster - and the challenges that this brings. They highlight a need to move with the times, purify your life of everything you don’t need, stay flexible and adjust to a rapidly changing world. This series of eclipses will run its course by February 2017. This year it will affect you most if you have planets or points between 5 and 24 degrees of the mutable signs, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces.
  • August 18th, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse @25 Aquarius: This is a ‘surprise’ eclipse as it were - a soft and gradual introduction into new themes and ideas to help you reinvent your world. It is the first in a series that will take you all the way to January 2019. This first eclipse will affect you most if you have planets or points around 25 degrees of the fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius.

Want to know which eclipse affects you more by activating one of your planets? Get your free birth-chart to find out!   Alternatively, you can get your own personal astrology consultation by dialling 0207 111 6384. You can read more about eclipses and how to survive them in Solar and Lunar Eclipses.

How Do The 2016 Eclipses Affect Your Sign? 

Here’s a taster as to what to expect from the eclipses this year. More will follow in your personal eclipse horoscope for each eclipse in March, August and September, so don't miss it! If you simply cannot wait, then why not book a personal consultation with one of our uncanny astrologers on 0207 111 6384?

Aries / Libra: 

Your total personal transformation and relationship-reset are nearly complete. Meanwhile a powerful new spotlight falls on practical matters such as your work, health and wellbeing. Changes in your lifestyle that began back in March 2015 will continue to be a major theme this year, just as a new and much happier trend stirs around love and friendship.

March 2016: The final Libra eclipse brings the intense chapter on relationships and personal transformation of the past three years to a close. Time to tidy up loose ends and move on.

March/September 2016: Your work, way of life, daily routine and health are a major theme this year. You may also experience a spiritual awakening. You have until February 2017 to implement changes for greater health and productivity, change your job or establish a new way of life.

August 2016: A new trend stirs concerning love and romance, creativity and friendship. This will take you all the way to 2019 - plenty of time to take your love life to the next level and help you go after your dreams.


Taurus / Scorpio:

The focus has been on work and health matters for three years making daily life hard going at times. This cycle of lessons is nearly complete with a new and more pleasant spotlight now falling on love, children, happiness, friendship and your dreams for the future. This trend began March 2015 and you can expect it to continue this year. Meanwhile changes begin to stir in your home and career.

March 2016: Time to settle a health matter or finalise major changes that have taken place at work and in your overall life-style over the past two-three years.

March/September 1st: Love and personal happiness are a major theme this year. Spring and autumn bring changes in your love life and social scene. Time to set your friendships on a new footing, aim for your dreams, open up to love, try for a child and generally bring love and creativity to the next level. This very happy trend is active until February 2017.

August 2016: A fresh breeze stirs that affects your life-direction, career, home and family life.  You have plenty of time, until January 2019 to effect changes here.


Gemini / Sagittarius: 

A new spotlight shines a powerful beam on career, home and family matters since March 2015 - a trend that is to continue in full force this year. Meanwhile, changes concerning children, love and friendship, your creativity and social community finally wind down, having introduced you to a whole new social platform for self-expression. In its place, a travel bug and thirst for knowledge is awakening within you, urging you to expand your world.

March 2016: You have experienced a whole new aspect of love and friendship over the past three years. Time to tidy up loose ends around your dreams and aspirations, a creative project, a love affair, your children, friends and social circle.

March/September 2016: Your career, home and family are the major focus this year. Is it time for a course correction? Is it time to set down roots, buy your first home or have a family? This year will take you forward in leaps and bounds on these fronts, a trend that will continue until February 2017.

August 2016: A fresh breeze blows away the cobwebs of boredom this August introducing you to new people, ideas and places (pack a bag). it will get stronger next year and blow until January 2019.


Cancer / Capricorn

The transformation of your career, home and family life is nearly complete! Meanwhile, a new spotlight now shines brightly on travel, learning, and the media since March 2015. This trend continues this year, expanding your world and introducing you to new people and ideas. At the same time, the promise of change begins to stir in your financial situation.

March 2016: Ground-shaking changes in your home, family, life-direction and career are finally beginning to wind down. Time to finalise things and stabilise your course.

March/September 2016: This year is here to help you change the way you think! Time to try out new ideas and expand your world, travel more, get that degree, publish, market yourself and raise your sights toward something better. This trend will take you all the way into February 2017.

August 2016: A new trend begins to shake up your finances. Are you making the best of your income potential, talents and resources? Are you honouring your commitments? A new era approaches to take you to January 2019.


Leo / Aquarius

You have gone through a powerful few years of learning, experimentation and expansion, introducing you to a far wider playing field. Meanwhile your finances have been hotting up since March 2015, a topic which remains hot this year. But get ready for a gradual personal transformation to begin on the side, which will also transform your relationships.

March 2016: What a journey of discovery you have been on! You have dared to dream bigger and experiment with new ideas. Time to finish school, define your new territory, publish, market yourself, take that trip or do whatever you need to do to move forward.

March/September 2016: This year brings changes and lessons around your finances and sense of self-worth. What do you bring to the table? How’s your self esteem? Do you trust others and can they trust you? Time to deepen your relationships. Physical and sexual encounters will also hide a surprise or two. Expect this trend to last until February 2017.

August 2016: The eclipses have finally arrived in your sign, gently nudging you to renew yourself.  Brace yourself for a crash-course on relationships and a rollercoaster ride of personal discovery! Take your time. You have until January 2019.


Virgo / Pisces: 

The past few years have turned your finances upside down, placing you in a whole new financial landscape now than where you were back in 2013. This trend is finally winding down. In its place, you are experiencing a powerful personal transformation just as your relationships are also undergoing major changes. This trend, which got here in March 2015 is likely to set your life on a whole new trajectory. Meanwhile, changes begin to stir in your life-style and daily routine.

March 2016: The financial rollercoaster is nearly at an end. A whole new financial landscape has opened up before you and it’s time for you to tidy up loose ends and resume a sense of normalcy.

March/September 2016: This is the big time. The eclipses are in your sign and it’s time for a total overhaul. This is a year of seminal changes in yourself and your relationships. Hitched? Changes may be due to the birth of a child or other shift of power between you two. Single? You won’t be for much longer. It’s all systems go for all your desires right now and until February 2017!

August 2016: A new trend gently stirs around your health, work and daily routine. Is your life-style and working routine due for a bit of a refresher? Are you taking care of your health? Do you need to learn to trust your intuition more? These issues will become increasingly important next year and until January 2019.

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