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Eclipses Summer 2018

Eclipses Summer 2018

The Summer 2018 eclipses will soon be upon us so here’s a heads up ahead of time! Is something holding you back? Perhaps a past love? A lost opportunity? A dream unfulfilled? The next eight weeks promise closure and a fresh start. This is the perfect summer to finally get past whatever seemed stuck, intractable, getting you down and blocking your way forward. It’s time to go back and correct past mistakes, to air grievances and finish that story so that you can move forward. So let's look at the Summer 2018 eclipses more closely.

Lunar and Solar Eclipses July and August 2018

We have not only two (the usual number) but three eclipses this summer, one lunar and two solar! They arrive back to back in July and August of 2018 within the space of five weeks so buckle up, it’s going to be one hell of a ride! Here’s the info:

1. First up we have a New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer on 13 July 2018 at 21 degrees. Cancer is the ‘mother’ sign. It rules your sense of belonging to a home, tribe, family or land. It's where you find sanctuary and the eclipse activates an area of your life that has not seen much action for a while. Is it your relationships? Your career? Read on to find out! This eclipse is exactly opposite Pluto so expect stark contrasts. Two grand trines in earth and water make this an emotional, imaginative yet practical fresh start.

2. Second, we have the most dramatic eclipse of all - a Blood Moon Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on 27 July 2018 at 5 degrees. Aquarius is the ‘community’ sign. It symbolises groups, ideals and collaborative movements. This eclipse brings a big change! It signifies a major turning point, a fiery line in the sand. This is one angry, red hot, rebellious lunar eclipse! It's not only blood-red in colour, it's also conjunct red planet Mars, currently bright and retrograde. And it's square rebel Uranus to boot... Expect the unexpected, as old resentments and hostilities erupt without warning!

3. The third eclipse of the summer is a New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo at 19 degrees on 11 August 2018. Leo is the ‘father’ sign. It represents leadership, kingship, showmanship and passion. This eclipse brings a fresh start. But it is conjunct Mercury retrograde and square Jupiter so expect drama as you go over old ground in one broad sweep. Things long left unsaid need to come out before you can step into the future.

Eclipses 2018 Horoscope for your Star Sign

With that in mind, read on to find out what the eclipses of July and August 2018 have in store for your star sign! What can you finally put to bed? What new beginnings lie in store? Here's your prediction...


Are you still pining after an old dream, dear Aries? Do you need to put a past love to bed? Maybe a friendship? The summer of 2018 will help you find closure with a group of people and could even bring the realisation of a long held dream. This is also the time when you can finally air any long held resentments toward friends and associates. Releasing your anger will set you free to pursue fresh goals! This might also include a fresh start in your love life! August is the time when you might run into a past lover or revisit a creative project that’s long been in the wings. Amid all the socialising, heart to hearts and commotion, a new trend is starting. It's time for you to consider where home is and what family truly means to you.

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Your inner compass is undergoing major restructure, dear Taurus! You have the whole summer to sort through old family arguments, clear the air and voice any resentments. You might be harbouring a lot of anger toward authority figures - the government, a boss or a parent - and all that will come to a dramatic culmination this July. A door will shut for good, blocking one pathway but another one will open at the same time, urging you to reconsider your direction in life, professionally and personally. This will help you address any problems at home come August and help you make a fresh start. Meanwhile, your mind thirsts for new adventures. Expect some tantalising fresh food for thought this summer!

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You're knee-deep in complex international or legal affairs as the summer begins, dear Gemini. This could be an immigration matter, a marketing fiasco or something to do with foreign travel, broadcasting or your education. There is some anger with VIPs that you're tip-toeing around and all that will come to a rowdy culmination by the end of July. Whether you complete this project or decide to walk away, communication lines reopen in August and you're ready to go over the nitty gritty and finally reach some kind of agreement. Amid all this, a new pathway opens up this summer, one that will allow you to increase your earnings.

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Are you owed money, dear Cancer? Or maybe there is some other type of debt that’s gone all snarly and needs to be repaid? This summer is all about reclaiming what's yours, giving back what isn’t and airing any grievances between you and someone you're closely involved with, going way back. Money that's been long in escrow should finally arrive. If not, things will come to a head in July and it won't be pretty. Come August you’ll be ready to redraw your financial contracts and review your priorities. Clear the decks while you can because the eclipses arrive in your sign this summer (to stay until 2020!) and you're already starting to shed your skin and become a whole new person!

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You're the star of the show, this summer, dear Leo - or more accurately the co-star, since it’s your relationships that come under the spotlight! If you're still stuck on what might have been and find it impossible to let go of a past relationship, it's time to draw a sharp line in the sand. July unlocks a part of your soul that’s been hidden away for a while now, allowing the healing to finally begin. Time to turn around and never again look back! You might be in for a big relationship showdown by the end of July but worry not. By August, you're ready to focus squarely on number one - you! - and to reconsider your attitude so that you can move on. Yes, your transformation is complete!

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Have you been taking care of yourself lately, dear Virgo? Or have you been eating rubbish, working like crazy and sleeping odd hours? All this comes back to bite you. Treat whatever crops up promptly and use this as an opportunity to uncover deeper, underlying problems, physical or psychological. Repressed anger and resentment could cause you psychosomatic problems now. July could bring major changes at work or the realisation that you need to change your lifestyle if you're going to go the distance. Don’t just carry on regardless. Clear away any poison. Once this is done, take a quiet moment in August to meditate, detox or go over past ground and regain your composure. You’ll soon come out of hiding! This summer opens new doors in your social circle and paves the way for fresh dreams!

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Were you dating, dear Libra, only to suddenly find you have cold feet? Or are you still pining after an ex? Maybe you’re facing problems with a child? There is a lot of resentment spoiling your fun and it is all about to boil over! Whatever pains your heart is coming to a head and you’ll soon be able to air any undisclosed desires or unexpressed rage. This summer allows you to finally turn the page in your love life and look toward a brighter future. Gather your friends around you in August - maybe even friends you haven’t seen in a while - and clear the air. Then you’ll be able to dream afresh! You’re ready to reconsider your entire life direction as well as any responsibilities you've unthinkingly assumed - or haven't... Your reorientation begins this summer!

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You're tired of all the resentment, whining and long faces at home, dear Scorpio. Your home life has been hard going for a while and things are heating up well into July! Maybe it's your physical home that needs repair? Maybe it's a parent who's being difficult? Or maybe you’re thinking of upping and moving away for good? Either way you're not happy with your living situation and you’re mounting a full scale revolution! Expect big changes on that front. Come August, you're reviewing your entire position and might even reconsider a professional decision. It's time to shut the door to the phantoms of the past and make a fresh start. A new door opens for you abroad this summer, or in education, publishing, IR or the media.

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Your mind is filled with angry thoughts, dear Sagittarius, and it's difficult to get any peace or quiet in your head. Don't expect to be able to hit mute any time soon. The voices will keep getting louder and louder until the whole thing explodes in a surprising display of fireworks come July! Someone will get a piece of your mind, red and hot as it is! A trip, communication or media project culminates by August and this gives you the space you need to retrace your steps and re-envision your future. Take August to review legal matters or go on holiday and clear your head. Amid all this, a new window opens, giving you a peak at new and brighter financial possibilities. It’s time for a fresh start in your finances, whether by paying off debt, finding a backer or dividing property.

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Money looms large on your mind this summer, dear Capricorn. You might have a head for business but this is something far bigger and goes way back! The past comes back to haunt you in financial terms. Now’s the time to settle old debts and resolve old disagreements. This will help you shut the door to past financial dealings once and for all and make a fresh start! If there is any unpleasantness in July, use August to revisit any financial ties and come to a new agreement. This will allow you to revitalise your finances going forward. And while you’re thinking of money, royalties and whom to trust, a fresh start is taking place in your relationships. A little crack in your armour is all it takes to let others in!

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You're the unmistakeable star of the summer, dear Aquarius! Your antics and tantrums are stealing the show, even if you feel that it’s the absolute opposite and that everybody is stepping all over your toes. Are you feeling cranky? Are you feeling stuck, thwarted and as if you're getting nowhere? You're determined to express your displeasure. By the end of July, whatever has got you so worked up finally comes to a big angry head! Once you reach that point, there is no going back. The die is cast come August and a key relationship is next up under scrutiny. Do go over old ground and be ready to give someone a second chance. Second time lucky! Amid this identity and relationship crisis, new energies are stirring at work. Prepare for a change in lifestyle!

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You're the most sensitive of signs, dear Pisces, and if you listen closely, you’ll feel something big and angry stirring under the surface… Is it illicit desire? Anger seeping into the atmosphere? Your own demons coming through? Catch this early or it could blow up in your face! Watch your health and do what you can to tackle repressed emotions too. Secrets - yours or someone else’s -  cannot be held in check any longer… You might discover - much to your horror! - that someone has been acting against you and this will come as a shock. Let all the poison out. This will allow you to review how you work and function from now on and turn the page. Amid all the secrecy and madness, something stirs in your heart. You’re ready to take risks once more. You’re ready to fall in love!

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