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Fall Equinox and Sun in Libra 2020

Fall Equinox and Sun in Libra 2020

The 2020 Autumn Equinox falls on September 22nd when the Sun enters Libra. Time to evaluate where you are, negotiate new ground and prepare for winter. 

That's when day and night are ‘love all’ (for all you tennis fans out there) and the night is about to start gaining on the day as we head toward Christmas. It’s also the moment when the sun moves into zodiac sign Libra, the quintessential relationship sign. The focus is on contracts, partnerships, negotiations and on establishing a new balance over the next four weeks as we prepare for winter. The opposite of all that - fights, enmity and disagreement - might well crop up too, but only so that / all the better for expert Libra to show their mettle, mend bridges and find a fair solution. Libra is full of opposites after all and it is the first sign to play devil’s advocate or step in and fight for the other side purely in the interests of balance. Dear Libra, where would we be without you? A very happy birthday!

Before you read your Fall Equinox and Sun in Libra Horoscope 2020, let’s dig a little deeper in astrology though in order to understand why Sun entering Libra will affect you and just how.

What to expect during the Sun’s transit in Libra

Sun enters Libra, the sign of ‘We’, on September 22nd, 2020 and that’s some of the best news your horoscope holds for you in a while when it comes to relationships.

In order to better understand how this affects you we’re going to have to look into some astrology basics. For starters, Libra belongs to the Cardinal Signs and like all Cardinal Signs, Libra ‘announces’ the start of a season. For the northern hemisphere it signals the beginning of autumn, for the southern that of spring. Cardinal Signs are true believers of ‘out with the old, in with the new’. Change is the one word that would characterize all Cardinal Signs and the ultimate goal? To change things for the better.

Hence, sociable Libra is after improving the quality of all your relationships. But since Libra is all about balance (its symbol, the Scale, gives us a hint), it certainly isn’t willing to change things in favor of one of the two parties of any interaction. On the contrary: Libra seeks to bring about balance. Disrespect, indifference or unjust behavior cannot be tolerated by this sign.

Things you should and shouldn't do during Fall Equinox 2020

Things to do: 

Be nice to others. This probably covers it but let’s go into detail…

Pay attention to others. Listen to their words carefully.

Show them that you care about the things troubling them.

Show them that you care about them.

Be as helpful as possible. These are challenging times for all of us, as it already is.

Put on your best smile. Happiness is indeed contagious…

…And so are good manners. We all get a bit pressed some times and tend to forget them. Mind them though. They do make all the difference.

Things not to do: 

Don’t forget to mind your own wants and needs.

Speak up when something’s bothering you or doesn’t sit right with you.

Do not let injustice go unpunished (if it’s within your power of course)

Do not maintain relationships in which you are either mistreated or neglected.

How will the Fall Equinox and Sun in Libra 2020 affect my Zodiac Sign? 

It is very useful knowing what to expect during the Fall Equinox 2020 and the transition of Sun in Libra 2020 or, in other words, where to channel your energy during this period.

You can definitely expect for all things around relationships to be in focus so this is a chance not to be missed if you’re seeking to correct past mistakes, possibly right a wrong, make amends with someone close to you, or get closer to someone you haven’t yet had the pleasure to approach. Be courteous during this time and you’ll get a Libra ‘push’ forwards – this is the transit’s ‘gift’ to those eager for change. 


Relationship time! How well do you interact with others? How well do you know someone? It's time to focus on all the ways that you and the world connect, whether that is your other half, a stranger or those that could cheer you on or stand in your way. Are you single and looking for a relationship? A light shines ahead helping you find your other half. Pour some energy into it!

Allowing yourself to be dragged into other people’s sticky messes is like voluntarily throwing yourself over Niagara Falls with no Superman to rescue you. Try swerving instead. Standing up to an intimidating person/situation kinda feels like the right thing to do, rather than continue downplaying it.

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Frankly, dear Taurus, you don’t give a damn! It’s this kind of attitude that gets a person a reputation! Your rebellion could take the form of toe-curling candidness, yet you also want to come out of today with no regrets, but even charming, velvety-voiced you can’t have it both ways. Or can you?

Work comes to the forefront. In some ways you’re still in fun-mode and not really in the mood for putting in any elbow grease. Still, come September 23rd, you realize it’s time to put in some effort and fulfill various chores and duties you’ve been putting off. By the same token, it’s a great time to initiate a diet and exercise plan to take you through the winter and establish a good work-life balance to help you get the most out of both.

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Fun. Remember that? Might you also broach a subject that was a no-go area? Possibly. Where you were getting big ‘back off’ vibes, the person in question now seems willing to spill, but only to a tantalizing point. Someone close could surprise you with their sincerity, or are they laying it on too thick, dear, sweet, charming, witty Gemini?

Let the star within you shine forth, dear Gemini! Your creativity is awakened with the sun in Libra and the little kid inside you is eager to come out and play. The leaves are falling off the trees and painting the world in beautiful colors putting you in the mood for love. Enjoy the romance! Have a bit of fun! If you’re serious about trying for a baby, now’s the time to give it a go.

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It’s a ‘short walk’ to find out what you need to know today, dear Cancer. That’s fine by you because you’re in one of your less physically active moods anyway, like trying to will the refrigerator nearer to the couch. Your brain’s whirring away like mad so you’ll need many kinds of nourishment. ‘Who blabbed?’ might be a question on your lips at some point.

The autumn equinox signifies a homecoming for you, dear Cancer. Where is home? Give that some thought. Whether you’ve been traveling physically or elsewhere emotionally, September 22nd focuses your energies and brings you right back to your center. Time to touch base, fortify your fortress and root yourself firmly for the coming winter. Family, property and residential matters could come to the fore, calling for more of your energy and time.

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You’re like a palm tree swaying in the breeze, dear Leo, and even though it’s fall and everything is falling off the trees, you’re holding on firmly to your coconuts! You don’t intend on loss, you see, and the road to acquisition and gain is arrived at via some pretty shrewd negotiations. There’s such a thing as trying to be too smart though. 

Like the star that you are, dear Leo, you excel in social situations and where there is an audience to wow and people to mesmerize with your presence. Fall kicks in with lots of plans, movement and talks for you and you’ll be incredibly busy if you work in communications of any kind. If you find a moment you could benefit from a short weekend away just before you settle down for winter to lap up the rays and invigorate your weary bones.

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Are you feeling proud before fall? You appear calm and ready for what the new season will bring, but being a bit pouty can mar your enjoyment of this significant cosmic full-stop-new-paragraph. You may decide to tackle a financial discussion from a creative standpoint, or to root out something creative that you’re good at.

Financial considerations and negotiations start taking more of your attention as your birthday season comes to an end and you ready yourself for autumn. It’s more a matter of priorities and you may have to lay your to do list out in front of you and decide what’s most important, then invest your time and energy in that. Relationships and resources that are assets in your life make you sit up and take notice.

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Happy birthday dear Libra! It’s your birthday season and just like a teenager back at school you want to look your best, find out who’s who and what’s been going down, make sure you get in with the right crowd and - why not? - throw a highly exclusive birthday bash to make it all gel together. You’re feeling stronger with more vitality with the sun in your sign. Now’s the time to make an impression!

It’s spider season for some of you and when spiders venture indoors they’re horny and on the hunt looking for a mate. But you’re gonna have to do exactly the opposite if you’re looking for a mate, dear Libra, even though travel kinda goes against today’s homing instinct.

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Autumn’s arrival always brings a bit of introspection for you, dear Scorpio. Your birthday is not quite here yet and your emotions are in flux. The truth is you’re taking stock. As you make the transition from summer to winter, take a moment out of your busy schedule, address unfinished business and reconnect with your spirit to make sure you’re ‘all there’. Your next birthday will be a great big new beginning. Get ready!

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You can blame it on the sunshine, you can blame it on the moonlight, or you can blame it on the boogie if you like, dear Sagittarius, instead of pinning the blame on the donkey that should get it. Or you can forget it and move on. In other – possibly related – news, a friend may just have a point. Your social conscience wakes up. 

Autumn is one great big party for you, dear Sagittarius! You’re naturally outgoing and as everybody gathers for winter you get to meet and interact with a whole lot of people who bring light, warmth and energy into your life. Give it your all! Network, make friends, collaborate and pour your energies toward your dreams and ambitions! This is a sociable time, when you’re surrounded by friends and like minded folks.

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Walking in a shadow or apologizing for what you think is so last season, dear Capricorn. Being able to intellectualize the way that you feel, or about something you did that you’d rather forget just to get yourself off the hook, is one of the equinox’s blessings. Biting sarcasm is very funny at first, but rapidly gets tedious. 

The moment has come for you to take charge, dear Capricorn! You’re a goal-oriented sign in any case and so the official end of the summer should bring you that extra piece of motivation you need to push to the top. The sun in Libra sheds light and clarity on where you’re headed and fuels you with the energy you need to get there. You’re the boss! Take the lead and let others follow.

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Some crisp and clever character is so terribly incisive, dear Aquarius, but this shouldn’t be confused with, or give way to, thinking that we know what’s best for others. If only we could close our ears like we can our eyes, huh? Even the most spiritually vacant among you can’t help but want to believe in some kind of make-believe.

You’re a rebel going against the stream, as always, and autumn could be just the moment when you decide the time has come to take a good long holiday, dear Aquarius. You’re inspired to let your mind wander and dream up a grander life. Failing actual travel, big ideas invigorate you now and you’re ready to reach out, spread your message and make your life bigger and better than what it was before.

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Toast. That’s what anybody that underestimates you becomes today, dear Pisces. Not only can you throw shade further than an Olympic javelin champ, but you won’t lose your sense of balance as you do, or in anything else that you do either. You’re v fair-minded. The personal touch works like a charm. 

Relationships are hogging the spotlight at the moment, dear Pisces, and the sun’s move into Libra doesn’t change that one little bit. What it sheds light on is issues of trust within a relationship. Do you feel close to your partner? Do you mistrust others and keep them at bay? Or maybe there are financial matters to be resolved between the two of you? Get to the heart of the matter. Strengthen the bonds that nourish your soul and ready yourself for winter.

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