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Friday 13th June - Lucky Full Moon in Sagittarius

Friday 13th June - Lucky Full Moon in Sagittarius
The full moon in Sagittarius on Friday 13th June kicks superstitious negativity surrounding this feared day into touch. And did you know that the number 13 is actually considered to be lucky in numerology circles?
The sign of Sagittarius trumpets in a whole host of great things for us all. Like the moon itself coming to the end of a cycle, so too do we in our daily lives in some respects, when the moon is at its furthest point from the sun like this.
Sagittarius is an optimistic, wide-ranging and long-sighted sign so we’ll all benefit from an upbeat and immensely positive energy in the face of any other cosmic turbulence, yes that means you retrograde Mercury!

Here are some of this full moon’s brightest assets:

Sense of completion
Resolution arrives for a swathe of us, and anything that was begun at the time of the new moon in Gemini on the 28th May especially, now feels like it’s either coming to an end, or that scenarios that were mired by all manner of what-have-you now receive a booster shot. Although with Mercury backwards there’ll inevitably still be some loose ends flapping in the wind.
Mind over matter
Some of us will be hit by the realisation that we can take what we’ve been working on/ruminating on, and offer it up to the wider world with greater confidence. Ideas, ideas and more ideas spring from the sun in Gemini, and in even greater abundance when activated by this lucky full moon in Sagittarius. It’s about shooting the ball through the hoop, even in the face of some pretty nifty defence.
Thinking more philosophically about problems comes naturally when the moon is feeling lucky, and it switches on blue-sky thinking and ensures that we always see the bigger picture. It all comes down to the power of thinking ourselves successful, rich, loved etc.
Sagittarius is a sign that likes to keep topping up the glass, and this full moon happens at the end of the week, so it could very well herald party time. If not a party then it could be some sort of big announcement, possibly connected to somebody deciding to up sticks and move a distance away, possibly abroad.
It’s all about the big idea, being a bit of a terrier, and not taking ‘no’ for an answer.  The positive side of the Sagittarian ideal is expanded horizons; its shadowy side is an inflated sense of our own importance, so there’s an even finer line between confidence and arrogance. It can also serve to whet our appetites for the good life, so this might be a weekend when the diet takes a bit of a beating. If this is the outcome, then enjoy it without wrapping it up in guilt.
You Should Be So Lucky
Waves of optimism break over our lives, and with them a fair share of lucky energy. Sagittarius has a habit of being in the right place at the right time, and there’s lots of this energy to go round right now, so it’s entirely up to each and every one of us to grab it.
The Joy of Sag
It’s a two-magpie kind of time, and Sagittarius is the joker of the pack, so a sense of humour always comes in handy, likewise not taking scenarios or people too seriously. This can help us take a step back and not invest too heavily in other people’s emotional dramas and woes.
Whenever Sagittarius is involved, the urge to travel for a holiday and adventure grips us. Some of us therefore might be hit by the wanderlust right here and now, or be consumed by a need to gather the family around and plan a holiday. Maybe something slightly more adventurous than usual - even venturing a little bit further this weekend than you would ordinarily. 

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