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Full Moon (Almost Lunar Eclipse) in Aquarius: Future Echoes

Full Moon (Almost Lunar Eclipse) in Aquarius: Future Echoes

We have a full moon in Aquarius that’s an ‘almost’ lunar eclipse on August 18th at 10:26am British summer time. This full moon brings Future Echoes - that is, it gives you a taste of a bigger trend that’s yet to unfold in 2017 and 2018 so watch this space!

What on earth is this ‘almost’ business about? Apparently, NASA first noted this full moon as a penumbral lunar eclipse (when the earth’s outer shadow passes over the moon) but then removed it from the list because the earth’s shadow barely grazes the moon’s rim. This fails to satisfy NASA’s definition of what it means to have a lunar eclipse - although apparently some websites still list it as such.

Still, this ‘almost’ eclipse hullabaloo cannot fail to draw astrologers’ interest. Maybe nothing earth-shattering will happen. Nonetheless, August 18th draws your attention to the areas of your horoscope that the eclipses are moving into and rather soonish - if not now - in six month’s time! This month may not bring the supercharged series of events that an eclipse would, but it will give you a glimpse into an area of your life that's about to undergo major changes! Future Echoes, as we like to call them (remember Red Dwarf?). Read all about the 2016 eclipses to get a sense of the major transition that you’re in this year, as the eclipses move across a large part of your horoscope. 

Eclipse or no, a full moon is still a time of heightened emotion. Something in your life is about to become very clear by August 18th making way for a new approach. Just see what culminates for you this August and take note!

This ‘almost’ eclipse full moon is at 25 Aquarius, harmonising with Uranus in Aries. This is a friendly influence bringing liberation, renewal, excitement and surprises! It will jar you most if you have planets or points around 25 degrees of the fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. If, on the other hand, you have planets or points around 25 degrees Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius or Libra, you can expect a refreshing change of pace.

Your Aquarius (almost eclipsed) Full Moon Horoscope

How does this Aquarius full moon almost-but-not-quite lunar eclipse affect your sign? Where can you expect 'future echoes' to give you a glimpse of what’s to come? Read your star-sign! If you would rather receive a more personal touch, based on your unique birth-chart, try one of our uncanny astrologers on 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470).


You may hear surprising news about a friend in the days surrounding this full moon or you may witness sudden changes in your community. These are future echoes of a bigger trend that is about to unfold in 2017 and 2018, so watch this space! If you are born around April 15, expect events to electrify you! Either way, get ready to awaken to a Brand New You this August, renew your relationship with others and refresh your goals and dreams. You may also suddenly become very popular and make new and exciting friends. This is a very exciting full moon for you so get out there and have some fun! Your summer 2016 horoscope's got more to tell…


It’s time for a fresh start in your career. Something that you have been working on seems to be coming full circle, allowing you to celebrate your achievements, bringing you clarity and opening new pathways before you. These are future echoes of a much bigger trend that will unfold in 2017 and 2018, so watch this space! How the world sees you - i.e. your public image - is about to undergo major changes in the coming two-three years. You may even completely rethink your life direction. Be ready for inspiration to that effect to come in your dreams and through sudden flashes of insight that will show you the way. August is the time to begin setting fresh goals. You will feel the awakening energies of August 18th even more strongly if you are born around May 15th! Uncanny dream? Check it out in our dream meanings!


Pack a bag! Your travel bug is starting to bite! Fresh experiences are calling to you, as this August full moon clears the fog in the distant horizon, opening new and breathtaking vistas for you to explore. These are future echoes of a much bigger trend that will unfold in 2017 and 2018, so watch this space! Be ready to take off at a moment’s notice! Arm yourself with a portable computer if need be. It may be an exciting and rather unpredictable friend that awakens your travel lust, urging you to tag along. Or it could be your own dreams and ambitions that call on you to brave the unknown. Either way, adventure beckons! You will feel this even more strongly this August if you are born around June 15th. At a loss as to where to go? Try these holiday destinations from heaven!


How are your finances? If you wish they got better, your wish is about to come true. It won’t be a smooth ride, but you can rest assured that your financial picture will change radically by January 2019. August 18th brings your attention to Big Money in the form of grants, sponsorships, investments, bonuses and loans. It also highlights taxes, joint finance and other financial commitments you have toward others. Watch this space, for these are future echoes of a much bigger trend that will unfold in 2017 and 2018. Begin setting your finances with the taxman, the bank or your spouse in order now. Plus, think: is there any way you could make your money work harder for you? Have you thought of exploring avenues for passive income? Your career may take a surprising turn or it may be a parent, boss or other official who inspires you to make these changes - more so if you are born around July 15th. Try your daily career tarot reading for extra clues.


Single or hitched, get ready for your relationship status to undergo major changes. This may not happen right away this August, but watch this space! Whatever does occur in the days surrounding this full moon speaks of a much bigger trend that is coming your way in 2017 and 2018!  Single? Your single days are numbered. Tired of waiting for you sweetheart to propose? You may not have to wait long. Relationship on the rocks? If you cannot hit refresh, get ready to call it a day. Your love potential tarot reading can tell you more about where you’re headed. This is a super-exciting full moon, when others bring happy surprises that completely blow what you thought was and wasn’t possible out of the water. Long distance relationship? Why not? Interfaith marriage? No problem! Your excitement and willingness to explore something new is even more palpable if you are born around August 15th.


How’s your health? Virgo is rather health-conscious, but with all that’s been going on you may have let things slide. Time to turn over a new leaf! The same holds for work. If it’s all become a bit too routine, expect things to stir in the office this August! These are future echoes of a much bigger trend that will unfold in 2017 and 2018, so watch this space! Use the clarity and renewal that August brings to take a fresh approach to your work, daily routine, health and diet. Get ready to discover a blind spot too, especially if you are born around September 15th. If this takes you by surprise, our psychic reading of the day may have a lateral clue to share. This full moon may also bring an unexpected gift or bonus for work well done.


How’s your love life? Non-existent? Get ready for a fresh breeze to pull at your heart-strings! Trapped in a loveless marriage? Too timid to start your own business? No more! All this is about to change as the cosmos is bent on increasing your happiness quota in 2017 and 2018, starting now. This is the happiest and most romantic full moon of the year for you. If you’re hitched, plan something special with your sweetheart. Take the kids along! If you are single, get out and about because love at first sight is a distinct possibility! Yes, others in your life are very unpredictable of late. But this time the universe is on your side! Get ready for someone to run shivers down your spine, especially if you are born around October 15th. Your love life forecast awaits, if you wish for greater detail on that front!


This full moon highlights your home, family, any real estate you may hold and your overall living situation, all of which are on the threshold of major change. Watch this space, for events now reflect future echoes of a much bigger trend that will unfold in 2017 and 2018! Sudden developments around your work, health or daily routine urge you to reconsider your overall residence and family set up. If you suddenly lose an assistant or have to move house due to a new job, this will liberate you to move forward in your life, even if it feels jarring at first. You will feel especially shook up (but also liberated) if you are born around November 15th. If you need specialist advice but are hesitant to call a psychic counsellor, check out exactly what to expect from a psychic reading in our psychic blog.


Networking, blogging, writing, learning, sales, trips and meetings are all about to get very exciting. Ditto for your school or neighbourhood, where a new neighbour or class-mate could easily steal your heart! Are you two compatible? Check for compatibility between the star-signs! Events this August ignite your thirst of knowledge, travel, communication and creativity. They also awaken your romantic streak! Circulate if you’re single, for your immediate world has suddenly got very exciting. These are future echoes of a much bigger trend that will unfold in 2017 and 2018 and put you firmly on the map. Watch this space! Sudden news may bring clarity and inspiration now. A brother or sister may also surprise you. This is a fun and joyous full moon for you - especially if you are born around December 15th.


Money is a major life focus for all of us, more so for a Capricorn. Good news! Your financial situation is about to improve! This may be connected to a real-estate project or to changes around your home, family or country of residence that free you up to go out and make more cash! Either way, watch this space, for this is part of a bigger trend that’s about to unfold in 2017 and 2018, completely changing your financial situation. Make the most of this full moon by taking stock of how you’re doing and thinking up novel ways to cash in on your talents and resources! If your birthday falls around January 15th, a family or residential matter may bring a sudden expense, but nothing you cannot handle. Get tips on how to make the most of your assets in the star signs and money!


Your life is about to take off! This full moon in your sign may not be a lunar eclipse but it brings future echoes of a trend of exciting changes coming your way very soon in 2017 and 2018. Get ready to enter a new life-phase, as important personal goals and projects begin to come full circle. This August full moon puts your needs, desires and personality in the spotlight. It brings  you clarity, inspiration and the resolve to go after what you want. It also introduces you to exciting people and ideas to get you moving! August 18th gives you a buzz - especially if you are born around February 15th. Where’s your life headed? Get your unique life destiny report on special offer now!


You’re still in the midst of major life changes but the August 18th full moon signals that it’s time for these to start winding down. Projects, places and faces may start to leave your life over the next few years and this may begin as early as this August. Watch what comes up, for these are future echoes of a much bigger trend that will unfold in 2017 and 2018. What do you need to let go of? What are you holding onto out of habit, when in fact it serves neither you nor your changing priorities any more? These are the kinds of questions to ask yourself this August. Get an insight into your deeper emotional nature with your numerology soul number. It’s also an excellent time to clear out your closets and recycle old electronics. You may be surprised at how much all your junk could fetch!

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