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Full Moon in Aquarius August 2020

Full Moon in Aquarius August 2020

An Aquarius Full Moon marks a fun and sociable month on August 3rd, 2020.

This is the perfect time to stand out and be the individual that you are.Aquarius is the one sign in the zodiac that cannot be lumped together like all the rest. E.g. Libra is naturally a people-pleaser and doesn’t like conflicts, Cancer is very sensitive and goes into its shell when hurt, Capricorn likes structure and wants to plan and strategise, Aries likes to be first and start new projects but doesn’t like to finish them and so on. 

Aquarius is the sign that is unique. The biggest insult you can give an Aquarian is to say that they look like someone else you know. Aquarians need to be different, and if they feel as though you are trying to stifle their freedom, you’ll see them walk straight out of the door.

If your natal Moon is in Aquarius you are great to have around during a crisis as you have the ability to detach from your emotions. That isn’t to say that you don’t feel the emotions, just that you can focus your mind in a different direction that takes the charge away from powerful emotions. (Check out your birth-chart!)

You can come across as cool and aloof and in a relationship as it’s quite difficult for you to allow yourself to connect deeply with another person. You are great with superficial friendships and acquaintances, but when it comes to expressing deeper feelings, this can be a challenge to you. As long as you are in a relationship where your partner gives you lots of free rein, you can thrive, but if there are too many expectations and commitments demanded of you, then you’ll probably prefer to be alone.

This Full Moon in Aquarius is a great time to

  • Network either in person or on the internet
  • Socialise and meet new people
  • Join a team or an organisation that you are interested in
  • Learn some new technical skills
  • Focus on your spiritual growth
  • Go to an inspirational seminar or workshop
  • Try out anything connected with energy healing e.g. acupuncture, Reiki
  • Come up with a new idea that is on the cutting edge
  • Study astrology, tarot, UFO’s, aliens or anything metaphysical
  • Think about the future – allow your mind free rein – nothing is out of bounds
  • Express your uniqueness – dare to be different

During the time of a Full Moon, the Sun is in the opposite sign, which in this case is Leo. The key to making the best use of the energies during a Full Moon is to find a way to balance the two opposing signs: Leo and Aquarius. Leo wants you to find and develop your unique gifts while Aquarius wants you to use them productively to make a contribution to the world. If you are bored to tears in your current job or work, now is the time to break out and to look at a vocation that would really excite you. Maybe you need to learn some new skills, go back to school and get extra qualifications.

On a world scale, this may be leadership (Sun in Leo) which brings people together and which has repercussions for the whole community (Aquarius Full Moon). Or it may be a single creative spark which starts a whole new trend! 

How will the Aquarius Full Moon in August 2020 affect me?

On a personal level, this is your chance to join hands with others toward a creative endeavour. It's also an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and showcase your uniqueness. This full moon can see you implement your vision for change, witness a creative project reach fruition, or observe your personal contribution to the wider community. 

This Full Moon in Aquarius is a clear signal that it is time for change. Here is how it will affect your zodiac sign:


Something big is going down in your social circle, dear Aries! A friend is about to announce major changes or you might be attending an important social event. If you have an invitation, go! It could be life changing. Others are lucky for you and if you’re single you could meet someone new at an event. A friendship could come to an end or the interaction between you might change drastically.

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You know when a train suddenly changes track? That’s what’s happening with you dear Taurus. The cosmos suddenly flicks the railroad switch and you find yourself headed somewhere new! This might manifest as a dramatic career move, a new position or a shift in life goals and priorities. No worries. Your excellent skills will see you through!

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This is a break from your daily routine, dear Gemini! You’re stepping way out of your comfort zone - either because of a big international deal, a communications project or travel abroad. Either way, this helps unleash your creativity and brings much joy! When in foreign territory, stay emotionally detached and open minded. Broaden your horizons!

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If you’re praying and hoping for change in your finances then this Full Moon brings good news. You might close a lucrative deal, get a loan or sponsorship you’ve been seeking or eliminate an old debt. Your home, family or a property you own is lucky for you - either as an investment or helping you release the necessary funds. Events affect you and your loved ones too.

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Get ready for major relationship changes, dear Leo! If you’re single, not for long! It’s time to see things differently where your relationships are concerned. Put away the past for good, forget your ex and make a fresh start. Get out there, travel and network! This brings you relationship luck. A short trip could rejuvenate your relationship if you're attached or bring publicity. 

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It’s time to fine-tune your high tech device dear Virgo and by that we mean your mean, lean working machine that is your body. Change your weight set point or change your lifestyle. A health crisis could motivate these changes. Alternatively, you could be working toward a big deadline, delivering close to this full moon and getting handsomely paid for it too.

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Love, romance and creative self expression, that’s where it’s at, dear Libra! If you’re dating you’re ready to move to the next level. If it's going nowhere you might now call it quits. A serious relationship could see passion rekindled or even a pregnancy. Your career could also see a major shift, freeing up room for you to enjoy creative freedom and put your stamp on the world! 

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Where’s home? Where do you belong? Old ideals about where to set up base, about your home, property or family come up short. At the very least, you’ve gone as far as you can down that road. Close the door on it. Just as a door closes another opens! It’s time to build a new and more secure foundation for yourself. How? By pursuing your most ambitious career goals and showing courage and leadership as you step out into the world!

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Are you thinking too small? An idea has reached the end of the line and requires change on your part. If you want to connect with others and make inroads you’ve gotta inspire them with your vision! You’ve got to think big! Something shifts around a sibling, your neighbourhood or immediate environment, giving you a fresh perspective. A media or sales project ends or enters a new phase.

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You seem to be writing a big check to reach a goal, closing a financial deal that raises your status or getting a raise alongside a better position in the company.  If a source of income dries up, it’s time to consider monetising untapped talents. Financial changes are down the line and it’s time to lift up the old money mattress and get things moving. 

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You’ve scored a big personal victory, dear Aquarius! Something happens that makes you see yourself in a new light and new desires are born within you. This might be related to a big international collaboration or a journey abroad that chips away at your old self to create something new.  A major breakthrough could be in store.

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Big secrets are coming to light, dear Pisces! One of these might be a game changer. Your subconscious is playing up, spitting out hidden thoughts and shedding light on a few demons. It’s all for the best and revealing the truth could bring you closer to someone. Make some time to be alone and let old emotional debris be washed away.

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