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Full Moon in Cancer 2020

Full Moon in Cancer 2020

This Cancer full moon happens on Saturday, 30th December 2020 and it's a big one! Why? A Cancer full moon is always highly emotional. So while things are a little intense right now, they contain the promise of much progress, transformation and creative resolution! This promises to be a really magical, if a little emotional, New Year's Eve. Feel the love, share the magic, eat, drink and be merry! Happy New Year!

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Full Moon in Cancer brings emotional revelations!

The Moon rules our feelings, needs and instinctive reactions - and it's at maximum strength in Cancer and when Full. Put the two together and this Cancer Full Moon is going to be a veritable roller-coaster of tantrums, tears of joy and of sorrow and emotional highs and lows!   

It is no accident that werewolves come forth on the full moon or that the word "lunatic" stems from our Moon. The Moon rules our instinctive, animal nature. Accordingly, this Full Moon in Cancer has the power to bring out our inner pre-verbal selves, making us more needy, irrational and insecure. It may send us into an emotional frenzy, taking over completely and drowning out everything else!

Get ready for major emotional revelations - especially where your intimate environment, home and family are concerned! Whatever people hunger for is going to make itself felt to a powerful extent, making it impossible to hold back moody behaviour, tears or tantrums. 

This high feeling tide is a chance to be there for your loved ones, show them how much you care and let them do the same. For, underneath all that hell-raising swell of emotion, Moon in Cancer just wants to feel safe, loved and nurtured. Like a small child, it only seeks to have all its natural needs tended to. Kissing it better may well make it go away today!  Best tread sensitively, treat people kindly and have a box of tissues ready... 

A festive Full Moon for a special New Year's Eve!

This is a New Year's Eve made for some home-loving fun with a festive full moon in Cancer -  the all out family sign - on December 22nd. This is a truly special New Year's EveRacking your brains as to what to get someone?

With the moon full in its own sign, romance, tenderness and nostalgia are all on the menu this year. Expect powerful highs and lows and tender, touchy feelings all round. And if you happen to go a little “loony” worry not - it’s all part of this New Year's Eve emotional bonanza! 

You’re in luck if you like cooking for everyone or visiting family, for moon in Cancer is all about gathering your nearest and dearest around the hearth and sharing scrumptious home cooked foods. Enjoy this rare, emotionally rich and magical New Year's Eve!

If family is not your thing, then you’ll be glad to know that Cancer is also an incredibly romantic sign. This New Year's Eve could provide the perfect setting for you to nest, snuggle up with your sweetheart and exchange love and affection under the silver rays. Have a photo album close to hand in case there’s a bout of wistfulness. If all else fails escape into a tearjerking movie with tissues close to hand and let emotion flow, as this full moon in Cancer is full of feeling! 

This full moon will light up a different astrological house for each star-sign. Read on to find out where you can expect the waters to rush in!

How will the Full Moon in Cancer 2020 affect you?

This full Moon has a major revelation for each zodiac sign! Where does the full moon shine a spotlight for you this New Year's Eve?  Read on to find out. And don't forget to read or special articles for this festive season!  For a more in depth look at your future, call our friendly service centre team on 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470) to book a reading.


This Cancer Full Moon is throwing a spotlight on your home and family. Things in your personal life may get intense and professional pressures may clash with your personal life putting you bang in the middle. Your need for warmth and security is all powerful and you may feel quite emotional today. Embrace your inner parent to carry you through. 

This New Year's Eve is simply made for a magical family celebration. Opt for a private, cozy affair or go for a visit to your family home. You may feel emotional and nostalgic about the past and you will enjoy the safety of having your nearest and dearest around you. Even if you are generally quite a toughie this day is guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings. Do you find yourself nowhere near your family this New Year's Eve? Escape the mundane and feel the love any way you can. Rejoice in past memories, watch a film or volunteer at a homeless shelter. Spread the love. It's a time to feel connected, forgive and let go. 


This Cancer Full Moon is throwing a spotlight on your communications and exchanges with others. Words are packed with emotion and may tend toward exaggeration, with revelations coming right out of the blue! Try to avoid whining or gossip - remember to look at the bigger picture! 

New Year's Eve brings a powerful emotional high that you want to share as you are feeling very sociable. You need familiar people around you with whom you can express yourself freely. Pick up the phone and go visit neighbours, family and friends. You may be at the hub of activity, acting as a glue that brings people together this New Year's Eve. Expect emotionally rewarding conversations around the dinner table. If you find yourself far away from your nearest and dearest, then wishes should be pouring in through the telephone, email and whatever communication channels you have available. 


This Cancer Full Moon is throwing a spotlight on your self-worth and finances. Revelations may awaken fears of not getting your dues or losing what and who you value most. And this may clash with your more freedom-loving ideals. The key is to remember that every exchange involves two parties. Why not focus on what's most important to you both, reach out maturely and handle the situation together? 

This New Year's Eve shines a light on all the best that life has to offer. It may be all about the food and presies this year as you cannot wait to see what goodies Santa has brought you… Or it may be all about making someone who you love feel valued and appreciated. As you tend to feel uncomfortable around this much emotion, it’s all about the practical expressions of love that you can muster this New Year's Eve. How can you ground your feelings? How can you consolidate your position? Magic is in the air and it has the power to condense into little particles of gold-dust for you, so enjoy! 


As a crab you feel full moons very strongly in any case and this Cancer Full Moon is putting the spotlight squarely on You! You may feel very sensitive and moody, with revelations affecting both your relationships and your career. If you are acting like a small child, then look to your partner to bring a much needed mature touch. 

You are the absolute star of the show this New Year's Eve with your ruler, the moon, coming into power in its own sign, which is yours! The world is suddenly overflowing with feeling and igniting your imagination, while yummy foods and cozy activities take place all around you. You find yourself right in your watery snug element this New Year's Eve but with a twist: there’s an exotic touch to it all that fires up your imagination and gives you strange dreams and visions of things past and future. You may want to add a foreign touch to the cooking, regale everyone with travelling tales or even organise an escape after-party. Everyone is a little loony today, but this is nothing you cannot handle. This is a day of high spirits, so enjoy it to the max. 


This Cancer Full Moon is throwing a spotlight on your need for some down-time. You need peace and quiet today, for you are very susceptible to any emotional disquiet floating around. Why not take a time out and listen out for inner spiritual and psychological revelations? You could immerse yourself in simple, practical tasks, take a yoga class or do something that grounds you and feeds your spirit. 

There’s something magical about this New Year's Eve for you, dear Leo with a full moon in the most spiritual part of your chart. Even if you’re normally quite an outgoing sign, do steal enough time away from the crowds this New Year's Eve to re-establish your connection with the spirits. Have to spend the day surrounded by people? Let it all wash over you… Just lie back, sip your drink and enjoy the gentle ripple of emotion all around. You may need more intimacy this New Year's Eve, so why not avoid the usual crowds and slip away for a magical tet a tet? And if you feel like a bit of a recluse, don’t worry: your soul is calling out for attention this New Year's Eve. This is the perfect, spiritually charged moment to retreat and recharge your batteries. Take time to be by yourself if need be and let your feelings out. Trust your intuition as it will be uncanny. 


This Cancer Full Moon is throwing a spotlight on your friendships and your hopes and dreams for the future. Mayhem in your social community may have you all in a tizzy today with revelations urging you to go after your dreams. Best thing to do is find your creative centre, commit to your own joy and happiness and follow your heart. 

This New Year's Eve is all about relationships, friends and family for you - everyone gathering together to share the love. You’re feeling extremely sociable this year and get-togethers are bound to prove highly emotionally rewarding. With feelings on overdrive, people may be acting a little crazy today, but this is nothing you cannot handle given your characteristic patience and discrimination. Whether you are planning to visit family, be with friends or spend time with your sweetheart, you are bound to feel an intoxicating blend of friendship, romance and snug closeness this New Year's Eve. Let others put you under their magic spell! 


This Cancer Full Moon is throwing a spotlight on your career and public image. You may suddenly feel incredibly emotional about where you are headed, and other people's reactions. If you find the public spotlight too much, or if your professional concerns get you all worked up, you can turn to your home and family for a steadying touch. 

This New Year's Eve puts you in a place of honour - whether this is at the head of the table, in charge of the preparations, or in some other position of respect. A full moon in your career house right on New Year's Eve suggests that something important to your goals and overall direction comes to fruition right on cue this New Year's Eve. Are you making something official? Has a work project culminated? Or is a VIP showing you special attention? A parent may be the apple of your eye and you may be working away to make everything just so. The world may be clogged with more emotion than you are comfortable around but little things can spark your imagination in this magical realm, showing you the way forward. If duty calls you away from home, you are sure to make an impression. All hail! 


This Cancer Full Moon is throwing a spotlight on your vision for the future. There is something expansive about this full moon, which brings a thirst for travel abroad, a need for expert knowledge or the urge to preach to a wider audience... News may cause nervous tension and your personal stance on something may attract too much attention. When in doubt, turn to reason and the facts. 

This is a New Year's Eve like no other, dear Scorpio, filled to the brim with love, romance and sheer happiness! The spotlight falls on your hopes and dreams for the future, especially where these are inspired by your new squeeze (that you can’t keep your hands off), a personal project or the birth of a child. If you happen to be travelling, then this will truly be a holiday to remember. You are seeing the world through rose coloured glasses on this magical New Year's Eve. And why not? It’s New Year's Eve after all - a time to believe in magic! You are feeling pretty loved up and carefree this year, able to indulge in all kinds of flights of fancy. Are you in charge of the entertainment? The wine? The afterparty? Perfect! 


This Cancer Full Moon is throwing a spotlight on the most private and intense part of your chart, making you feel emotional and awakening deep insecurities. A relationship or financial matter may set off alarm bells in your belly. You may realise that it is time to make a deeper commitment to a project or person. To avoid getting caught up in the depths, why not focus on the things that you can taste, smell and quantify? 

You are normally a party animal but this year’s festivities are all about home and family, dear Sagittarius. Have you just got a mortgage on a house? Or maybe you just moved in with your sweetheart? Whatever it is, this New Year's Eve brings blessings of a private and personal nature. This might be an influx of cash toward your dream house, it may be the birth of a baby that enchants your abode, or a powerful encounter with someone that awakens deep feelings within you. You are not one to wallow in emotion usually but this New Year's Eve is super-charged, so best spend it around your nearest and dearest. It’s time to say good bye to the past and step forth as a new-born babe. And what better time to do this than on this magical New Year's Eve? 


This Cancer Full Moon is a relationship roller-coaster for you, throwing a spotlight on your partner, who may be cast into the role of a small irrational child, while you are the mature and powerful one. If your significant other is acting up and upsetting your home, then remember to treat them kindly - you are the mature one after all... If it gets too much best return to your own centre and let the storm pass. 

This New Year's Eve is all about those wonderful people that give you a sense of warmth and companionship. Get ready for a wonderful day, surrounded by the people who mean the world to you. If you are having a family get-together, get ready to shower your loved ones with all the attention you can muster! Your world is literally sprinkled with magic due to a wonderful someone - or someones - who enrich your life. As a Capricorn you are probably a bit of a workaholic, but you can forget about work today, as others take you out of your shell. Alternatively, a short getaway with your partner is bound to prove very romantic. This is a wonderfully sociable and stimulating festive season, when you can do much to renew your bonds and re-establish important relationships. 


This Cancer Full Moon is throwing a spotlight on your working and health routines. A work crisis or sudden news may require your expert invisible hand...  Alternatively a health matter may flare up, setting off all kinds of communications. Whatever it is, make sure to take it easy, rest and recuperate and not over-stress your nervous system. 

Does it fall to you to do all the cooking this year? Or is there some other chore that falls to you because everyone else is simply too busy? Or maybe you’ve been working very hard all the way into New Year's Eve? You seem to have your hands full this New Year's Eve… But this is not without pleasure. There may be rather dreamy financial rewards for instance. Or it may be that you are accomplishing something truly valuable. Besides, occupying yourself with basic tasks is the best way to avoid the emotional madness that will no doubt grip everybody else during this festive full moon. You are not keen on an overflow of sentiment, so you may be happiest escaping into the safety of the kitchen… You’d much rather show a special someone you care through actions, not words - oh sweet pleasure!


This Cancer Full Moon is throwing a spotlight on love and romance, children and creative potential. You may get all emotional with your lover, a child may be acting out, or a creative project may culminate, urging you to ask some important questions. If you have been trying to conceive, or if you are looking for love, today may urge you to renew your efforts. Remember, if things get too much then you can always turn to your friends for support. 

Oh, this is the sweetest possible festive season for you in many many years, dear Pisces! Is it because of the birth of a child? Or maybe you are freshly in love? If not, get ready to fall in love! The world is rosy, romance is all around and love is oh so sweet on this joyful New Year's Eve. This is a happy and carefree New Year's Eve, which will make you feel like a big kid again. No matter your age, you are ready to have some fun! The world around you is charged with a dreamy and fantastical aura as if you are living your very own fairy tale… Well, you are!  You are very much at ease in the realm of feeling and imagination and this is what this New Year's Eve is all about. Enjoy! 

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