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Full Moon in Capricorn 19 July 2016: A Time of Reckoning

Full Moon in Capricorn 19 July 2016: A Time of Reckoning

We have a powerful Full Moon in Capricorn on July 19th 2016 just minutes before midnight. This is a time of reckoning, when you can see what’s real and take measures to improve the structures, defences, and resources that hold your life together. This full moon highlights those at the top and the responsibility they carry, as well as how to regain control of your own life.

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn form a dynamic aspect pattern: they link with Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. This is bound to release pent up anger and pain, directing it towards those who have an obligation to do something about it. This is an explosive yet potentially healing force, allowing you to tend to festering wounds. The full moon is also square Uranus in Aries, which brings an element of surprise! On a positive level, things are finally getting unstuck after months of stalemate. The Moon’s ruler, Saturn in Sagittarius is in a good place, getting support from Venus in Leo and Mercury in Leo. This adds a potentially positive and stabilising influence to talks, relationships and financial matters for the longer term. On the world stage, we may see leaders around the world looking at longer term strategies. For you privately, you can introduce greater stability in some area of your life.

How will this Capricorn full moon affect your sign?

Read on to find out how this Capricorn full moon affects your sign.  Great energy is being unleashed but were is it headed? Read on for clues. If things are unravelling, don't hesitate to contact our friendly psychic readers for some expert help on 0207 111 6384!


You have a chance to channel all your anger and hurt of recent months into your career, improve your social status or direct it toward those who hold positions of authority.  You can now challenge the status quo. Look to your home and family for a more illuminating perspective.  Your weekly career horoscope holds more clues as to how this full moon influences you professionally.

Your Focus during the July 19th Capricorn Full Moon: Career, reputation, public image, responsibilities, parenthood, life direction, bosses, authorities, leaders.  

Positive Potential: You can widen your horizons through a new romance, children or a creative project.


Long-festering anger and pain can lead you to change your philosophy of life. Alternatively, you may find an outlet through travelling or through intellectual pursuits. Legal matters see rapid developments. Your intuition is uncanny. If you’re looking for solutions, you may find meetings and talks with those immediately around you illuminating. Looking for an escape? Check out these holidays from heaven!

Your Focus during the July 19th Capricorn Full Moon: Travel, academia, publishing, VIPs & mentors, education, ideas and philosophy, religion, legal and immigration matters, your future outlook.

Positive Potential: Your home and family give you a financial boost as well as emotional support.


Anger and hurt pent up over months seem to now centre around joint financial matters, whether this is with your marriage partner, bank or investor. Your social circle is full of surprises too. Look to your personal resources for a key to solving your dilemmas.  Your daily money horoscope can offer further clues.

Your Focus during the July 19th Capricorn Full Moon: Joint finances, mergers, loans, taxes, grants, sponsorships, insurance. Intimate associations, emotional and financial interdependencies.  

Positive Potential: Opening communication channels now helps stabilise your relationship.


All kinds of anger and pain, building up over recent months, can find a constructive outlet through others - whether that is finding someone to represent you or someone to partner up with, or whether it is through taking stock of your relationship. Your career is full of surprises. Look to yourself to direct events and take charge. Wondering if you two are meant to be together? Check for compatibility between your star signs.

Your Focus during the July 19th Capricorn Full Moon: Marriage, relationships, business partnerships, agents, contractors, other people, encounters between equals, open enemies, competitors.

Positive Potential: Your talents shine at work; energy invested into employment or health pays off.


Anger and pain you may have stored up in the past could pop out in the form of a health concern or psychosomatic ailment. But you could also channel it constructively into your work.  Your beliefs and faith may be shaken to the core, but you can use your intuition to probe into what is hidden and get to the truth.  Watch your diet - you...star what you eat, after all.

Your Focus during the July 19th Capricorn Full Moon: Work, job, health, hired help, daily routine, schedules, training, skills, projects, diet and exercise, pets, the nitty gritty holding life together.

Positive Potential: Your personal charm and enterprise bring you lasting love and joy.


Your mind may have been poisoned by angry thoughts and through suffering in the hands of others. But this can now find an outlet through having some good old fun, in the bedroom or through personal enterprise and creative pursuits. Your joint finances are fragile. Look to friends and allies for help. And don’t judge a star-sign by its cover - read these facts and myths about the star-signs and set the record straight.

Your Focus during the July 19th Capricorn Full Moon:  Creative outlets, hobbies, sex, love and romance, taking a risk, speculation, fun and recreational pursuits, children, business enterprise.

Positive Potential: Going off the radar brings you inner peace and protection for your home and family. Look into the past.


If you’ve been storing up anger and pain over recent months, these feelings can find a constructive outlet now in restructuring your family, securing your base or throwing yourself into a home-related project. Home is where the heart (or chart!) is and it's time to take stock. Other people are still full of surprises. Look to your parents, your career and responsibilities toward others for solutions. You may need to take charge of the situation or appeal to the relevant authorities.

Your Focus during the July 19th Capricorn Full Moon:  House, home and family, real estate, property and residence, parents, homeland, solitude, inner life, the past, your roots, endings.

Positive Potential: Talks with friends and allies help you get connected and establish your influence.


All your pent up energy, anger and suffering that had nowhere to go in recent months can now finally be expressed. Meetings, talks and short trips help you channel your energies constructively, connect with others and establish more of a presence. Time to get to the facts. Your work (or an assistant) may surprise you. Watch your stress levels. When in doubt, look abroad - or to a more expansive vision - for answers. You can also try a tarot card reading - it’s free!

Your Focus during the July 19th Capricorn Full Moon:  Short trips, neighbourhood, siblings, meetings, communications and transport, networking and ideas, selling, writing and speaking, your immediate environment. 

Positive Potential: Your achievements and reputation boost your self-worth and finances.


Pent up anger and hurt that’s been building up over months can now be channeled into improving your finances. It may be a joint financial issue that illuminates your need to do this and gives you impetus. Your love life may hide surprises - ditto if you own your personal business or are pursuing a creative project, so stay alert. Is he or she really into you? Here are the telltale signs!

Your Focus during the July 19th Capricorn Full Moon:  Ownership. Your finances, earned income, expenses, resources and assets. Your personal values, sense of self worth, possessions and physical body.

Positive Potential: Your hard work and efforts to take charge of your life are received favourably by VIPs. 


This is a time for you to take stock of everything that you are doing with your life. Is this truly what you want? Do you need to do something differently? Anger and suffering that may have been building up over months may now come through in your body. A better channel would be for you to take the initiative and pour your energy into your goals. Home and family matters are unstable, but others help you clarify what you want.  See if your actions are in line with your destiny with your life-destiny report - now on special deal!!

Your Focus during the July 19th Capricorn Full Moon:  Your looks, body, self-image and identity. Your own desires, goals and outlook on life. Your ability to lead and start things.

Positive Potential: Large scale projects and hidden agendas now get a financial boost. 


This full moon turbo energy may come out through psychosomatic symptoms or events outside your control. But you can also channel any pent up anger, pain or sense of unfairness into something larger and more worthwhile than yourself now. Talks, travel and meetings may hold surprises. Look to your own work, daily routine and things that you can do to help on a practical level for answers. What’s hiding deep within your soul? Your numerology soul number provides an answer.

Your Focus during the July 19th Capricorn Full Moon:  Large institutions, politics, activities behind the scenes, hidden enemies, being part of something bigger, charity, isolation, fame.

Positive Potential: A partnership helps you solidify your place in the community.


Stored up anger, stress, suffering and pain can find a point of release through your friendships and involvements with your larger community. This can bring you rewards, a sense of accomplishment and much needed solidarity. The only thing to watch out for is your finances. Look to your heart, your children, your lover and your own creativity for answers. If happiness keeps eluding you, here's how to disregard clichés and find happiness based on your star-sign.

Your Focus during the July 19th Capricorn Full Moon:  Friends, allies, social circle, clubs, groups and memberships, worldly ambitions, dreams, acceptance, rewards, gains, your community, teamwork.

Positive Potential: Your career or social standing get a reassuring nod and your hard work pays off. 

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