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Full Moon in Capricorn Draw a Line Under it!

Full Moon in Capricorn Draw a Line Under it!

We have a very powerful full moon in Capricorn in the early hours of Sunday, 9 July 2017. It's conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and bringing realisations that could hit you over the head with a hammer! This could be a time of crisis, irrevocable finality, deep inner transformation, cascading changes and structural shifts in power-balance. You might discover unpleasant things about yourself or others and feel enraged, jealous or even ashamed as a result. These are buried emotions coming to the surface. But the truth always heals! The truth releases, it transforms! The truth empowers! This could be an incredibly regenerative full moon.

Capricorn Full Moon Horoscope for your Star Sign

This full moon brings a huge shake up and a radical restructure! So where is it all happening in your horoscope? Read your star sign for further info! If someone’s just pulled the rug under your feet and you’re in free fall, reach for a lifesaver! Dial 0207 111 6384 and get expert psychic help!


Is there corruption at the top? Or maybe a change of leadership? This full moon could turn your life-rudder into a brave new direction. A radical career change could be in order - complete with an important shift in role and responsibilities. Challenge the power dynamics with a parent, boss or other authority figure and be a contender! 


Are you experiencing some sort of religious conversion? Or maybe it’s a test of your faith and hope? If the powers that be are behaving in a dogmatic and coercive manner you have no choice but to stand by what you believe as if your life depended on it! Examine your views and get to the truth.


A financial power struggle - or struggle for survival - that’s been ongoing is reaching a major turning point. This is other people’s money (or money you share with someone) that is at stake - a property division, sponsorship, merger or buyout.  A gift comes with strings attached. This full moon is testing your trust and relationship skills to the max! 


Something needs to change in your relationship. If you’re hitched then you’ve hit a major turning point, a truth that brings a structural shift. Single? What needs to change for that to change? This full moon could also signify a 'fight to the death' kind of competition or a life-changing contractual agreement.


Is life all work and no play? It’s a make or break moment for a big work assignment and your stress levels are high. Don’t neglect your health however. This full moon could bring major realisations around your work and lifestyle and even a health crisis.  Detoxify your body and ignite your own cells’ power of regeneration!


Has someone just sucked all the life, love and joy out of the world? No. It’s just you realising that you must have the courage to follow your heart, come what may, if you are to find happiness! Face that crisis with your lover, child or speculative project and come out on top!


Your home is anything but a safe place these days. It’s where you face your fears and your demons. But something snaps at this full moon! A painful situation finally reaches an end. The move or renovation is complete, the family matter decided and the past is put to rest. For good!


Have you just passed an important exam? Or did some piece of news shock you? A contract or important communication comes your way that changes the way you think and interact with others. The truth awakens powerful emotions and your words hit a raw nerve! A short trip could leave a powerful impression…


Money is big business right now… It’s do or die, black and white, all or nothing! Are you experiencing a crisis for your very material survival?  The penny now drops that something needs to change. Are you at the door of a big financial deal? You’ll need nerves of steel and to hold your composure - especially as what’s at stake is a regeneration of your very sense of self worth, value and potency!


You’re in the spotlight! Victorious, transformed, a survivor! And, well, if you happen to have fallen from grace, all eyes are on you anyway - this time for far less pleasant reasons… Have you joined the dark side? Are all your secrets coming to light? A time for decisions draws near. This is a moment of immense personal empowerment, regeneration and transformation!


The time has come to let go of the past. Something dies in plain sight yet also somewhere deep inside of you. This unlocks a door and a demon or two may slip out waging an epic magical battle! One you will emerge from victorious, of course, and more powerful, like Gandalf the White! Draw the curtains…


Know many powerful friends? One such friendship could really make an impact right now if you take the time to network… An important ambition could culminate and change your life! And if the dream is dead, isn’t it time you examined your ideology? This could be a game changing moment for a friendship and for your place in the community.

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