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Full Moon in Gemini 3 December 2017

Full Moon in Gemini 3 December 2017

How do you feel about walking through a hall of mirrors? Your world suddenly turns into exactly that with this large, magical full moon supermoon in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces that we have on 3 December 2017. Watch out: these are magic mirrors! One mirror makes you larger and the other makes you small… and if you’re trying to find the truth, you’ll be walking a long way down the hall! The madness soon hits red and this is a sure signal that you have to stop running around and take a closer look at the situation. Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius on the very same day and if you start digging a little you’ll find that what’s going down has its roots in what has been going down for the past few years. That’s due to Saturn in Sagittarius. Take a moment to discern fact from fiction and you’ll be better for it come Christmas. If it’s magic, romance and creative inspiration you want on the other hand, you won’t be disappointed this weekend! 

Your December 2017 Gemini Full Moon Horoscope

A little madness must run amok in every horoscope so what’s this present trickery all about? It’s this year’s biggest supermoon in the sign that likes everything in two’s, Gemini. Let’s look at what this could possibly mean for your star sign. Is a message from the stars trying to reach you and getting your answering machine instead? You'll know (and it will!) if you dial 0207 111 6384 and speak to a clued up psychic!


Words are flying everywhere, dear Aries, and half of them are not even words that you meant to say! You're not one to think much before you speak and, hurtful as that might often be, that kind of honesty is hard to find. All sorts of unconscious hurts are finding their way up, rolling through your tongue and out into the open air before you've even realised what it is you're saying. A flurry of meetings, news and communications urges you to rethink your overall stance.


Money looms large in your thoughts, dear Taurus. Making money may involve sacrificing your dreams and ambitions right now, or it might be that you're looking at a big expense to pursue your aspirations or gain entry into a glamorous social network. It's difficult to decide what's most important for you amid all this noise and set clear priorities. Financial obligations that you have toward people and institutions are forcing your hand. But maybe those are due for a serious rethink.


It's a time of reckoning, dear Gemini! Something that's of great personal importance has been gathering speed and you realise that you have given it all you have to give. It's now down to others to also start pulling their weight. Your head is literally spinning with ideas and you're full of nervous energy. A big professional dream is at stake here and you're way off knowing whether it's for real or just a big pie in the sky. Meanwhile, you do need to know where you stand with others.


Whether you hide your spirituality in the closet or parade it out there for all to see, this full moon brings a spiritual cleansing of sorts, dear Cancer. Take time away from your busy schedule to rest, daydream, talk about that strange dream you just had, meditate or indulge your creative imagination. It's a good time to keep a diary too. What you need now is peace and quiet, to hit "mute" on the world. You may be especially sensitive to loud noises. Rest now and you'll be ready to give yourself fully to the big personal moment cooking up for you in a month's time!


You're the apple of everyone's eye, dear Leo. Invitations are pouring in and you might have trouble deciding between a few events to choose from - that's how popular you are! Well, no surprise there, really. But still, this is a very good time to socialise, network and put your stamp on the world around you. 2017 has not been easy on your heart and you might have felt isolated at times. This is your chance to bond with friends, celebrate your social circle and close the door on the past.


They've put you right on the spot, dear Virgo! This may be due to a promotion, a glamorous career event or because it's finally time for you to take charge of a situation. Speak up and tell everyone how it is! Others are masters of disguise and your task is anything but easy. But you're ready to set some long overdue ground rules by which to proceed. Your career and future direction are ultimately in question and the holidays is the perfect time to line up your goals. They're so many that your head is spinning! 


Your mind is already gone, on holiday, off with the fairies and thinking of ideas to make this coming Christmas a special one. If you can't get away physically, focus on imbuing your everyday world with magic and giving your mind permission to daydream. An important international, legal, academic or marketing project could also be coming to a head and you'll soon need to make a decision. Take time to review your options - or the contract - and be ready to sign after the holidays are over. Be kind to yourself and take care of your health.


Have you heard of the talking cure, dear Scorpio? It was meant for people like you, although a Scorpio is the last star sign that will allow anyone else to psychoanalyse it! Knowledge is power and you're not about to give any of it away. Still, this is a good full moon to share how you feel with someone you trust. Financially, the world is full of possibilities. Which one of these is real? A financial deal is on the cards. Money talks and you're ready to listen!


Someone is holding up a great big mirror for you to have a long hard look at yourself, dear Sagittarius. And it's a magic mirror at that! An important relationship is hitting the spotlight and that person's true intentions are finally revealed. Listen to what they have to say. And if it's you who has words to share, say your piece! If you're happily married, it's time to stay at home. Your abode is filled with a special kind of magic that rubs off on your special someone too!


Have you been burning the candle at both ends, dear Capricorn? Information might come to light about your health. If so, double check the facts to avoid misprints and false alarms! You're a hard worker as a Capricorn so it might be a work project instead that's nearing completion and you're pulling out all the stops to get it done in good time for Christmas. Life's little details have your attention and rightly so. Cross your t's, dot your i's and get your world ship shape for Christmas!


You're speaking the language of love, all right, dear Aquarius! You're feeling flirty and romantic and - single or hitched - you're eager to have some fun! Lucky is the person who lies in your path, for you will shower them with loving gifts and attention! Children and young ones have words of wisdom to impart or you can look forward to a weekend filled with laughter and fun. This is also a highly creative full moon. A personal project is finally blooming and your imagination is flowing. 


Home sweet home, dear Pisces. Well, sweet it may be, but at the moment it's also buzzing with activity! Words are flying and you might also suffer a Freudian slip or say things you might regret, most likely to a parent. Christmas trinkets shimmer especially brightly and this weekend is a good one to decorate your home. You'll enjoy a trip down memory lane opening old ornament boxes... Inspiration flows! A family or property matter is also coming to a head and you might have words to share.

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