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Full Moon in Gemini: Clear Your Head!

Full Moon in Gemini: Clear Your Head!

December 13th-14th brings a super-bubbly full moon in the sign of Gemini. This cries out for a bit of sparkle and fun! Technically the moon gets full on the stroke of midnight Wednesday, but it will be at its most voluptuous on the Tuesday night. Your Gemini full moon horoscope has the lowdown.

Full moons are times of realisation and catharsis. With Gemini, it could be a happenstance comment or unexpected news that has light bulbs going on in your head. Someone simply hits the ‘on’ switch and, hey presto, it’s all clear as day! Catharsis in Gemini comes through words. What are you thinking? Reach out and get it off your chest! Speak up! Or grab a piece of paper and let it all out!  You’ll feel better for it.

This Gemini full moon is very rich for it connects to no less than six astrological planets in the sky! Jupiter in Libra, Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries bring fast and exciting developments! Surprising news and opportunities to plug into new and wonderful relationships abound. Will it all fizzle out? No! Because Saturn in Sagittarius grounds all this flighty energy, bringing continuity and substance to promises made. Chiron in Pisces meanwhile makes you aware of any weaknesses and motivates you to address them. All in all you’re in a perfect place to make the best of this lucky full moon!

Your Gemini Full Moon Horoscope, Sign by Sign

So where can you expect a catharsis? It all depends on your star sign! Your Gemini full moon horoscope tells all. And if you would prefer a more personal touch, simply dial 0207 111 6384 and speak directly to one of our  friendly stargazers.

Aries Full Moon Horoscope

Your whole world comes alive, dear Aries! Is there something you need to say? This is your moment to reach out and express how you feel, write that email, make that call or take a trip to see someone you’ve been thinking of… Your horoscope tells of a very exciting few days, full of movement and stimulating conversations!

Taurus Full Moon Horoscope

This full moon is all about what you've got, dear Taurus - possessions, money, relationships, you name it. Is this what you want? Do you have enough to draw on? If not, your horoscope says that it’s time to do an inventory, get an accountant or speak up and communicate what’s important to you. Lighten the load.

Gemini Full Moon Horoscope

This is a big ‘aha’ moment for you, dear Gemini! Events right now have a huge impact on your thoughts and desires, recalibrating your whole approach to life. A relationship or project that’s central to your life is reaching a turning point, helping you clear your head and move forward. Your horoscope leaves no doubt that all eyes are on you!

Cancer Full Moon Horoscope

Lot’s is going on behind the scenes, dear Cancer. Are you in the dark about something? You shall soon know more about it! Or maybe it’s you who’s sitting on a big secret, having hidden meetings and clandestine transactions? In that case, your horoscope suggests you lay low until all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. It won’t take long.

Leo Full Moon Horoscope

Lights, camera, action! This full moon sets the stage on a wonderfully fun few days, dear Leo. Office party? Your horoscope says it will be a sparkler! Network, accept invitations and enjoy fabulous gatherings with friends! If you’ve been feeling a little lonely lately, you’ll be reminded you’re part of a vibrant community of people, who stimulate and cherish you!

Virgo Full Moon Horoscope

Where are you headed, dear Virgo? This is a moment of truth regarding your life’s direction. Do you want to pursue a career and make a name for yourself? Maybe it’s two parallel careers? Or maybe, what you really want is to marry and have kids? None of these are mutually exclusive. You say the word and your horoscope will provide the stimulus!

Libra Full Moon Horoscope

Do you work in media, teaching, travel, publishing or advertising? If so, a big project reaches the finish line with loads of fanfare and celebrations! Planning a big holiday? This will far exceed your expectations, bringing you into contact with exciting people and romantic adventures! Your horoscope asks that you open your eyes and look freshly upon the world, dear Libra. It’s yours for the taking!

Scorpio Full Moon Horoscope

Your full moon horoscope brings intense personal realisations and intimate encounters. Is someone on your sexual radar, dear Scorpio? You’re in predator mode and on high alert! This could also be because you’re handling an important financial transaction or addressing issues of trust in a close relationship. A heart to heart may be necessary to get things off your chest.

Sagittarius Full Moon Horoscope

This full moon is a relationship extravaganza, dear Sagittarius! Never before have so many light bulbs gone off in your head regarding a special someone. Where is this relationship going? Clarity dawns. If there’s nobody special in your life, this horoscope opens up a whole new world of possibility for you! Step through the looking glass.

Capricorn Full Moon Horoscope

Do you have a to do list as long as you arm? You can whizz through it and bring a work project to a swift and triumphant conclusion. Celebrate, dear Capricorn! What a cathartic feeling. But you also need to take care of your health, your horoscope says. A physical catharsis is also possible, helping you clear away unwanted habits.

Aquarius Full Moon Horoscope

Love and happiness knock on your door, dear Aquarius. This is the most enjoyable, fun and romantic full moon of the whole of 2016 for you! Your horoscope gives you permission to indulge in pure joy - whether this is with your sweetie, an exciting hobby or a pet project that gives you pleasure. You’re surrounded by young people who look up to you - a truly rewarding moment.

Pisces Full Moon Horoscope

Your home is a veritable hub of activity, dear Pisces! People are coming and going, there’s Christmas decorations galore and sounds of laughter and joy. A house party would go down a treat now, as would having that important conversation with a parent or getting that weight off your chest. Your horoscope suggest you could be moving or closing on a new house. May it bring you joy!

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