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Full Moon in Gemini: Trip the Light Fantastic!

Full Moon in Gemini: Trip the Light Fantastic!
On December 6th we have a Full Moon in Gemini. Time for some light-hearted fun and frivolity!
This is a super-flirtatious Full Moon, so keep your eyes on the alert and your radar on at full tilt. They say that variety is the spice of life... Well, get ready for lot's of it!  
Unlike last month’s Taurus Full Moon, which was slow, sensual and rich, this is a super-fast-paced Gemini Full Moon, buzzing with stimulating meetings and conversations. With Moon sextile Uranus in Aries too, we are in for an exciting weekend! Last month was about being sensible and making a tangible commitment. This month it's all about opening yourself up to ideas and exploring your options! Gemini is like a butterfly, happily flitting from flower to flower, chatting a little here, flirting a little there, receiving and transmitting with abandon and not stopping anywhere for very long.  Like the butterfly, immerse yourself fully in the present moment.
This full moon is all about vivid, abundant and direct communication. Jim Carrey, with his renowned talent for funny faces, silly voices and crazy moves has natal moon in playful Gemini. So bring out your best chat and get keep it fun, light and frothy!
Projects started at the New Moon in Sagittarius now reach a point of cross-fertilisation, culminating in various dilemmas. You may be trying to decide between two jobs or two lovers, different paths, purchases, projects or travel options. And you may feel as if you have a little angel and a little devil - each on one shoulder - giving you mixed messages! How do you make a choice?
Maybe you don't just yet. This full moon brings food for thought. Its purpose is to make you realise that you have options! Make a note of them. Experiment and try them on for size… Remain flexible. With Moon opposite Mercury in Sagittarius this may not be the best time to make a decision. Follow the advice of Mark Van Doren:
Bring ideas in and entertain them royally, for one of them may be the king.
This Full Moon might make everyone rather tetchy too, overloading the nervous system. So, make sure to remain grounded! Get ready for emotion to well up into your head - for that's where Gemini lives - and pour out in an avalanche of words. Gemini prefers to talk about their feelings than feel them directly. Sigmund Freud, the inventor of the talking cure, also has natal Moon in Gemini. To avoid mental overload, take little moments to quieten your mind and observe the influx of data without getting too caught up in it all.  
Good questions to ask yourself:
  • Can I do this another way? How many different ways can I come up with?
  • What is the most logical solution?
  • What are my alternatives? What are my options?
  • Is there anything I need to learn more about, or information I need to gather?
  • Is there something I need to pass on or speak up about?
  • Am I too inflexible in some area of my life?
  • Am I taking things too seriously? Do I need to lighten up?
  • Am I afraid to commit? Do I need to make a decision about something?
Things to watch out for:
  • Nervous tension
  • Information overload
  • Lack of discrimination
  • Getting caught up in your head
  • Rationalising your emotions
  • Talking too much
  • Scattering your energies
  • Freudian slips
Great things to try out:
  • Give thanks for the diversity of things and people in your life.
  • Go on a city break or have a day/night out on the town - Gemini thrives in the buzz of the city centre.
  • Multitask!
  • Go on a fact-finding mission.
  • Meet people, chat someone up!
  • Pull faces, speak, write and express yourself. Get silly!
  • Regain your innocence and sense of wonder. See everything through the eyes of a new-born babe.
  • Read, listen, speak in tongues, learn something new, solve puzzles.
  • Go window-shopping and make a list for Santa.
  • Get together with friends and family and have a fun day decorating the tree and playing games like charades or pictionary.
  • Dance - preferably in a duet!
  • Play with these fun exercises: try writing with your other hand – the one you normally do not use - and see what your subconscious has to say.  Or try drawing mirror images with both hands at the same time to engage both sides of your brain.
No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world. -- Robin Williams

Incoming! What does the Gemini Full Moon have in store for You?

Each zodiac sign is getting an influx of data in some particular life-arena urging you to remain flexible and multitask. Here is the lowdown:
Aries: The Gemini full moon is in your 3rd house so prepare for lots of communications, movement and mental stimulation. Perfect for a city break.
Taurus: The Gemini full moon is in your 2nd house and there might be many little expenses to juggle or new financial options to consider.  Survey your resources.
Gemini: The Gemini full moon is in your 1st house and you will be the centre of attention, with people hanging on your every word! You have the mic...
Cancer: The Gemini full moon is in your 12th house and it’s time to let others do the talking, go with the flow and blend into the hubbub. Plan some downtime to stay sane...
Leo: The Gemini full moon is in your 11th house so get ready for all sorts of interesting people and ideas to burst into the scene! Get together with friends.
Virgo: The Gemini full moon is in your 10th house bringing lots of movement and commotion in your career. Maybe you need to make a speech?
Libra: The Gemini full moon is in your 9th house, where it stimulates your intellect and widens your understanding. Travel plans may be in store.
Scorpio: The Gemini full moon is in your 8th house, and a bit of a heart-to-heart may be on the cards. Discuss joint resources and survey your options.
Sagittarius: The Gemini full moon is in your 7th house bringing you stimulating encounters and a whole array of romantic or business possibilities. Explore potential partnerships.
Capricorn: The Gemini full moon is in your 6th house and work may get a little crazy – and exciting – with lots to do, errands to run and things to fix. Explore healthy alternatives and calm your nervous system.
Aquarius: The Gemini full moon falls in your 5th house and you may have to choose between two lovers or two creative projects. A fun and stimulating play-day!
Pisces: The Gemini full moon is in your 4th house and your home may suddenly become a live hub! Get together with family and lay your cards on the table.
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