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Full Moon in Leo 23-24 January: A Weekend of Fun and Drama!

Full Moon in Leo 23-24 January: A Weekend of Fun and Drama!

January 23-24 brings a weekend full of fun and drama with a majestic Full Moon in Leo. Get ready for a lot of excitement as we head into the weekend. The full moon energy will reach its peak this Saturday night (at 01:46 in the early hours of Sunday in the UK and in the evening before in the US).

Leo is a fire sign and the big kid of the zodiac. This is the time to let your hair down and do what makes you happy! It rules the heart and all the things that give you a warm glow - that wonderful feeling that comes from feeling loved and free to just be special, wonderful YOU. 

Take a moment to focus on your heart chakra, a vortex of energy in the middle of your chest. Does it feel happy or sad? If it feels tight and anxious, take a moment to get the energy moving. Take some deep breaths into your chest and deeper through the diaphragm and into your abdomen, hold and then release. Imagine that you are releasing lingering sadness and fear. You may want to imagine your heart chakra opening up like a rose. What's its fragrance? Colour? Or you could imagine a golden ray of sunshine blowing away the cobwebs in your heart. Or indeed whatever other image works for you and makes your heart feel lighter and happier. Take a moment to notice your shoulders as you do so and straighten your posture. You will be surprised at how these little things make a big difference!

Bear in mind that this Full Moon may be accompanied by…fireworks.  This is because it squares fighter-planet Mars, making it sexy, impatient and possibly a little angry too… Whether you find yourself enjoying the show or trying to dodge stray sparks, one things is certain: you will not be bored! With the Sun in Aquarius, a cool and rational air sign, taking a step back and detaching yourself from the drama can help you keep your cool if things get too hot to handle.

Keeping calm is important as Mercury (retrograde in Capricorn) is stationing direct in less than 48 hours. This means you are itching to go forward just when you should exercise caution. You know the expression, ‘fools rush in’? it could be YOU! Have fun but leave major decisions for another day (after February 8th) when you finally have all the facts.

This full moon takes place at 3 degrees Leo, square Mars at 10 Scorpio. If you are a Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius or Taurus born in the first ten days of your sign (or if you have planets in the first 10 degrees), you will feel this full moon most strongly. Check out your birth-chart to find out!

The Leo Full Moon and your Star-Sign:

Where is all the fun this month? Where can you expect a bit of drama too and how can you keep your cool? Read on to find out or call one of our expert stargazers on 0207 111 6384 for a more personal take on what all this means for you.


This is one of the hottest, sexiest and most romantic full moons of the year for you, dear Aries! A love flair goes up in the sky! Your heart is beating strongly and your sex drive is on…overdrive. If you overheat, then your friends could help beat some sense into you. This is a very happy full moon for you, both when it comes to love, but also children or a creative project or personal business enterprise, all of which could now reach a peak.  Go on, enjoy!

Great things to do: Go on a hot date, attend a party, indulge in your hobbies, boost your popularity, get creative, put on a show, take a risk.

Watch…your spending! Also your sex drive running away with you! You’’ll be thinking more clearly after February 9th.



A big, powerful spotlight falls on your home and family!  A parent may be the apple of your eye, or you may feel a joyful sense of completion with a renovations project or other changes you have been doing to your home. Expect a fair bit of family drama too… A parent may make a scene or you may find yourself having to sort things out between a parent and your partner. You may find a reasonable head on the shoulders of the other parent for help. Alternatively, it may be that your partner is not quite on board with the over the top house-party you’ve got planned… Stay objective as you take charge of the situation.

Great things to do: have a get together at yours, tend to a parent, relish the progress with a home related project, have a family get together (but wait until well into February if you want to sign papers or make pronouncements).

Watch… for sparks flying from your partner’s direction. Other people butt in and create havoc. Take things slowly, as things won’t get clear before February 9th.



This promises to be a weekend full of fun, especially if you travel. Attending a lecture or seminar, or - better yet - giving one yourself (Gemini loves to talk after all) is bound to prove very enjoyable too. You shine at conversation, as well as at sales and negotiations. Watch your words however, especially with a work-colleague, who may not be in the mood for games. Aim for a bird’s eye view.

Great things to do: Go out on the town, send a love note, negotiate and haggle down prices, attend a class, give a talk or try your hand at writing. Just purely enjoy yourself!

Watch…for minor accidents, silly mistakes and stress at work. Gossip might get you into trouble. If a contract comes up, resist the urge to sign before February 9th.



Your finances get a big boost of energy this weekend. Are you happy with what you do for money? If not, it's time to do something about it; time to get some recognition for your talents. Try to avoid reckless risks, as Mars will be egging you on to jump off the cliff and to heck with it. Let a cool-headed lender, partner or financial advisor help you chart your course. But it’s not all money talk… Love heats up too and you may find yourself overcome with desire! Use your head…

Great things to do: Indulge in physical pleasures, treat yourself to something special, showcase your talents, take stock of your finances and consider your priorities.

Watch…that you don’t take reckless risks with your heart or money. Don’t buy anything major before February 9th if you can.



All eyes are on you, which is how you like it! But your home and family are a bit of a royal pain. If you get overheated and a little too up close and personal, you can always seek counsel from someone else - a sweetheart, close friend or business partner. This is a very special weekend for you, when something important culminates giving you a glimpse into your deepest heart’s desires. Follow your heart! 

Great things to do: Glam up, spend time with someone special, go on a date, attend a party, enjoy others’ attention. Listen to your heart.

Watch…that you don’t argue with a family member or rush into any house works before doing your due diligence. You can proceed more clearly after February 9th.



Something is going on behind the scenes that needs time and space to develop. Try to resist the urge to blurt it out to anyone who cares to listen. You need space and quiet just now to recharge your batteries, so try to stay away from the hassle and commotion of telephones, emails and pointless discussions. Protect yourself, take care of your health and don’t break your routine for anyone.

Great things to do: go to a spa for some royal pampering, take the phone of the hook and get some rest, meditate and connect with your heart, get a health routine going.

Watch…your words! Also take care when you’re driving or taking public transport. Careful not to reveal precious secrets! The way is clear after February 9th.



Party time dear Libra! Is it a special occasion? Is a friend getting married? Or maybe a cherished dream is coming true and it’s time to celebrate? Whatever it is it seems to be costing you an arm and a leg. Trying to do your best for your community may also require rather a larger investment, both in terms of money and energy, than you are comfortable with. Stay cool in the face of risk; this is a very happy moment for you.

Great things to do: Celebrate your accomplishments, attend a lavish party or exclusive event, rub shoulders with VIPs, join an exclusive club, live and share the dream.

Watch…your spending! Also that you don’t overexert yourself.. (yes really!) Major purchase are better left until after February 9th.



Your career lights up like a big star in the sky! It’s time to take stock of where you are going, or to celebrate a promotion, recognition or other major achievement. You ruler, Mars, is in your sign and after two years of having to put up with things, you are finally the one in charge. Feeling all riled up with your engines revving and ready to go? Be patient. Listen to your inner voice - your electronic homing device. Events culminating now are clearing the way for you to reach your goals.

Great things to do: Celebrate your success, reach out to a VIP, take charge and aim high, recalibrate your course, connect with a parent. 

Watch… your own anger and impatience. Proceed with the nitty-gritty after February 9th.



This is a friendly full moon, or it would be if it wasn't for Mars undermining you behind the scenes. A flare seems to illuminate the distant horizon giving you a bird’s eye view. This is a very meaningful moment for you, renewing your faith and sense of purpose. But you may need to do a little more groundwork before you rush in, especially where legal matters and contracts are concerned. You may score a great success if you work in sales, marketing or the media.

Great things to do: Travel somewhere far away, publish and market yourself, study and explore something new. The media give you the spotlight. 

Watch…for legal complications or someone undermining you behind the scenes. Proceed with any legal or financial fine-print after February 9th. 



Tempted to splash out on something expensive on your credit card? Is a friend spurring you on? Keep a cool financial head on your shoulders (not hard for a Capricorn) Something very personal may culminate giving you great joy this weekend, even if there are some individuals who are irritating you a bit. Your sex life may heat up and you may see a friend in a new light! Consider the practicalities.

Great things to do: Enjoy warm intimate moments, celebrate a business deal or the receipt of a gift, organise your finances, get some privacy.

Watch…out for impatient friends and arguments in your social circle. You will know more after February 9th.



Your partner shines with a wonderful glow this weekend. Now is your chance to celebrate your closest relationship and make your squeeze feel extra special! A parent or other authority figure may give you a bit of a headache so keep your usual cool.  Your career is about to heat up soon, so take this moment to enjoy some warm companionship while you can.

Great things to do: Pamper your sweetheart, celebrate your love, test the ground with your date to see if you want to get serious, attend parties and let yourself be set up if you are single. Let others show you the way.

Watch… for career pressures that may add tension and spoil the romance. Or a parent may spoil the pie. You’re more in your element after February 9th.



This full moon allows you to feel pride in your work. Maybe a big project is culminating or a deadline is looming? You seem to have lots on your plate with extra pressure from the marketing or legal department, so try to get some peace and quite, where you function best. The most important thing is that your heart be in it. A health issue may require urgent attention too so get to the doctor and try and get some rest.

Great things to do: Get a massage, facial or other bit of pampering, proudly showcase your work, celebrate the completion of a project, take care of your health.

Watch…for a dispute with a doctor, lawyer or other person in the ‘know’. Take extra care if you travel, allowing plenty of time to get anywhere. Clarity will prevail by February 9th.

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